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How Does One find a Traveling Companion

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Hello and I hope I can get some help here. I'm a 60 year old, pudgy bear who enjoys the company of younger masculine men. I'm not a "slut" by any means but have used escorts for about 20 years. Of the last 15 years I've seen one escort on a regular basis and we travel, cruise, etc. But I'd like to expand my fun times to cruise with other nice escorts. How does one get to find someone who would be willing to spend a week or so and not super charge? How does one find someone who isn't insane or a drug addict or just plain desperate? I've found it amazing that some older guys I've talked with have guys travel with them but haven't met previously; I wouldn't do that. Unfortunately I'm in upstate NY where there isn't a lot of guys to choose from. When you're together on a ship even in a suite you experience a lot of things about each other you wouldn't know and that includes shower and bathroom. I want to feel comfortable. Any help would be appreciated. Best.

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Hi Rocky -


I think everyone on the forum will concur that you want to take your prospective new guy out on a test drive first.. either for an hour, two or an overnight... before you commit to a week long extravaganza... and him you to be blunt! Possibly test drive a few boys before you buy. This way you will get a sense of your new companion and hopefully the two of you will be a great match.


Concerning your other request... "Super charge" is all relative. I travel 10+ days a month usually with clients... anywhere from one night overnights to week long trips to London or a cruise or wherever... I personally love to explore and travel. I have an adventurers spirit. That being said, this is a business and I'm doing this to save money for my future and start a legit business... so I charge an overnight rate that gets prorated down the longer we spend time together. While I would love a free trip to Europe or a cruise with a nice gentleman... it's sincerely more about the lost income back home and being irresponsible for my future. So.. I always just bluntly ask prospective clients what their budget is for a long trip... no hassle.. no negotiation (which I truly hate).. and if it makes financial sense for me.. I do it.. if it doesn't I don't. I think every guy is different.. some might love a free cruise.... but then you have to discuss your expectations with them about the time you want to spend together.. 24/7.. or will they be allowed to go off and play on their own... etc..etc... Miscommunication or lack of communication is always a recipe for a disaster, disappointment and hurt feelings. Get the business side out of the way upfront, completely and utterly with honesty and full expectations on both sides..... and you should have smooth sailing. Business first.. out of the way.. then just a fun time and friendship.


Good luck - Alec

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