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Anyone a Mark Wahlberg or Linda Ronstadt fan?


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Guest zipperzone

I was a huge Wahlberg fan when he was known as Marky Mark.

Since he became "legit" and turned into a serious actor, he doesn't do much for me. But as a homoerotic underwear fantasy - there was none better.


Ronstadt? Love her or can leave her depending on what she is singing. The three albums she did with Nelson Riddle are classics and are very high on my top favorites list.

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I was never a Marky Mark fan because rap/hip-hop is just not my cuppa -- but I sure did enjoy his flashing his funky bits. }( As an actor, he's grown impressively.


I also love those 3 Ronstadt/Riddle albums, and I applaud her for goading him out of retirement to do them. AND for listening to his guidance to get the style right instead of howling through them.

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I was a Marky Mark fan for about a year.


I attended a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch concert in the spring of 1992 and considered myself very lucky to have snagged a seat front and center, six rows from the stage, which enabled me to enjoy a very clear view.


As far as I could see, I was the only thirty-something guy in a sea of thousands of teen girls, all of whom stood up on their chairs and screamed at the top of their lungs for the ENTIRE concert.


Fortunately, I was tall enough to see over their heads without standing on my own chair!


It was the worst concert experience of my life, but I still have fond memories of Mr. Mark winking at me when I stuck my tongue out at him during one of his particularly raunchy crotch grabs.



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"16 years old. I want to start out famous. They blew me off."


"You'll be famous. You're gonna be famous."


Mark Wahlberg’s movies might not all bring in the big bucks, but he sure does.


For that reason, Forbes has named the 46-year-old the most overpaid actor of 2017. Wahlberg was reportedly paid a whopping $68 million this year, before taxes.


His estimated salary for the year was over $10 million more than the worldwide gross of his Boston Marathon bombing film, “Patriots Day.”


According to Forbes, three of Wahlberg’s pre-June 1 wide release films brought in $4.40 for every $1 he was paid to appear in them. Among the films considered in this figure was “Deepwater Horizon,” which raked in $121.8 million – just over $10 million more than the estimated $110 million it reportedly cost to make.


The publication noted that neither “Transformers: The Last Night” nor “Daddy’s Home 2,” both of which brought in more than $100 million, factored into the scoring because of their release dates.


Christian Bale was named the second most overpaid actor by Forbes for starring in “The Promise,” the worst-performing wide release of 2017.


The film reportedly earned back just 11% of its $90 million production budget.


Not far behind him was Channing Tatum, whom Forbes reported brought in a tragic $7.60 for every $1 he was paid. The site credits the poor performance of “Logan Lucky,” which grossed $46.7 million and cost $29 million to make, with his inclusion in the list.


Wahlberg needn’t wallow in his new, less-than-complimentary title.


In August Forbes named the Dorchester, Mass., native the highest paid actor of the year, edging out the previous year’s winner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by a mere $3 million.

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