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Music to soothe the savage breast

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There is a post in the fetish forum about a form of Japanese drum music called Taiko and there is a discussion of its use in the leather

scene. While I like many forms of music, I usually don't incorporate it as part of a sexual romp. If music happens to be on, fine but usually I just like a session accompanied by manly moans and groans.


I was curious if posters here have a favorite genre of music or a particular song to which they particularly enjoy fucking.


I have noticed an escort with whom I have been several times, always starts some background music when I arrive. I have come to think that he uses the music to help him keep track of time.

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Guest zipperzone

>I have noticed an escort with whom I have been several times,

>always starts some background music when I arrive. I have

>come to think that he uses the music to help him keep track of



Many do. I know an escort in Vancouver who always has the same CD on and he knows exactly by what is playing, just how far along in the session he should be. A bit too unspontaneous for my tastes but it seems to work for him.

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That was my Taiko thread you mentioned. And I also recommend it for the happy ending part of erotic bodywork, or for the part just before the Big Draw if you are using your sex energy for something other than ejaculatory sex.

I have also already had threads on this section of the boards where I mentioned that, yes, I do use my music to help me try to keep track of where we are time wise in the session, as well as for inspiration. There are two reasons why this is a good thing. A. There are those clients who will be in and out of there in less than a half hour if you let them. But they won't feel satisfied with your service if you let them leave before the 50 minute mark at least. Believe me, these people do exist. B. If someone is in a bit of a hurry, I need to know if I need to speed up. By this I mean a client who has told me that he really only has an hour for the session.

One of my clients looked at me last night when I told him that I was only charging him and his lover for two one-hour sessions. Then he giggled and said, "Blade, you are not capable of doing bodywork which will only last an hour." LOL Well, I actually am, but I need to have the music to keep me on track if I am going to have any hope of succeeding.

Although, I think that you are being rooked if you are hearing the same damn music every damn time. A. There are a great many nice CDs out there which last about the same length of time as each other. B. A mixed tape, made by the escort himself, is much nicer, eh? (Yes, I'm Texan, but my Canadian friends have gotten me into the habit, eh?)


Personally, I DJ the music even as I am doing the bodywork. It can be done without wrecking the mood. I have eight stacks of CDs at tableside. Each of them has music of a particular gradation of intensity. And I can build it up, relaxing it for a moment, build it up again, or whatever. I understand that this would be, like, nearly impossible during some of the other maneuvers we escorts can get into, but, then, that's what mixing your own music ahead of time is all about, eh? (LOL) Just one more part of the complete service. And a 90 minute tape does last just 90 minutes. Handy. Since I can't seem to keep myself down to just one hour.

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