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The first full week of the Gaiety show brought in some new talent. There are no big body builder types but most have nice, well toned bodies, so it shouldn't disappoint. We also have that Gaiety rarity, a twink. That is, I think he's a twink. One overall impression I got in the Lounge today was that everyone seemed very friendly and some quite vocal about how happy they are to be dancing at the G. Let's spread plenty of good will from our side of the stage and keep those boys happy to be entertaining us.



1. Damian:

Sultry Venezuela boy with a smooth moderately muscled build.


2. Brendan:

Lively New Orleans dancer with a lean muscular build.


3. Roberto:

Montreal dancer with slender elegant build.


4. Deric:

Veteran Gaiety dancer from NY slim lightly muscled build.


5. Enrique:

Brazilian twink slender build with one huge muscle.


6. Paolo:

Montreal dancer with muscular upper body.


7. Adrian:

Mexico City/Dallas dancer with defined muscular build.


I'll have some details later which may not come all at once. I have to go invoke some muses.

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OK, the muses have spoken...or at least woke me up.


DAMIAN: This sexy guy came out on stage wearing a hooded sweat shirt and jeans that gave him a street punk look. He has light brown hair and a soul patch and these bedroom eyes that look like they've seen a thing or two. He reminded me of a younger Sean Penn. He dances with confidence on stage, stroking his chest and stomach and gives this look that says "don't you wish you were doing this?" I said "Yes!". He has a very nice smooth body with just enough muscle, a cute round butt and a good sized dick.


BRENDAN: In last week's reviews, new poster "vumnik" gave a great review of Brendan's show, so you might want to check that out. This New Orleans dancer works at a club called "Oz" http://www.ozneworleans.com There are no pictures of Brendan, who also dances in Chicago at Madirigal's. He said Oz puts out a calendar each year and he is always "January". The "featured dancer" this week is a handsome guy with wonderful expressive eyebrows and a lively tongue. Lots of eye contact with the audience and looks as though he loves dancing. He's my kind of exhibionist, on his knees, slapping and showing off his butt. Brendan has a great looking dick that won't disapoint you. He's a very friendly guy both on and off stage. This is his Gaiety debut so make him feel welcome.


ROBERTO: Also making his debut this week, Roberto dances at Campus in Montreal with his buddy Paolo. Sorry, no pictures. Roberto has a slim, elegant build with pale smooth skin set off by his dark hair and eyes. His dancing is smooth, calm and controlled. He radiates coolness. He has a nice looking dick with shaved pubes so nothing gets hidden.


DERIC: This NY guy has been dancing for years at the Gaiety and still manages to keep us entertained. He came out in black sweatshirt and pants and red sneakers. He has a look that is both mature and boyish at the same time. Deric has a very natural body, slim and not muscular. More like a regular guy. His main claim to fame his his very large dick and big balls. When he comes out naked (wearing the red sneakers) he will certainly get your attention.


ENRIQUE: This extremely cute Brazillian guy is the twink of the week. He has dark hair and eyes and a smooth, not very muscular build. He even dances cute. You just want to wrap your arms around him. One patron in the Lounge did just that and Enrique seemed to be enjoying it. When he comes out naked be prepared for a big surpise. This kid is hung like a bull and I don't think he was even completely hard. He also has a huge bush of pubic hair that would hide most guys equipment. Not his! He's very sweet and friendly in the Lounge but his English isn't great so keep it simple.


PAOLO: This goodlooking guy is a Campus dancer from Montreal. Very friendly in the Lounge. He expects to have an ad with pictures on Rentboy this week. He has a nicely developed upper body, good chest and arms. He spends some close up time to the ringside patrons so try to get a good seat. He gave a demonstration of how to play with his nipples to one lucky guy.


ADRIAN: Making his Gaiety debut with his friend Brendan, Adrian is from Mexico City. You'd never know it from his accent, his English is perfect. Very nice to talk to in the Lounge. He has a handsome, mature face with a good smile. Adrian has a muscular build, not huge but very defined. He also sports a very substantial erection with a big mushroom head.


Hopefully we'll be hearing from more patrons this week with their reviews of the show.

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Foxy up so late at night to satisfy our urges! Such determined loyalty deserves a reward. (Of course, I see you were also posting at 3 a.m.!)

Anyway, thanks for the news of the new year lineup. Someday I might be lucky enough to get to the Gaiety on a Monday!

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Wow. I really loved the late show on Monday. Every dancer was sexy for me this week. I don't think any of these dancers will be in the running for Gaiety Dancer of the Year but every performer was fun and relaxed. An all around good show. In the 10:30 show, Max replaced one dancer from the previous list (Derick I think).


Damien, had a solid build and looked very masculine. While his strutting up and down the stage seemed a little arrogant when he had his clothes on, the same moves really worked for the second number. Very sexy way of stroking his hard dick.


Brendon, muscular and defined swimmer's build. Fun crooked smile. Energic dancer but seemed just a little off beat. Special mention must be made of his butt. You would never guess what was lurking under those loose jeans. It really must have a mind of its own. Dimpled and jiggly but high and firm all at the same time. And that slap reverberated throughout the room.


Robert, tight build. Great shoulders and arms that looked great in a sleveless t-shirt. Friendly smile. Nice hard dick with a thick vein snaking from the base over the top. Smooth head and a gentle curve that just seemed to call to me...


Max, short but built and very muscular. Pecs for days lowering to rippled stomach. Dark hair and chisled jaw.


Enrique, dark, very cute twink. You really just want to wrap him in your arms and hold tight. Nice dick. I would suggest that he trim that bush a bit though.


Paolo, down for his monthy trip to NYC from Montreal. Nice smooth skin and broad chest. Very sexy. My personal favorite. I've got his old Rentboy ad somewhere in my bookmarks and if I find it I'll post it later. His review page doesn't have a photo but here is a link to that anyway:



Adrian, sexy, dark hair. Nice build. Light dusting of hair on his chest. Another hot guy.


All and all it was one of my favorite shows. No duds, and no one over the top. Hard erections for every second show. Just a solid, fun, sexy line up.

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Guest Tampa Yankee



I've had several dances with Roberto at Campus over the last year but never anything off premises. Hot body that is just my type. }( He can be fun but is definitely foucsed on the $$. Some days are better than others. I would appreciate getting the lowdown if anyone takes him for a test drive. Both my email and PM box are active. Thanks.

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Friday night at 6:15 there was a most interesting show. The last dancer, Dustin, was perhaps a friend of Trixie's. He is very thin and young looking, and his outfit made one wonder at first if he was male. Dustin entered the stage in a black halter top and what appeared to be lace panties. With his long hair falling in his face, he very determinedly gave forth an effort to be proud of, showing off some very nice moves. Unfortunately, many of the other dancers found Dustin's look amusing, to say the least! Dustin would look great in drag.


The hottest new guy also dancing is Scott. He is super handsome with a fine milky-white hairless body. Unfortunately (that word again), he has a small endowment and shaves his entire pubes, thus appearing to have the genitals of a ten year old. He did not get hard. But did I say how cute he is?


Giovanni must have heard of the Mr. Gaiety contest because he put on his best stage performance ever. His moves were slick and rythmic as he danced to some seductive music that appeared to be of African origin. So far, he gets my vote for Mr. G 2004!


Best boner of the year so far goes to Sebastian, who came out tall and proud and tried to suck himself, but he wasn't that tall!


Damien is quite a heartthrob as well. He came out for the finale showing proud, very proud, and as he stood there all alone, he seemed as if he would be quite enough for a finale of his own. Hot guy.

Max does have tits for days, but then? Mason is super handsome and masculine. He needs to hit the gym though.


The other dancers didn't make much of an impression on me. I wonder how long Dustin will last...

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RE: Roberto....


Rumored for next week:


Mico Valentine

Josh Dempsey





Early word on next weekend: (RUMORS)



Flavio (sure most of you don't remember him)

New guys, think they are named Shane, Carl and Ricky.


NYO favorite this week: Damian

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Lucky: Thanks for your update on the Fri. night lineup. There certainly were a lot of new names gracing the stage.


Lineup from the Fri. 6:15pm show.


1. Damian

2. Brandon

3. Robert

4. Max

5. Enrique

6. Pavlo

7. Adrian

8. Giovanni

9. Sebastian

10. Yannick

11. Scott

12. Mason

13. Dustin


If you're looking to get out of the cold, the G might be the place. Attendance at the Fri. show was back to norm... Stella's had an average crowd, lots of good looking and friendly hustlers... It was nice seeing board member "Tom-Cal" at S. He felt right at home among his many youthful admirers... Also nice seeing the "Tenn_lawyer", hope you found what you were looking for and got home safely. :)

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Hey, Cooper! Who was your favorite? Dustin? You surely had a favorite!

Just to clarify about Mason- he is really handsome and I would love to take him to the theater or something, because I know heads would turn.* And not everybody has to have that "just left the gym" look!


*Plus I am sure he would be great company!


And, just to clarify about the other dancers whom I was not impressed with: They are all very wonderful and hot and I am sure many people would find them impressive!**

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"Hey, Cooper! Who was your favorite? Dustin? You surely had a favorite!"


Lucky, As good as some may have found the show, I'm sorry to report that I had no favorite. :-( However, it was good watching it with you and seeing some fine new dancers.


As for Dustin, I'm sure he has a following. I hope his stay in NYC is successful.


Fri. night, Stella's had some good action. A few G-dancers old/new were there. Maximus, Carlos, and Shane were all very friendly. Plus Ricky Ricardo was making certain we had a good time and Tom_Cal's porn star friend was looking good.

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