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Greetings from Minneapolis!

Jeremy Walker
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Hello everyone, I am Jeremy Walker and I am new to this site. I really appreciate the clarity it provides for both sides. With that said, Dave at Man To Man still handles all of my appointments but please feel free to say hi. I will try to answer any questions that you might have for me.





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Hi Hunky Newbie "Jeremy"..Nice to know you are still available...alot of guys "Shoot to the Top" and then disappear just as fast!


Dave is a very nice guy and always gives "Feed Back" on any of his guys when asked... and your Name obviously has come up often in the past...due to your Hunk Pix's!:p


"Keep'em Smiling" thru MtoM...JT

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I've always admired your incredibly handsome, classy looks. but this thread proves that your classiness is real and true.


Proud that you have become a member of the Forum. Enjoy and best wishes for successful and enjoyable adventures


Boston Bill

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Yeah...the "Monkey House" is one way to describe our little cyber-abode...

Honestly though, my straight, married, female self doesn't quite fit Daddy's targeted demographic, and people have been pretty nice to me around here.

If they can welcome ME, they'll invite YOU into their open arms...and...other parts... :)


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Welcome to the forum Jeremy. I hope you are able to make good use of your participation here.


Guys, I hired Jeremy back in April through Dave and had a wonderful experience. His most recent review dated 5/8/12 is mine and I highly recommend him and Dave's services as well.


Can't wait to see you again one day soon Jeremy. Any travel plans in the near future?

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nice of Jeremy to check in here....


and I entirely agree that Dave at mantomanescorts.com is just as Jeremy describes: honest and straight-forward....he's helped me for more than the last two years and is a very smart, low-key, stand-up guy....


I hope Jeremy offers occasional insight and helpful comments here at the board....but don't get sucked into the occasional (?) drama....certainly not worth it and I'm sure you're above all that....thanks

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Hi Gents!


Thanks very much for the kind words about Jeremy (and about Man To Man). GREATLY appreciated by both of us! I am so glad I convinced Jeremy to make his presence known to this board. Believe it or not, he is a pretty low-key and humble kinda guy -- esp. for a man as beautiful as he is! But he reads this message board often -- and will respond as often as he can. I have been working with Jeremy for 2+ years now -- and can honestly say he is one of the finest men I've represented. I joke with my clients that I would adopt him if I could! LOL


About travel plans: Jeremy and I are in talks for an East Coast tour sometime in August or September. (DC/Philly/NYC, perhaps?...maybe Miami?) But travel is tricky -- as a certain number of appts must be guaranteed beforehand to ensure that he and I won't lose money on the trip. Often 1 guaranteed overnight can justify a couple more days in a certain city --which helps a lot. But the worst case scenario is having him sitting in a hotel room watching TV --which has happened to some of my other well-known clients. (often due to last-minute cancellations)


Anyhow -- Jeremy and I will DEFINITELY keep all of you posted on any travel plans before any general announcements. (Get on my mailing list, if you're not already!) Also: Constructive comments are always welcome by both of us.


Thanks again for being such a great group of guys! I know a several of you personally -- and always enjoy hearing what ya have to say!






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