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guys into muscle worship

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Oh crushme... vegas diesel is so up your alley it's not even funny! And he is now out of southern indiana! Sent me a video of him cutting and he is sliced right now and huge. Handsome as anyone on the sites and the most genuine wholesome respectful guy you could ever be around!! He is not a sex escort. If muscle worship is your thing RUN to him!

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Aaron im so glad you really enjoyed your time with this uber stud. He is the most courteous, "southern gentleman" you could ever find! If you like super clean cut blond muscle with the most insane quads, guys you gotta hit him up.


Spoke with him recently and he may be coming to vegas at the beginning of the year for a time to get away from the midwest cold and give his vegas muscle addicts some much needed time with him.

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is there anyone on here who gets a high off of worshipping a really hot guy that is just as good if not beyond sex? Not everyone is into the whole hebang but how common is that?


studchaser: In some ways I am right there with you as regards muscle worship although "muscle" is only 1 of my 2 favorite fetish interests. Foreskin being the focus of my other main fetish.

In view of that, the basic foreplay/f*** & suck scenes are often all I am seeking & prove to be quite satisfactory.

You might be interested in taking a quick look over in the Gallery area where there is a subheading thread called "Pecs and Nips & More". In reply to an earlier question posted there about "Muscle Worship", I replied in detail this morning at 8:59 a.m. about the basics of that scene as I've come to experience it. It's possible that we have some overlap of how we approach that scene with men whether they be hires or not.

In any case, your input there would certainly be most welcome to the person who posted the question (and to me) to which I replied.

On a related note, my first hire that involved any sense of muscle worship was around 19 or 20 years ago & involved porn star escort/masseur provider Ted Matthews.

Based in LA at the time, he did some traveling which brought him in my direction. At his absolute tip top peak physical condition at that time as seen below, Ted was just what I was looking for both in terms of being a top & also a man with muscle highlighted by extremely beautiful chest pecs. So trust me, I damn well knew what to do in terms of worshiping them!



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