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Stella's Reopens Fri. Sept. 10th as Buddies

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There was an ad in the new Next Magazine announcing this and my friend received email from Joe the bartender there confirming that it is still owned by Kathy and that he will be back also.See below.I copied the text from the email.








Sorry this is a generic Email. To some it maybe old news to some it is New. But all in all it is Good News and a Sigh of Relief.

As most of you know Stella's is closed has been since Feb 1. It was a very swift and unceremonious closing. More of a shock then anything. The ugly details are not important.

The Good News is that I will be back to work again at Buddies.Kathy has taken over the same space and has renamed it.

This is to let you all know that Buddies will open This coming Friday September 10,at 8pm

So I hope to see some of you on Friday.and I am sure I will see all of you soon.


So Here is the info




266 W 47th St

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>Get a copy of Next and you'll see the ad...and why would Joe

>send out that email?


The reason why I asked "How can this be since at the old Stella's location is the new Otis Bar?" is because, UHM, there is a new bar there. Did the bar move, go out of business, did Kathy do an Irish Car Bomb on the place? I am not doubting Joe's e-mail if it is actually from Joe.


Since there has been many reports on this message center of the re-opening of Stella's as something else I feel the question was warranted. I will believe it when I see it re-opened or when I see the ad.


Thanks LIguy and you do have to expect questions when such happy info (if true) is shared.



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Unfortunately, I didn't pass "Otis too" (the old Stella's) today, but I did last week. The new bar opened about 3 months ago and was filled with college age kids. It was run by a young woman and no one from the old crowd was there.


I didn't see the NEXT ad, but I'll pass by the old Stella's (now Otis too) and check it out. It would be wonderful news if these changes are in the makings, but like VDN, I don't think this is correct.

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LIguy - I owe you a drink at Stella's


Hello LIguy,


I e-mailed Joey myself, showed him the post and he confirmed the info is true.


Now, though I doubted your info,and you were most certainly right, I say it here and now so everyone can witness this ..... I owe you a drink at Buddies!!!!!


When Stella's closed I was sad, very sad. I met many a good people there, had fun with so many guys, it was a great place to grab some sauce before and after a Gaiety show and, most importantly, I always felt welcomed. When I was in the city last year during the blackout I somewhat felt alone and cut off. I went to Stella's and I was taken care of.


Now, to see what the new format of the place will be is the next big question as I am awaiting more details from my sources I contacted tonight.


Again, I was in doubt because I heard this before and it was never true and I didn't want to get my hopes up again. Therefore, LIguy, will you join me for a LItea while I eat a piece of humble pie at Buddies?



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>LOL Sure I will! And how did you know I love Joe's LI Ice

>Teas?? HEHEHE I'll be in the city at theend of the month

>and I never turn down a free drink!


Hello LIguy,


It's a date and WHO doesn't like Joey's LI Iced Teas!? It will be so nice to have a cocktail and enjoy the Gaiety show right around the corner.




(I am maturing as I didn't employ 4th grade humor with the word cocktail above)

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As of this morning's e-mail dispatch, my source close to the heart of the matter (and close to the spirits)tells me Otis is closed, it will be Buddies minus the boys.


I still see this as a major plus even though the rough trade won't be there in full force. It is very nice, once again, to have such a nice gathering place so close to the Gaiety.



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I was at a party last week with one of the previous managers of Stella's who told me he had something in the works and to watch the news. Well, this must be the news. I'm looking forward to seeing how everything old is new again, as the song says. If Kathy can learn to not be such a bitch and keep that hunchback Bruce out of the bar, maybe by treating their customers with respect she'll do better business.


Since they've been close down once, I wonder if she'll let the hustlers back in or make them provide two forms of ID to keep them out of the bar.


Should be interesting!

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Guest JohnPela

>I've read the ad; are there strippers or not? If it's just a

>bar and restaurant, well...I'd like some meat with my cocktail

>but not a big steak!!! Oh well, maybe I'll see you there

>tomorrow night.


It will be good if at least a version of the old Stellas returns to that location. It was a good place to go before or after going to the Gaiety. Thanks for keeping us informed about this!!!

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Guest gaietyplayer

>I guess it was all just a rumor about Buddies bar opening

>since no one has posted about it yet?

It's not a rumor, after I left the Gaiety during the 12:15 show, I went near the former Stella's bar. The bar did open under the name Buddies but I never went in. I just went straight home. But if anyone did post some info.

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Guest JohnPela

Everyone needs to give the place a chance. The best part is that its a gay bar conveniently near the Gaiety that gaiety patrons to go after seeing the performance and talk/drink in comfortable environment.

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>Everyone needs to give the place a chance. The best part is

>that its a gay bar conveniently near the Gaiety that gaiety

>patrons to go after seeing the performance and talk/drink in

>comfortable environment.


I agree. Give this place a chance and support your local gay bar.


I checked out Buddies last night. First off, the place has a new look. New stools, chair, tables, sound system, lighting, sofas along the sides and was freshly painted. I was impressed. A few of the bartenders looked familiar and were very friendly. Not many people showed up, but getting the word out is certainly going to help. Listen to one of the bartenders talk, he said there will be dance shows downstairs once the proper licenses are obtained.

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Thanks for the info and objective report Mercury!. People who are claiming it's boring need to realize this will take a while. And the reason one would hear Latin music is because someone played it on the JUKEBOX! If you want to hear something else then, UHM, fork up a buck and play some tunes! Here is some various info I gathered from my visits yesterday.


- silver walls and stools, very nice

- looks like a photo gallery, nice pictures on walls

- bathrooms all new

- two big HDTVs

- a lot more stuff on tap

- booths in corners to lounge in

- DJ booth added downstairs

- when cabaret license is obtained there will be male reviews

and various male performers downstairs

- drink specials for happy hour

- events will be planned in the future


Apparently, Otis was owned by Kathy and her "Co.". It didn't do too well with a straight crowd. Hence, Buddies has risen out of the ashes.


Many people are wondering where the "boys" are. Though they are not around (now)Buddies is a work in progress. Time will tell. I did see one loitering outside when I was driving home!


What I like is the fact that, once again, there is a nice gay bar in that area. I also love the fact that if there isn't a song on the jukebox you can search for your diddy and download it onto the juke box and there it stays for your next visit. I was shocked and perplexed Cooper didn't know who a-ha was! It was nice having a drink with Cooper after the G show. We were very thirsty after devouring security man's BBQ chips.


So let's give Buddies a fair chance.



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