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You illiterate fag

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During the telethon for MDA, Jerry Lewis during a bit of non-scripted banter with a cameraman's camera, called someone, as yet unidentified or something, an illiterate fag. He then reportedly, regained a sense of propriety and moved on.

GLAAD and other gay-centric organizations are trying to contact Mr. Lewis for a comment. None has been forthcoming.


So what happens to Jerry. My thought, probably a short apology comes forth with the excuse that the long hours of the telethon left him bleary and unclear about his thoughts.



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Guest zipperzone

>As predicted, he has apologized and GLAAD has accepted his



Isn't that grand. Once said, the words can not be taken back. Of course he apologized - who wouldn't? But he cannot escape the fact that when he wants to put someone down (whether in humor or not) he reverts back to a homophobic slur.


It's a bit like the "N" word. OK for a black man to use it but God help us if a white man does. Same with "fag".

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Guest Delaware Man



>I accept his apology too.

I do not accept his apology. As an elderly jewish male, he should know better than to make snide remarks about other minorities.I am sure he had endured his share of discrimination and it is too bad he did not learn more from it. He should know better! Reminds me of a gym I used to go to when a bunch of cops went there who would say fag this and fag that to one another as teasing because they could not use the N word any more or dago, spik or kike etc.

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Well,I forgive him, too. Yes, an old Jewish guy should know better. But he is also a comic, and you can't do comedy, especially improvisational comedy, without just going with the flow.


The thing is, he did know better. He caught himself. He stopped. He took responsibility and apologized. This was hugely different than Michael Richards, who clearly reveled in his offensiveness and was out to humiliate people.


Lewis grew up in a different time than ours. Things get programed in your brain--including slurs--when you are a kid. An old man under stress makes what he immediately realizes is an inappropriate crack, backs off it, and then apologizes? Lacking a time machine, what more could we ask?


Brian, the semi-literate fag :)

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Guest ReturnOfS

Is Jerry Lewis married?


Are we sure that he isn't a family member and that he forgot himself and thought that he wasn't in the presence of other family members? :+

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