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Playboy Mansion For Sale

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Yeah, the holding company for Playboy Enterprises is in desperate need of funds. The mansion is listed for an absurd amount but I forgot how much. Many real estate experts consider the place a dump that has not been kept up very well. It's likely to be torn down by new owners.


Also the mansion comes with Heffner. He gets a life estate allowing him to live the rest of his life in his suite. I'm not sure that's going to appeal to a new owner.

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LMAO...Here's the TMZ and NPR Articles.


They're going to list it for around $200 Million, Hef gets to live there until he dies

(which admittedly can't be long), and prospective buyers can't tour Hef's bedroom?!?!?!?!?


Somethings are just plain stupid.


They should wait until he's dead and then sell the dump (and supposedly it is a DUMP)

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While driving to work recently I heard a story about Hugh Hefner putting the Playboy Mansion up for sale. I don't remember the specifics of the story, but he was asking an absurd price and had some strange conditions.


Has anyone else heard about this?


Nice but I don't like driving, and LA is nothing but a freaking suburb...

I'd rather buying Maya Angelou's house


Take a Peek Inside Maya Angelou’s $5.1M Harlem Brownstone.

Maya Angelou’s Harlem brownstone has hit the market for $5.1 million, a record for the new New York City neighborhood.


I just can't believe a house in Harlem for 5.1 million o_O





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$200 million + the cost to disinfect everything.


There's not enough disinfectant available to get rid of all those germs and STD viruses. Lord only knows what's lurking in that world famous grotto. Staphylococcus infections galore. Yuck! :eek:


Fire. That place will have to be burned to the ground.

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