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Gaiety Lineup for the week of 7/19/04

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Miguel or Michael from Montreal


Yes, what a sculptured piece of French Pastry. Soft to the touch and exquisite smooth taste.


Doing a private with him is like going to a fine French restaurant.


I want a second helping.


Michael, if you read this, make room for me to see you tomorrow night.


I love this guy's perfect BUTT :9


Love Tony

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I was hoping that Foxy or Cooper would have their reviews up by now and I hope I am not breaking any forum rules by posting before them. I had been told I could post at any point so guys, don't be mad. I am headed for bed early as I leave tomorrow.

IT was great seeing my friends Cooper and Foxy, and seeing John Pela again. Also a great treat (not dessert, heheh. hope this doesn't cause trouble) to finally meet Ben Versace.


I will leave it to the pros to give you the complete skinny (er..excuse the pun) on the line-up and I will only make a few comments as to my perceptions.


Austin Strictly a runway type performance. Zero eye contact, which I think makes or breaks for tipping and or privates. Stunning body.


Miguel (or Michael, who can understand the announcer anyway?)

Now this guy is a good performer. Lots of energy and eye contact. While I had just finished describing my type to John Pela before this guy came on,(and it was not this handsome boy) , I found 'lil jack casting his vote, so there you have it.


Duncan I had seen him on Saturday. His look is very muscular punk. Mohawk, tattoos and a piercing or two and incredible eyes. Good dancer, lots of eye contact, and very nice to talk to in the lounge.


Jason Land I would have to say that when I saw his travel post for Los Angeles (my home) I thought he was hot, but not really my type. Well, this guy is the heavy weight muscled wrestler you wanted to have sex with in college. Very sexy (lil jack voted again) and good interaction with his audience.


John another holdover from Saturday, and this guy has the body of an adonis. Muscle, tan, a good dancer, and very vascular. Are you sure he is not for California?


Sean Said to be making his debut, this is the kid that got my vote and 'lil jack's vote for Sexiest of show. He toyed with us through both numbers. He had some trouble getting hard for the second number, but I think that was nerves. He was great to talk to in the lounge afterward. He was also VERY friendly with me (both during the show and in the lounge) and I just wish I had a sugar daddy so I could have been Sean's Daddy for an hour. Sean is from Amsterdam and lives in Miami.


There was an addition for the second show and I was told someone else will take care of reviewing him.


I had a great time seeing the hot men and look forward to my next visit to the G.

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yes yes god yes that is Miquel/Michael. Definitely my fave for this week.


On a side note, I don't know how Austin does it. Great body but all he does is walk back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and ...zzzzzzz.


Devon was there for the 8:30 show. Buff frat guy.

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>On a side note, I don't know how Austin does it. Great body

>but all he does is walk back and forth, back and forth, back

>and forth, back and ...zzzzzzz.


Austin is just doing his model on the runway routine. I know a lot of guys complain, like NY Observer in the weekly reviews of the Gaiety he used to do, that Austin's shows are boring because he is not a performer like a few of the other dancers. Austin is primarily a model and a hot one that that, so his shtick is the slow walking, turn and pose, turn and flex style. Personally I don't have a problem with that. In fact I could watch Austin change lightbulbs all day and all night long. Any guy as super hot as Austin who strips naked, gets hard and squats before me spreading his legs and bobbing his cock in my general direction is all right with me (right Cooper?). Just don't let the model thing make you think Austin is aloof or has a major attitude wedged up that very nice ass of his.


One of these days I'll get around to doing an official review of Austin. In private he is smart and funny and hot, does not bullshit around and is an active participant within his limits (which I think I test everytime I see him) unlike some of the more showy performers. And thats what it's really about, right boys? Austin is a great guy and the day he retires from the Gaiety, I, and a few others, will go into mourning.




Since Austin, who is originally from Montreal, and Migel, another yummy, are both in NY this week, I am going to have to try to get in the city. I have a craving for some Canadian bacon.

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Thanks to all for getting this week's lineup off to a great start.


On Monday, the 1:30 show had 6 dancers. Management had no idea what happened to scheduled dancer JOEL. He just didn't show up. However, his replacement, DEVON, did arrive for the 3:30 show.


DEVON is a preppy looking guy with the good looks of Brendan Fraser. He's 6'2', 185 lbs, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a smooth athletic build and puts on a good show. DEVON has been spending more time at the gym. He's chest is getting more defined and his arm muscles are more solid. For those who look for that "eye contact", he's very good in that department.


Looking ahead:


RICCARDO is scheduled for the weekend of 7/23


SEBASTIAN and ALEXANDER are scheduled for 7/30-8/8


Porn star BRAD ROCK is scheduled for 8/6-8/15


Foxy and I enjoyed watching the show with board members "Jackhammer" and "John Pela". I appreciate JH's up close and personal review of the show and I look forward to reading JP's. Also, thanks JP for bringing BEN VERSACE along. I over-heard Denise saying, "BEN can dance any time he wants". :9


Porn star JASON LAND is in top shape. It was nice meeting his bf Jake G. Boy! is that guy BIG.

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This is great! All the work has been done and I got a good night's sleep dreaming about all those hot Gaiety dancers. Still I have to say...


AUSTIN: I'm sure his legions of fans are now rejoicing at his return. He's exactly as I remembered him and that's a good thing (thanks Martha, you little convict you). Austin has admitted to having the most boring show ever performed on the G stage and it is indeed a minimalist performance but he's raised it to an art form. No distracting dancing to get in the way of what you really want to see, his lean perfectly sculpted body and that granite hard dick bobbing in your face. His handsome dark haired fashion model looks will surely take your breath away. Many have said what a nice guy he is. This you need to find out for yourself.


DUNCAN: He has an edgy look with his dyed hair and 6 o'clock shadow. When he starts to dance you can see the guy is a real pro and could easily work on any Broadway stage. It's an erotic, athletic performance that brings out the best in his well defined body. He sports a real whopper in his second number so skip the fries and just go for the meat.


SEAN: What's rarer than a Tahitian black pearl?...a black dancer on the Gaiety stage. Tall, dark and handsome is an apt description. Throw in a very erotic performance where he rolls around the stage seducing all those lucky ringside patrons. If you saw and liked Gianni's little trick with his finger last week you'll enjoy seeing Sean doing his version. His silky smooth skin and naturally muscled body more than made up for a little stage fright in his nether regions. I'm sure he'll work that out as the week progresses.


Thanks to all those who posted their thoughts on the show.

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I agree that Austin's first song is boring - but you'll never have more fun being bored :7 Don't let his seriousness on stage fool you, he's a really sweet and funny guy. If you're lucky enough to be sitting stageside during his second song you'll get great attention from him when he kneels down next to you, wraps his perfect legs around you and waves his rock hard dick in front of your face. Yum!!! The only disappointing thing about Austin's current visit to the Gaiety is that he didn't bring his tag-team partner Trevor with him!

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Foxy, if you were at the 1:30 show, how could you see Duncan's six-o"clock shadow?


It was great to be back chatting with you and Cooper in the Gaiety lounge, even if I couldn't see the dancers!

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>Foxy, if you were at the 1:30 show, how could you see

>Duncan's six-o"clock shadow?


>It was great to be back chatting with you and Cooper in the

>Gaiety lounge, even if I couldn't see the dancers!


I think it was because he crossed the International Date Line to get there.


I keep telling you, if you want to see the dancers, you have to stop covering your eyes and put them in your lap where they belong.

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Guest JohnPela

>Foxy and I enjoyed watching the show with board members

>"Jackhammer" and "John Pela". I appreciate JH's up close and

>personal review of the show and I look forward to reading

>JP's. Also, thanks JP for bringing BEN VERSACE along. I

>over-heard Denise saying, "BEN can dance any time he wants".


>Porn star JASON LAND is in top shape. It was nice meeting his

>bf Jake G. Boy! is that guy BIG.


Thanks, Cooper, Foxy and Jackhammer for posting the reviews. I pretty much felt the same about the dancers. I enjoyed meeting Jackhammer in person and watching the show with him, and the Fab reviewers. In my opinion, Devon was the best or at least my favorite dancer performing on Monday. My favorite dancer at the Gaiety on Monday was not performing but of course, BEN VERSACE, who did come along to meet Jackhammer and the Fab Cooper and Foxy combo.


I had a wonderfull weekend in NYC. Saw 3 really good Broadway shows- Frozen, After the Fall and the final performance of Assassins (full of actors in the audience for that final performance). On Saturday night I also enjoyed talking to two long-time Gaiety patrons over after-dinner coffee. Both guys are real Gentlemen and I'm glad I had a chance to chat with them more indepth then usual hello/etc at the Gaiety. It was also a series of wonderful coincidences that I kept bumping into BEN VERSACE at the Gaiety and other places during the weekend.


As an update, to an earlier thread and post: Hopefully as BEN VERSACE's schedule permits, he will be returning to the Gaiety. As noted above by Cooper, Denise told me both on Friday night and Monday afternoon, that "BEN VERSACE can dance at the Gaiety any time he wants to or his schedule permits".


It took me a while to post on this message. I was worn out by this last weekend's fun.

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Guest JohnPela

Weekend Gaiety Lineup


The following was the Friday night lineup:


1. Austin (the graceful and talented Gaiety dancer/performer extraordinaire)

2. Devon (the college jock you always dreamed of)

3. Miguel (hot and latin)

4. Duncan (hot and he wants you)

5. Jason Land (porno star and hot looking dude)

6. Roland LeCour (wow, those LeCour twins)

7. John (from Argentina-also new Gaiety dancer)

8. Riccardo (a popular Gaiety patron favorite)

9. Raphael (back by popular Gaiety regular(s) demand

10. Chad (the red head from Reminingtons and new)

11. Nicholas (another popular Gaiety patron favorite)

12. Anthony (the extremely young-looking twink from Nob Hill- now blond headed with noticeable pierced tongue)


A very good lineup- if this peaks your interest- just wait until the detailed lineup review is posted by the Fab Cooper.

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RE: Weekend Gaiety Lineup


JP: thanks for posting tonight's lineup, it was good talking with you.


The weekend additions included several very popular Stock dancers, Riccardo, Raphael, and Nicholas all of whom can be seen at http://www.stockbar.ca


CHAD, this strawberry blond from Remingtons, made his G-debut tonight and will be around all of next week. He's a very youthful looking 21yo. who's been dancing at Remingtons since last Nov. He has a slender build and a fair complexion. The butt hooters really enjoyed this one, for he has an amazing bubble butt.


ANTHONY, probably the closest the G has to a real twink. He was entertaining to watch as he slid on his knees all over the stage. He'd be a lot of fun to play strip poker with for his clothes just fly off and he finally reveals his see through black mesh thong.


RAPHAEL has been MIA for almost a year. He has a solid swimmers build with those amazing shoulders. It's always enjoyable watching him slap his butt, ouch!


RICCARDO: just in for the weekend, he has movie star looks and a tight slender body. His 1st number was very graceful, but problems came up during his 2nd and he departed early.


NICHOLAS: with his spiked blond hair and blue eyes, he has a muscular build and a fast pace. He shines during his 2nd number as he enters with this amazing rock hard cock pointing skyward.

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RE: Weekend Lineup


Dancing at the G this weekend are the 3 Amigos from the Stock, check them out:


RAPHAEL: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/galleryraphael/index.htm


RICCARDO: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/galleryriccardo/index.htm


NICHOLAS: http://www.stockbar.ca/stock/html/newgallerynicolas/index.htm


Let me know what you think... :9


The CHAD, who's pictured on the Remington's site, is not the one who's dancing this week. Anyone have a picture?

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Guest baragm12us

Does anyone have Miguel's contact information, please please!!?


Any word on what's chad's private is like? As well as Rapheal?



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Guest msclonly

Rapheal doesn't know his own strength and can be a little rough if he feels you are being rough, so be aware.

But will be intersted in hearing an outcome if there is one.

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Any info on Riccardo from Stockbar> What happened during his 2nd number> technical problems? Has anyone done a private with him?

He's just delicious.


I especially enjoyed Jimmy and Kirk on the stock website. Do they

ever head south?


I guess I'll be at the 6:15 tonight. Tell Riccardo that Alberta is

on her way!

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