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Montreal Legal Update

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The print version of The Guide came in the mail today. They have an update on the Montreal Dance Rules and legal problems. The on line version should be out in about a week and I will post a link when it comes out. I am on the way to the airport (I don't expect to have internet access on my trip) and don't have time to type all the info in but here is some high (or low) points.


Taboo's license was suspened for 75 days per the owner Claude Auger and has scheduled to reopen Taboo as "an even better bar" the first week of December.


16 of the dancers are being represented by a gay activist attorney.


The Commander of the gay village community policing unit told the Clubs they would not intrude on private booths. But the police "squad" is now saying NO touching at all, leaving even the double cheek kiss in question.


Montreal's gay activists are vowing to put pressure on the authorities.


Sorry gotta' run, all the info I got time to post.

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As a trooper in the trenches, I would like to assert that the "no touching" rule in public places is observed mostly in the breach!!!


I have been to several of the clubs, Campus and Stock, in particular, and the escorts have their hands all over me (of course, I am an attractive devil}( ). Still, I find myself telling them to remember the rule, not the other way around. So what gives???


Anyway, the rules appear to be in considerable flux, and as long as that is the case, I say "Go with the flow!":+

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This is big change for yours truly had a blast in Montreal during

Black and Blue in Oct, Now if one cannot even touch makes it a tease

and why bother paying 20.00 for Nothing. I do hope that someone can

give us guys more info I tryed calling one of the clubs and they

gave me a lot of info when the clubs put in the new priavte booths

a few weeks ago but when I called this time they where very closed mouth on the subject. I cetainly would love to Know for I am plaining

another trip to Montreal in November but if there is now a NO Touching

Policy I just might cancel my trip and stay home.

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Relax! The so-called "no-touching" rule was supposed to apply to the public areas of the stripper bars and NOT to the cabins, where the $20 dances were instituted to allow COMPLETE touching. This includes genitals and ass. If you want, you can still have $10 dances without touching the genitals and asshole.


So take your choice. Yesterday I had a dance that I indicated I wanted for $20. During the first song, the dancer engaged in an elaborate striptease which, while very nice, did not include any intimate touching by me. So I told him at the end of the dance that that was a $10 effort. He laughed but agreed. The next song was DEFINITELY a $20 dance}(


And as I said in my earlier post, there is lots of touching in the public areas. In the last week, I have had dancers in both Campus and Stock drape their arms over my shoulders, touch my thighs, caress my back and even fondle my tits. Of course, I was buying them drinks and giving them some dances. So go figure:+

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