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Trip report/Montreal/11-27,12-1 03

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Just waking up-horrible flight back yesterday via toronto.

My Thanksgiving weekend in Montreal was a mixed bag.Great Hotel(Wyndham)but like all Montreal hotels-it seems you have to get pushy to get the room/service you asked for in the first place.

A few new resto discoveries some good(un petit extra at Papineiu and Ontario=very close to the Tabboo without being in "the village",Serra et Giorno in the plateu,great small upscale Italian with very good service)some not so great(rosalie WTF is all the hype about?)lots of in betweens.

It snowed and rained pretty heavy during the weekend-and it was cooooold!

The Clubs.

Taboo-still closed,soft opening date is 12/8.See Karl G's in deapth report on this.

Adonis-Went Saturday afternoon,there was a young blond named Simon auditioning-he was hired on the spot.For you twink lovers out there -wait till you see this guy.

Sunday Night was fantastic!Derrick Makes the bar a lot of fun.The danceds were varied with a few gems-includung the afore mentioned Simon,and a guy named Frank-both gave great dances.And I won $350!

The same Quebecquise corpses that used to be so territorial at the Taboo are now occupiying real estate for the entire night at the Adonis.

Stock.Went thursday night YAWN,same old muscle marys wanting $20 a dance for the most part-puleeeeese!Some of the younger guys were there-but very few,and they were occupied the entire evening.

One of the most popular young guys wants $25 a dance,because"he is worth more"

Sunday night was more of the same.However it was nice to chat with CARL G,a poster on this board.Very nice entertaining guy with lots of savior faire regarding the clubs.

I went twice in the afternoons and it was a big yawn fest with the exception of a few cute guys who love the attention in the afternoons-because even on friday and saturday afternoons the place was still as a tomb.

Campus,Friday afternoon was most enjoyable-lots of cute young guys,old favorites and some new beauties.One of my fav's-Jace-is no longer dancing,rats.

Saturday afternoon.It was great meeting KarlG and AllenKay from the board.Both very nice fellas.

The dancers were a mixed bag-some wonderful-some not.The management let some of the night time roid monsters in during the day-big mistake.Theese assholes are such money hungry aggresive jerks that they really change(ruin) the mood of the place.

Blue.Wellllll I really wanted to like this place-but I just could not get into it.Seems like a very druggy scene.Thursday night is mixte night,boys(for those of you who like more "street"types this is the place)girls,and trannies.Loud rave music-very limited beverage choices.Went back sunday and there were no dancers on-when asked the Dj said that it was a break time?!?three dance brake time-ummm-no.

Did not make it to the WestSide as they now have ladies night thurs.fri.sat.nights.Too bad as it was very close to my hotel.

I also hired three guy form L'agence Bel Homme.Justin,Jeremy,and Nick.

I have decided this is really the way to go.All three boys were affectionate,able to perform(get hard and shoot)and were very pleased with the money they recieved(all under $200-way under)so thanks to the posters who advised on this.

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It was good to meet you too this weekend. In your description of the weather Saturday night I would add nearly gale force winds which virtually stopped me in my tracks walking along St. Catherines. (Fortunately all was calm on Sunday and my flight home to the midwest was uneventful). I like guys somewhere between the day and nightime dancer types at Campus and for me his name is Christian. At around 5'8" and 165# Christian is definitely not too big (At least for me). He is extremely good looking, well proportioned and captivated me this trip. I am still recovering from the sticker shock of Montreal in comparison to Rio de Janeiro but Christian loosened my purse strings this weekend. He is available for privates but I chose not to utilize this service (purse not that loose yet)! All in all a great weekend including dinners and breakfasts with fellow poster Karl-G. :-)

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Meeting alankay and bigguy was a pleasure for me as well. Having m4m as an introduction, we hit it off from the start. Especially for solo travelers like me, it was very nice to have someone to share breakfast and dinner sometimes, and to share a table in the bars. Also, each of us knew different dancers and we introduced them to each other. There is no better way to become friends quickly with a dancer than to receive an introduction from someone they already know and trust. Your circle of acquaintances enlarges quickly and nicely. There is nothing nicer than when entering a bar, a parade of pretty boys comes up to your table and greets you with a double kiss. Dennis, the drinksman at Campus, is always helpful; I assume Stephan will be back at Taboo, although early visitors may let us know the names of the waiters at Taboo. My five days in Montreal were a great deal of fun, lots of cute dancers and lap dances, and plenty of boys to order in for room service.

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Guest OralBtm4Top

Is Nick the hot guy with the big cock that he licks during his dance? Is so, he's clearly my favorite dancer. I hope someone who's had an encounter with Nick responds.

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I have never had a private session or even a lap dance with Nick, but I am told by other dancers that he is a nice guy. He is only 18 years old.


This is a video clip of Nick: http://nick.nudemaledancers.com/clips/freeclip1.html


For "G" Rated pictures of Nick try: http://stockbar.ca/stock/avs/avsnick/


Nick raises the philisophical question, "If you can suck your own dick, why do you ever need to leave the house?"

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Altho Campus is still my favorite stripper bar, I do give the boys at Le Stock a whirl every once in a while. I have had lap dances several times with Estevan and altho he is not the hottest looking dancer IMO, he is definitely HOT once you get him behind the curtain (if you opt for the $20 dance). He has a very nice dick, which gets hard immediately, and knows how to use it!... LOL.


Can't say I have chatted with Nick, in any case not had a lap dance wih him (my loss, perhaps?). Mickey, who dances in the early evening usually, is a VERY HOT number who will certainly entertain you!!!


I don't often stay very long in the later evening at Stock as I find it too crowded (weekends usually) and it seems most are just there to watch the show and drink. I like the mix between dancers and clients better at Campus both in the afternoon and evening, but don't care particularly for the huge steroidy dancers at Campus, but then there are enough of the other types to compensate. Also in my experience, there are quite a few dancers at Campus who will show you a VERY good time in the back, provided of course that you cough up the $$$!!! All good fun tho.:p

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