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Quick Report of HIGHLY Positive Experience on Jimmy in L. A. (Visiting New Orleans)

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I've submitted a full-blown review on Daddy's Reviews for an escort who informed me today that he's just starting out. His name is Jimmy, and he plans to be based out of Los Angeles but is in New Orleans for the next two weeks. Once up on Daddy's Reviews, readers can see just how utterly enjoyable my session was (so much so that, after having met him yesterday, I couldn't wait to go see him again today). I normally only search on Men4 and RB, but I also get frustrated in that the New Orleans-based selection is pretty thin (a sentiment echoed by many other readers and reviewers I see). Consequently, on a lark, yesterday I visited Adam4Adam, and as far as I'm concerned, I hit the ultimate jackpot. Here's a link for his Adam4Adam ad: http://www.adam4adam.com/profile/view/hotversmasc. I sure wish there was a way he could remain in New Orleans, but I can understand the need to be based in a big city like L. A. to get far more business than he could ever hope in tiny New Orleans. At least he is passing through my little close-minded, HIGHLY conservative town on his way back to L. A. That means I get to have one more session with a guy I believe will be a huge success in this arena.



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I'm new, but I read the sticky note saying not to post reviews on the message board. There will be far more than breadcrumbs within the full-blown review once it's posted. Just look for Jimmy under Los Angeles on DaddysREviews.com. If that sticky note is no longer applicable, I'll add specificity on future deli postings or even add a supplement to this post.

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Hi TruHart:


In the 11 years I've been meeting escorts, I've made the analogy of being the general manager of a pro football team. Each of us, as clients (managers), have a need to fill on our team. The escorts are like players who've declared for the NFL draft. The ads are our previews as in the NFL combines. Obviously, each manager (client) evaluates each player to fit his team's needs and style of play. So, while one client (manager) may assess a player as a second or third round draft choice, another may not even be willing to draft at all or even extend a free agent contract offer.


With that analogy in mind, for my team's needs, Jimmy was one of the very few players in the draft that I rate as a first-round draft choice. Out of the 20 escorts I've met with in NO, I'd say three were first round draft choices. Each manager faces the decision on draft day of whether to trade up to choose a player the team's coaching staff covets. Usually, the team trading down can extract a decent compensation from the other team to facilitate the trade up.


Well, in Jimmy's case, for me, he was not only a first round draft choice, but I would be willing to trade up from whatever my draft position was to claim him and then immediately place the team franchise tag on him.


For me and my "team's needs" he was beyond ANY other player I've ever had on my team!! For me, he's worthy of a franchise tag. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is going to have priority on his draft rights, but I was just thrilled to hear him say his intent is to be back in Louisiana frequently. When he is, it's my intent NEVER to miss an opportunity to have sessions with him!!

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