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I Love dogs BUT..........

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Would you pay $1.5 Million to Own one ????


Tibetan mastiffs are especially rare and owners will pay a pretty penny to own one of this majestic breed.


A Chinese coal industrialist drop $1.5 million on a red Tibetan mastiff, beating out the previous most expensive dog record (also a Tibetan mastiff) of $582K.


This dog is 180 pounds and he's only 11 months old!


Named Hong Dong or "Big Splash," the rare pooch was fed only beef, chicken, abalone and sea cucumber. His breeder, Mr. Lu, believes Big Splash will make an excellent breeding dog, as Tibetan mastiffs are quickly becoming status symbols on the level of limos, super cars, and diamonds.


Some historic figures who were Tibetan mastiff owners include Queen Victoria, Genghis Khan, and even Buddha.


These dogs are thought to be lucky charms and spiritual to the level that some monks believe that they are reincarnations of monks and nuns who didn't make it to heaven.


Would you Like to Take one home ???? :confused:



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That's disgusting. Do you know how many rescue dogs/cats you could care for for that kind of money?


Boston Bill


I agree bos, but actually we can say that As Well for the amount of money guys here spend on escorts.... Yes I know we are talking dogs hERE, and its not apples to apples, but in concept of spending, the point is each persons Priorities are different I suppose .....

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It is a beautiful dog. I agree that dogs as status symbols is a glut of shelter dogs waiting to happen. How many dalmations wound up in a shelter? More than 101 i am sure. And there was not room at the Hilton for many of the dogs abandoned after Paris no longer took her pooch everywhere. That dog was a Chihuahua I believe. I guess there is little chance of these becoming a throwaway accessory, considering the price, so I have no problem with the purchase. Still, a rescue dog playmate for him would make me happier.

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