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RE: All THIS Means . . .


>Yes you are better liars and better at rigging elections.


Oh, now I see why liberals hate Ann Coulter so much - liberals would NEVER sink to the levels of invective and insult and generalization that she employs.


Thanks for clearing that up Fa- . . . oops, I mean, BigGuy.

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Broght Lights, Big City


>come now, even you are bright enough to

>see the letter/word "i" there.


First warning that you are leading a useless life - someone compares it to a popularity contest. Immediately, you know that it is going to be filled with disconnected scenes and a narrator with mental problems who reports on it all.


The main character in this book is a self-obsessed Yuppie who snorts coke, screws up on a job he should never have been picked for, and eventually finds a little bit of peace by losing. The second person narration works in defining just how self-obsessed this asshole is in that all he's doing is talking to himself about himself. After 100 pages you wonder what he's so enamored with. Talk about self love and lousy hand jobs.


Anyhow, it's short. It passes quickly; one year, at most, but if you are slow or dim witted, it will seem like forever. But then, you'll finally be ready to discard it like a used tissue. You'll forget all about it. But it is ideal, if you last had sex in 1999, and you don't think you're ready to tackle anything too interesting right away.

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