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A Techie Question Having to do With Computer Speed

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Well I'm one who recently posted a lengthy commentary about how this was an area to post about being

gay and gay hustling, and gay fun (for someone like me who lives in upstate NY with very little fun areas);

but I have a simple question I hope. Recently the "response" of my computer is based on whether I move

my mouse or not. If I use explorer, chrome, mozilla, etc suddenly the wheels will stop spinning but if

i move the mouse, things keep going. Ahh yes it could be my computer but I wondered if it was something

stupid I didn't do or think about (had that with the cableman but did have a nice view of a handsome

cableman bending all over the place). Thank you from this senior citizen with some knowledge of

computers and technology but not much. If no one cares to answer, OK

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Do the usual things


If you clean out your cache and your cookies, you might notice a difference.

If you can replace your mouse, that might be it.


When you say "the wheels stop moving", do you mean that everything comes to a halt?

It could be that your computer is awaiting the appropriate interrupt from the mouse,

and only gets it when the mouse is moving.


This really ought to be in daddy's tech section.

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Moving the mouse has nothing to do with whatever else your computer is doing. It's a common myth that moving the mouse makes things go faster but it's just that: a myth. The mouse actually lives on a separate thread of execution from everything else.


How old is this computer? Windows or Mac? When did you last do basic maintenance? (Clearing the cache, tossing your cookies, disk defrag, deleting temp files, etc.) Is your virus protection up to date?

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