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Escorts in Spain

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Gayromeo and if you speak Spanish, Chaperos

This one?




I don't speak Spanish, but Google Translate does. Also, it looks like there's some English on the web page (things like Buscar/Search) and a few gentlemen have English in their descriptions.


I think I could make it work with this guy, and it doesn't seem there would be a language problem:




He's also on Instagram if you want more pretty pictures.

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Interesting thing in that handsome man's ad; here are his services:



Mis especialidades: Caricias, Abrazos, Besar, Pezones, Pies, Pajas, Chupar, Traje, Gayumbos, Bañador, Suspensorio, Tanga, Lencería, Goma, Cuero, Uniformes, Botas, Militar, Futbolistas, Deportes, Trabajo Anal, CBT, Azotes, Meos, Bondage, Máscaras, Amo, Esclavo, Humillación, Dogtraining, Cerdeo, Dildos, Medical, Roles


Some of those words are not like the others. He uses English words for bondage, dogtraining, dildos, medical, and roles. Everything else - and there's a lot else - is in Spanish. Are those particularly English concepts? I wouldn't have thought so.

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morbototal.com is also a good one.

Last time I was in BCN, a good chunk of the guys I ran into were from Brazil. It's important to note that if the pictures look too professional and fake, they aren't. But they are usually airbrushed and shot very well, so I'd say they are about 80-90% accurate.

Most of the guys are at Thermas in Barcelona, so you can sample them in the flesh, and they're likely cheaper there. I met guys that from the pictures were just OK in person, and I met guys at Thermas that I would have totally passed up had I based them on their ads.

chicosbcn is a straight up brothel. I never tried it, but I have doubts it's as good as villa gianni in the UK.

Have a good time, let us know how it goes!

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Hi guys. Unfortunately, this post will be a little vague, but I'll give as much detail as possible. This trip, May 4 through May 20, I didn't visit Madrid or Barcelona, so I can't report back on the two gay hotspots. Instead I went to southern Spain to see the architecture in Seville, Granada (the Alhambra), and Malaga (a popular beach town). I don't have enough details to post reviews.


http://telechapero.com/index.php and morbototal.com showed about 20 rent guys for Seville. To be honest, they all looked sketchy to me. I found that most rent guys advertised on Grindr. Literally. There would either be $ signs in their names or there would be "dollar" or "bags of money" icons in their names. They also would say that they were in school and needed "financial aid."


So I tried two of those. One was really sketchy. The other showed up and was 20 years older than his photos. He had more wrinkles than I do, and I'm 51.


In Granada, a lot of rich kids advertised on Grindr. They were not as direct. I don't speak Spanish, so when they didn't speak English, I used Google translator to cut and paste translations. One kid wanted a iPod 6 (!!) for sex. Another wanted 500 euros, which is $600, so I skipped six in Granada.


In Malaga, I had more luck. Gael was versatile and was a lot of fun. The sex was versatile and oral. http://www.morbototal.com/Toprelax/OLIMPO/escorts/gael.


Hugo was a little chunky but had lots of energy. He was sensual. http://www.morbototal.com/Toprelax/OLIMPO/escorts/huguito23. http://telechapero.com/huguito23/


There were a couple of other guys who wanted money on Grindr, but I don't think I should name them here.


Bottom line: it was easier to find handsome rent guys on Grindr. There were many more posting in Madrid and Barcelona.

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In the southern Spain, the lowest I would pay was 80 euros. If you paid less than that, it wouldn't be worth it. You can get some good escorts for 120 euros. In Madrid, the good escorts charged between 150 and 200 euros ($240). I spoke to a NYC based escort. He said that most Spanish patrons wouldn't pay more than 150 euros, which is less than $200, and that he couldn't make decent money there as he charges $300 in New York. Anyway, it's cheaper than here, in Madrid at least. They may charge 250 to 300 euros in Barcelona because it's a busier city and people go there for sex.

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