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So... XL Big Alex in NYC...?

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Nobody took the plunge? Pics lead to a Venazuelan model living in Buenos Aires who's currently on vacation in NYC, so decent chance the guy who opens the door will be the one in the pics.

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Why do guys who are so obviously mostly smooth claim that they are "Hairy" ? I suppose in the case of this guy it could be basic unfamiliarity with the language, but I have seen it over an over in guys' ads on various sites... and often the reverse is true as well - if they have a smooth chest but hairy legs, they will claim to be "Smooth" Personally I like the natural body hair, but I know each has his own preference in that department!

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Not very pleasant




Could either of you provide more context? Did you actually meet him, or are your reactions based on communication?


Hmm... Though it was never my experience with him I think I may understand these 2 criticism even though an explanation would have been better.


Flake: He may have forgotten their appointment because his modeling work is more important to him than this. It may be best to schedule an appointment with him day of or day before and remind him day of appointment.


Not very Pleasant: Without an explanation it is hard to figure out what wasn't pleasant since no 2 persons have the same expectations. I can not speak about if he likes to cuddle or not because I don't request that. However, since I hear on hear a lot that some guys just seem to have trouble taking bigger dicks that maybe where the problem lies. He goes through a bunch of Kama Sutra positions and likes to set the pace he likes. One time he had me doing the downward walking dog :D. If you need it to be slow your best bet is it ride him otherwise, he will just stop because you cannot keep up.

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