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It's a big week at the G for two stellar performers. Ben Versace and Marlone. Both put on an amazing show each in his own totally different style.


There's also a NEWS FLASH!!!


The very beautiful Jason Adonis has brought along his kid brother Tristan to perform on the Gaiety stage. I guess it's a family business. Who says the American family is falling apart? Not these guys. Everything was rock solid with them.


The lineup is:


!. Tristan (kid brother)

2. Jason Adonis (big brother)

3. Ben Versace (Mr. Show Biz)

4. AJ (the boy next door...I wish)

5. Marlone (Mr. DICK!!!!!)

6. Felipe (cute Latin twink)

7. Ray (big Latin hunk)


As they say...something for everyone. I'll try to add some comments later in the evening but I need my cocktail and have to collect my thoughts. Mr. Cooper made a very early exit, about 15 minutes into the show. Something came up. I hope it worked out.

He works SO HARD!

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Foxy, Thanks for staying around for the entire show and providing us with an early edition to the lineup... Also, it's nice to see Lucky is back in town, missed ya big guy!


If Jason Adonis, the Chicago beauty, is too muscular for ya, lol., then take a look at his little brother. Tristan Adonis, a 20yo twink, is probably what Jason looked like 4 years ago. Like his big brother, Tristan Adonis is very handsome, with beautiful blue eyes, dark hair, a smooth body, 5'11", and is new to escorting. The little Adonis is very well endowed.


He's friendly (in a shy way), and has a mid-western accent. Btw, his big brother taught him how to dance. He said, stand there and stroke your body, they'll like it! :+


Finally, there are no other Adonis brothers at home.:o


Foxy, I'm looking forward to your review. It's nice to know that this week's featured dancers showed up.

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coop, i'll definitely be at the gaiety this w/e. i always like to see jason adonis' show; the bonus of seeing his kid brother sounds like an opportunity not to be missed. i also consider ray to be a special treat. i'm seeing a play fri night, but will try to see part of saturdays afternoon show, and stay for the 6:15. i'm also looking forward to joining you and foxy for the monday matinee, as nyo has reported that tj should be dancing next week. any other rumours for w/e replacements or next wks dancers?

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A few Gaiety details....


TRISTAN: Since he's Jason's brother you might be expecting another big muscle guy. Wrong! Tristan is a slim, smooth, twink of a lad. He's making his Gaiety debut this week but he has danced at Madrigals in Chicago, so he has some experience. He wiggles seductively on stage making lots of eye contact with the patrons, inviting them to come and get him. It worked too. He drops his jeans to reveal a pair of white briefs that hold a big surprise. In his second number the surprise is revealed, a good 7 inches pointing towards heaven. Jason didn't get all the good looks in the family, that's for sure.


JASON ADONIS: Now we get the pumped up member of the family. Jason came out in a loose fitting pair of blue pants that he had a hard time keeping up. They kept slipping down his massive thighs and big bubble butt. Jason has this cute baby face and the body of a young god. Big shoulders, well developed chest and rock hard biceps. He's smooth and tattoo-less. Nothing mars this perfect body. You can see his picture in HX in the Gaiety ad. In his second number he shows off a good sized endowment that is obviously a family trait. Those Adonis boys have nice genes. If muscle appeals to you, Jason is your boy.


BEN VERSACE: There's another board member who should be writing this review. Hopefully we'll hear from him. Ben entered from the audience surprising a number of patrons that he engaged in conversation along the way. He was wearing a sports coat, dark blue shirt and black slacks. The look you'd call "business casual" Nothing casual about this boy however. He quickly removes that jacket and he tantalized us all with that vibrating tongue. One can only imagine the tricks he can do with it. The shirt and break-away pants didn't stay on long and we got to enjoy his beautiful body. He enjoys showing it off too. For his second number he came out in a red chef's apron that had "will cook for great sex" written on it. Boy was I hungry! He flipped up the apron several times with his rock hard dick and soon pulled it off. Ben makes close contact with the patrons sitting close to the stage, so come early and get a get seat. You'll be so glad you did.


AJ: This cute guy also get real close to those sitting ring side. If you wear glasses, expect to get them steamed up. He looks like the boy next door type that you'd want to hire to cut your lawn. Shirtless of course. Well, that's my fantasy anyway. He has great pecs and nipples that made my mouth water. I'm licking my lips as I write this. During his second number this athletic boy spent more time in the audience than he did on stage. He was so close I could feel the heat from his body on my face. Don't sit close if you're shy.


MARLONE: An amazing dancer with a flawless body, Marlone has tremendous star quality. His first number is always very dramatic and if that's all he did you'd be happy. BUT then he came out for his second number wearing a black hat and scarf and possibly the largest erection I've ever seen. He makes good use of those props. His dick looked a foot long to me. It's not only huge, it stands staight up the whole time. It defies gravity. It also looks hard enough to pound nails into a wall. He brings new meaning to the phrase "penis envy" (thank you Mr. Freud). Who here hasn't fantasized about sucking his own dick? Well, Marlone does it, several times. And I mean SUCK IT! Every time I see him do it, it astounds me.


FELIPE: This good looking Latin twink has packed on some muscle. He has a trim but perfectly proportioned body that would be so nice to run your hands over. Not sure if he will be dancing the entire week so you might want to get there early on to see him. He puts on a nice show.


RAY: The big boy from Brazil. While most of the dancers in this week's lineup shave all over, Ray is all natural. Lots of hair on this guy. He has a terrific body that really didn't need that huge tattoo on his left arm. He's cute/handsome and has this large dick that most Brazilians are famous for. Ray gets down and chats with every patron who is close to the stage.


The theme for this week's show is "Up Close & Personal". Expect to be part of the show if you sit up front so wear something nice and don't be embarressed if you get a little ummmmm....

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Foxy, Thanks for staying up so late to bring us this week's G-review. Since many of us have seen these dancers perform, it's easy to visualize their stage act. Thanks again for the details and "visuals".


I would be surprised if Felipe and Ray stay for the entire week. Since both are local, I have a feeling 2 scheduled dancers didn't make it on time. When I spoke with the dj, he said both Jason (great ass from Montreal) and newbie Kevin were scheduled.


ALERT: I agree that we should save (a lot of) space for John Pela, aka "Dr.Ben Versace", to write a reveiw. This alert should go out to all MC that carry G-reviews...


Foxy, thanks for all the "YOU HEARD IT FIRST HERE" scoop on this week's show. Btw, Tristan Adonis, although announced as just Tristan, uses his famous last name on his calling cards.

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Guest JohnPela

>ALERT: I agree that we should save (a lot of) space for John

>Pela, aka "Dr.Ben Versace", to write a reveiw. This alert

>should go out to all MC that carry G-reviews...



I'm LOL about ya'll (hint, I'm a Southern boy) trying to get me to post a review of Ben and Marlone's Gaiety performances. I think I already did post a review last week, and I might ad in advance before they actually appeared! How is that for seeing into the future! Actually its much easier promoting them while I shamelessly utilize quotes from your previous reviews and replies of threads about them on this sight.


What specific outfit or entrance they use on the stage I may not have known in advance but I knew that everytime either one performs at a strip club they work very hard and put on a very sensual, hot, creative and entertaining show. Both guys are gorgeous, friendly, well built with absolutely no fat. Ben has killer eyes- Cooper are they hazel or blue eyes? I can't seem to remember-LOL. I have been to the Gaiety many times since my first visit in December 1997. In my opinion Ben is one of the best performers to appear there. I enjoy seeing beautiful naked guys but I also appreciate a good, creative, erotic, fun performance that I can just sit back and enjoy.


Ben and Marlone have it all and are fun to watch them on stage. Last year I saw them dance as go-go boys on cubicles at Warehouse 29 Strip Club/Bar in Greensboro, NC and they drove the mostly young college age patrons (most of them in their 20's and hot lookers themselves) wild with desire from their sensual, hot dancing and showering in the glass shower booth near the dance floor. I can tell you that it was a hot, hot club that early morning in Greensboro.


Cooper, You kid about this but apparently some of the repliers on my Ben Versace post on muscleservice site think that I am Ben Versace, who is promoting himself there.


I don't know if I will be able to be at the Gaiety Monday afternoon to review the show. I may be researching and shopping at the Versace boutique (you know I am referring to the one on Fifth Avenue).


My birthday is this weekend so I will be in NYC and at the Gaiety this weekend. Hope to see several of the Board Members there.

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Wednesday night's lineup:


1. Tristan Adonis

2. Jason Adonis

3. Ben

4. AJ

5. Johnny (previously John..see thread on John from Florida) (think he's here through next week, at least that's the word on the street)

6. Marlone

7. Ray


Rumors for the weekend:

Ronnie and Ronald LeCour, seems like a week for siblings.

Possibly Kevin from last Saturday night?


NYO favorites: I liked pretty much everyone, but AJ was my favorite.

Ben was at his best, very entertaining show.

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>It's good to see the NYObsrvr back doing Gaiety reviews.

>Where else can you get a "fair and balanced" review? 1.


>1. fair and balanced are trademarks of Fox news.


Hey Foxy,

Too bad you didn't know that all it took to write a "fair and balanced review" was to simply post a lineup. Instead, you write a wonderful and thorough review, filled with accurate details/descriptions, and provide the members weekly with the most viewed thread on M4M... I think we should thank Foxy for keeping us so well informed with his "fair and balanced reviews". Keep them coming, for we know we can count on you.

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Well, you do tell us about the foxes at the Gaiety! I don't know what Mr. Hitchcock is trying to communicate. Of course we love to hear NYO's thoughts on the performers. But is he suggesting something negative about the other reviews? If so, he needs a kick right in the glutes!:)

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>The very beautiful Jason Adonis has brought along his kid

>brother Tristan to perform on the Gaiety stage. I guess it's a

>family business. Who says the American family is falling

>apart? Not these guys. Everything was rock solid with them.



Ok... as you all know, many Gaiety dancers are not for me. But this announcement perked up my ears a little.


I am actually going to Chicago in a few weeks... so I read with interest that this younger Adonis has danced at Madrigal's.


Can some of you guys gather some info for me? Maybe an email address for Tristan... or whether he will be dancing in the Windy City during later October... or whether he has an internet presence of any kind, or escort contact info of any kind.


Whatever you can gather... I would appreciate! (anyone take him for a private, btw?)

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Ben Versace




Ronnie Le Couer


Roland Le Couer


Jazz (jas?)


The Adonis brothers reportedly left town in a huff, but I didn't hear it first hand.

My favorites tonight were Felipe, Johnny, Ben, Vince, Ronnie, Rafael, and Roland. Vince may be the handsomest face ever to appear on the Gaiety stage, and Rafael gave a confident, sexy, flirtatious show that had everybody intrigued! Did I mention that I really liked Felipe?

And in the audience, Mouth 58 sure was cute!

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<<Vince may be the handsomest face ever to appear on the Gaiety stage>>


not sure about that, there is a lot of competition in that dept (and how do you ever pick the handsomest?), but i found him very sexy. decided to spend some time with him at his hotel - he was very accomodating as far as being serviced, but he didn't reciprocate. if you require more, just ask...i actually didn't question him to that extent. he said he had danced in florida with a g-string...this w/e was the first time he danced nude; perhaps explaining his lack of a hardon for his second number, though it was hard for the finale. yes, that's about as big as it gets. (i might have done a private with him just to prove to myself every so often that i'm not REALLY a size queen)!

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RE: Weekend Lineup, 3 new faces.


3 dancers making their Gaiety debut.


1. Vince: from Fl., an extremely good looking dancer with bleached blond highlights. He's a young looking guy with a medium slender build. Very friendly and personable both on the stage and in the lounge. He's worth checking out.


2. Anthony: the youngest looking dancer to hit the G-stage in a long time. He's 20 but looks 16. He's from SF and has been dancing at Nob Hill for about 1 month. He's easy to talk with, but be warned of sticker shock. If you like cute twinks, then check him out.


3. Rafael: also 20yo. from Montreal and a Stock dancer. He's 5'11" with dark hair and eyes. He has a tight slender build along with youthful good looks. Rafael puts on an excellent stage show with great eye contact and very sensual moves. He won me over with his amazing smile!;)

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<<When I said that Vince may be the handsomest, I knew that others would have their own favorites. It truly is a subjective thing. But, I think, most would agree that Vince would be in the top ten?>>



i understand your comment...it's just every time i think i've seen the handsomest or sexiest guy i've ever seen, another one comes by to make me change my mind. i always question how anyone could pick the sexiest man alive, etc, whether it's people magazine, or whatever.


everyone can judge vinces' handsomness or sexiness for themselves, as, not only is he appearing all next week at the gaiety, but he also said he was the centerfold in the sept issue of playgirl magazine.

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<<Shy, Rafael was a much better time. Lots of reciprocation>>


coop, as lucky said, "it's all subjective". i, too, was taken by his handsome good looks, and overall sexiness. i enjoyed vince a lot. though i thought rafael was cute, overall he didn't do it for me as vinces' overall look did.


see you monday afternoon?

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>I saw Rafael in passing on the street today, and he looked

>even better all spiffed up. Wonder if he was on his way to a



>Later, I saw Ronnie or Roland. I didn't have time to check

>whether he had the tattoos or not.


Lucky, the dancers are walking the City streets today. I ran into the very handsome AJ on 42nd Street, like me, he was out shopping! I also saw the b-day boy, John Pela, in search of Ben Versace. Hopefully, they finally hooked up. Can't wait for his review, just hope he can keep it short! lol...


Shy: Vince would have been my dancer of choice, but some out-of-towner beat me to him.:) My 2nd choice turned out to be tops!:9 See you tomorrow.


NYO: Thanks for the up-coming "wish list", hope it comes true. Btw, what you told me about Raphael, it's all TRUE!


Jaynnj: Good seeing another board member at the G, just remember what I said about "stealing" the lineup. Hope to see you tomorrow at our next "Hooville" meeting. We can thank Lucky for coining that term.

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