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A therapist reports he has scabies.

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Yes, a massage therapist I used about 6 weeks ago texted me he has scabies. "If you are feeling itchy, go to your doctor and let them know. I will be retiring until I have it under control "


My concern is his ad is still up, and he's accepting clients!


If he wasn't concerned about new clients, then he certainly wouldn't have contacted you to tell you that he had scabies. I agree that he's likely just keeping his ad active for future appointments. BTW, the treatment for scabies is immediate -- put the lotion on all over and it kills the scabies, then wash and dry bedding/clothing. One doesn't need to be "out of commission" for very long.

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Yikes! Scabies! Something I managed to avoid all during the wild 70's. At the time it seemed that scabies were somehow grosser and more icky than "the clap" cured with a shot, or crabs...which at least you could see. We live in such a different era now, it has never occurred to me that I might be subjecting myself to even crabs much less scabies by going to a good looking masseur. I guess I've reverted back to my naive pre 70's era. Since NYC is awash in bedbugs and we have had cases of them in our building I have thought about that, but then I think about that when I'm on the bus or a subway. Thanks for the food for more thought.

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