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JJacob in New Orleans

Guest jc92103
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Actually, if you are worried whether or not Jake is actually past 18... I wouldn't. He actually may be 19 (forgive me Jake if you are not). He is has been out of high school more than a year already, and this is his second full year of making people in New Orleans VERY, VERY happy. By the way, if you engage him in conversation, you will find him very intelligent and mature for a young man. That will erase all doubt from your mind.


He is a special one! WOOF!

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Guest DCescortBOY

marc, papi...

what's with the barking? i've always wondered but folks tend to get offended when i ask.

since i know you love me, i'll direct my query to you.


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Guest IM_Moore

>I checked out his second pic

>on AOL. What I meant

>was is he actually 18?

>In that photo he appears

>to be in his late




He looks about 18 - 20 to me. He also looks like someone I want to hire if he was on the west coast :)

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Hey kids,


Actually I'm turning 19 Oct. 24. anyone wannah send presents, cash, cards, route them through hooboy. hehe.. This past year has flown by in a hurry. Between getting my life bakc on track after having issues with my family, helping out with NEw Orleans summer festivities, and keeping ya'll happy, I still havent put any time into my new apartment : it still looks like a dorm room, albeit with hard wood floors and 16' ceilings.. lol... hope to hear from you kids soo.


*lots of luvin'*



Your fey (hehe thanks HB) little twink in Nawlins

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He'll NEVER let me forget that I called him "fey" in a review. I guess I should delete it, but he told me it's a word used so rarely (meaning I'm archaic, I suppose) that I've left it.


I've seen Jakes U.S Passport. He is telling the truth.


Now, with everyone in such a giving mood, this poor baby lost his Mustang to a vindicative parent and all he wants is a cheap little Vespa motor scooter to scoot to your hotel on.


Isn't there a Vespa dealer out there who can help him get a good deal on a couple of wheels. I don't like the idea of him having to hitch-hike back to his dorm room at 3am all lubed up in the Big Easy.



Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com

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>You can tell that from a



Of course you can tell from a picture!!! The picture created the impression that he is older than 18. Based on the responses below I'm satisfied that he is and will now proceed with my plans to contact him. Keep in mind deej, I made no claims of escort misdeeds here...I simply asked a question about an escort in a forum that was created to discuss escorts.

This is another example of what I spoke of on another thread. We just can not question the popular escorts here. If that is the case...what is the point?

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Guest IM_Moore

>>You can tell that from a



>Of course you can tell from

>a picture!!! The picture created

>the impression that he is

>older than 18. Based on

>the responses below I'm satisfied

>that he is and will

>now proceed with my plans

>to contact him. Keep in

>mind deej, I made no

>claims of escort misdeeds here...I

>simply asked a question about

>an escort in a forum

>that was created to discuss


>This is another example of what

>I spoke of on another

>thread. We just can not

>question the popular escorts here.

>If that is the case...what

>is the point?


I tend to agree with JC on this topic of people being blasted for not going with the status quo on this board. I think DeeJ needs to take a break ... come on over 850 posts in about a year (since the counter was activated and not back dated either). And I am not picking on DeeJ; there are others as well that seem to have too much time on their hands and do not use it in a positive way (on this site).


Hey JC if you want to split the cost of brining Jacob to SoCal let me know, he is HOT :)

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>I tend to agree with JC

>on this topic of people

>being blasted for not going

>with the status quo on

>this board. I think DeeJ

>needs to take a break

>... come on over 850

>posts in about a year

>(since the counter was activated

>and not back dated either).


Interesting that someone with 14 posts knows specifics about when the counter was last reset.


Can I still flirt with my pals? (and I really do think of them that way) or would that just add tonnage to my message count that you find objectionable?


Should I withhold information that I have just so my message count doesn't go up?


What level of participation is acceptable to you? And why should I care?

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Guest Tall Texn

Yes I suppose "fey" would describe Jake. I can vouch that he is the age he says. I've seen his Driver's License too. And I'm glad he likes the images! The new one he is using doesn't make him look late 20s, it only makes him look mysterious! Jake, you are a charmer, and I'm looking forward to spending time, and settling our "private debt!" :)

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Guest Tall Texn

Actually, when I photograph a model, and get a signed release, I also make a copy of Identification to prove that I am not dealing with anyone underage. It wasn't any move on Jacob's part, but rather on mine to be as professional as possible, and to protect the model.

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Actually, mon petit, (probly got that wrong), one doesn't have to route cards, at least, through honorable Hoo. There is an icon to the left of your name which I had only to poke (not as fun as poking you, undoubtedly) to find out one of your email addresses.

Love, Bilbo

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DC, It was odd but I'm nosey, he was driving me to the airport and his passpost was in the passenger side storage area in his Mustang. It's not like he walks in with his ID, for crying out loud. Unfortunately, the Mustange was snatched away by his evil stepmother or something.


So Lets have a telethon for this cutie to get some transportation. It's not like he's aksing for a Mercedes! Halloween in New Orleans is around the corner and I'll bet he'd be a great designated driver because I'm sure he'll be straight for the entire weekend if he wins on the Price Is Right.



Email: HooBoy@male4malescorts.com

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heh yeah, normally I'm supposed to go through their wallets. Hooboy loves playing the switcheroo on me... often.


and now for some random thoughts...


1 : Tori Amos's little cover of Eminem's "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" is a bit disturbing. Whole CD very good glad to see her come back from Venus.


2. Brrrrrrr.. Chill in New Orleans... Finally broke out my leather without feeling like a sweaty pig.


3. My new weave. lol, got a haircut, and some reds put in. Getting hit on a bit more than normal, makes me happy. :-D


4. HAlloween. Is just around the corner. Partying will be same weekend as my b-day. present and candy will be taken at the door. ;-)


and thats about all going on with me... making a feeble attempt at finding a day job. Was a nice summer, but now with el invierno upon us I have to find some way to pass my day ; unless someone wants to relocate me to some tropical area. :-)

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