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Creative writing

José Soplanucas
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One of the funniest recurring sketches on The Carol Burnett Show was "As the Stomach Turns." The episode pictured is one of the funniest.

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I think there is enough material to write a soap opera or mock reality show in many threads in the forums. If anybody has the talent, it would be hi-la-rious.

Actually one poster did something similar a while back. I was on the edge of my seat and was waiting for all the plot twists and turns. Hmmmm?!?! Who would our hero wake up next to in bed?!?!?! One segment even involved a BDSM Fetish Club. However, the response here was luke warm at best. It got very few views and I was personally very sorry for the poster because it invhttp://45.media.tumblr.com/0ac5a24cac329deba6af1d5b6ffe8118/tumblr_o4r0frD9Q91tz6aq3o3_540.gifolved a lot of effort and creativity.


However, since some recent threads here are certainly based on reality, if given a bit of poetic license possibly it might fare a bit better. I wonder?!?! Still, who would believe! It would be WAY TOO FAR OUT to even consider! o_O

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