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411 on LukeSF

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DAMN! I like his ad at men4rent and will seek him out before year's end.


I think there are no reviews of him @ this site because many of us who come here rarely go to the site where

Luke advertises his services and vice versa.


But I am the exception: I've posted here frequently as well as @ http://www.maleescortreview.com. I DO NOT like the website

where Luke's ad and photos are and rarely go there for lurking/seeking/etc......... -:) -:) -:)

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Hello Everyone,


I am interested in this guy, and he has great reviews on M4RN. But it bothers me that he's never been mentioned here at Daddy's and his last written review is almost a year old. Any info. on him would be much appreciated. Thanks.





I saw LukeSF 2-3 years ago and really enjoyed myself. He looked exactly like his pictures; most of the pictures in his current ad were not up 2-3 years ago, a great sign. In any event, he had kept himself in great shape; unless that has changed, you will be happy with his masculine, football jock appearance.


Also, he was a nice person, pretty passionate and very good at oral.


I thought I had written a review, but I am either mistaken, or the review was lost in the internet ether.

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G & W are both right. I am SO sorry. I forgot that I had asked about Luke as well as another SF escort. And, yes, W., thank you so much for your second positive response. Luke IS in my future.


From my point of view, I find it perfectly all right to do similar threads if you're interested in a specific topic or man/men! We can't remember at all tilmes. I've done this and have felt good about it because I've received additional and helpful information! The guy in question here is hot; I would be "game" to get with him too if there were not for others who head my list!

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I saw Luke in San Francisco about 6-7 years ago. Some of the photos were used in his advertising at that time. He was then good-looking and had a fit, muscled body. I recall the late afternoon date well because I was in the shower when he arrived at my hotel-door 20 minutes early.


I had a good time but would not repeat because of his limits. By email, I'd emphasised I enjoy foreplay, deep kissing and fucking with condom (I'm a top only). His kisses were pecks, he was not sensual, and he was reluctant to be fucked, claiming a "problem" that he had not mentioned when I confirmed by phone that lunchtime. To be fair, he did perform oral well to completion. He timed our date from when he arrived (not from the time originally agreed) but I was not bothered as by then we were done. I did not review him because the date was disappointing, not good nor bad, just OK.


My advice would be to ask to see recent clear photos, ask if his body is still in-shape, and check that he is happy to meet your wishes.

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