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Nick's latest screennames

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He's on the road again with these screennames so far:




Vegasmasseur4Now (this is the current active one)


Hobbies: Rock Climbing Sailing Movies Dinner *errotic experiences with mature Men*

Occupation: Professional-MassageTherapy !

Personal Quote: I'm a top ten bi guy who offers a serious massage with a full body release of tension. Instant message me to request my rates and a picture. Mature inquiries only!


He is giving out the set of 3 pictures that appear on the middle of my webpage of the nude man.


For the full story, please visit my website:


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While Nick was conducting his business in las Vegas, I had the pleasure of corresponding with a legitimate massuer who works in the area. He conducts a non-sexual massage business and one of the screennames Nick had chosen was HandsOnVegas, which this man's business is known by. Here's text from that message...



i have had a run in with him also, he was using the name of my massage company, hands on vegas, that is short for hands on therapeutic massage of las vegas, but everyone in las vegas, thought it was me offering sexual massage, they knew better, but he caused me some shit. I turned him into aol, but as far as I know, they did nothing, but i think i scared him off, he was only here a few days, I warned everyone about him in the chat rooms, it is amazing how this guy works?! Do you know of a girl that travels with him? They were playing games with me when they were here, calling my company and such, I knew where they were staying and all I would have had to do is make a phone call to metro or to the front desk and they would be evicted from the hotel! but I just let it go.

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Latest screenname is SkilledHands4ATL:


AOL Profile

Member Name: Chase *Professional body work* If I'm online I might be available..

Location: Atlanta / Georgia

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Outdoors - Racing Cars (I'm a top ten type of Man)

Computers: IM or e mail for additional information. NO AOL GAMES. Mature people only!

Occupation: Massage Therapist - I'm tall muscular & strong!

Personal Quote: What goes around, comes around..Be true to yourself and others!

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Guest Kevin 2

BON, Let me say that I have NO complain about you, but I got thinking if the CIA could hire you to track Osama and his network the same way you track Nick I beat You would find him in a few days! LOL

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>You like me! You really like me!!!!




I'm not so sure Kevin2 was saying he liked you. He was probably hoping that you'd get a real job that would take you far away from this obsession. ;-) This can't be good for your health.


But, on the positive side, you are the rasberry seed in Nick's wisdom tooth. :-)

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>>You like me! You really like me!!!!




>I'm not so sure Kevin2 was

>saying he liked you. He

>was probably hoping that you'd

>get a real job that

>would take you far away

>from this obsession. ;-)

>This can't be good for

>your health.



Hey! YOU!! Get offa my cloud!!!!!!!!


Rollingly yours,



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Since I am new to this site, I do have a simple question for "Beware of Nick" - What did this Nick do (or maybe not do)to you for you to have this vendetta against him like this? I keep seeing all of these postings that "HE is at it again" yet I am coming in after the fact. I am just curious did he totally srew yoiur life up or just rip you off once or rip a friend of yours off or what? Just wanted to know. Thanks.

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Guest WetDream



Why don't you use the site's Search function. Just click on the icon with the magnifying glass. Although I'm sure BoN will be glad to fill you in on the details.

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Guest TruthTeller



>Although I'm

>sure BoN will be glad

>to fill you in on

>the details.


This wins the award for Understatement of the Month.

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Guest TruthTeller



>Now now, Half-Truth Teller, this is

>MY world here and you

>do not get to be

>the queen bitch, I do!!


Don't worry - I was just making a brief guest appearance - a cameo, if you will. I don't think anyone is confused about who the real star of the Nick threads is.

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Nick's on the road again as:




Member Name: If you would like a picture, ask-- I'm an elite type of guy, physically - mentally - spiritually - guaranteed!

Location: Las Vegas

Marital Status: I would never be married :)

Hobbies: Hiking, Water, Skiing, Reading Novels, Camping in the wild.

Occupation: Man-to-Man/MassageTherapist

Personal Quote: If your in need of a certified/massage and take your health seriously get in contact with me to find out more - NO AOL GAMES - pleez... i am 5 feet 11-1/2" 185 pounds






Member Name: 6 ft 1" 190 pounds italian / greek / I'm the top ten of Men!

Location: Arizona / If I'm online, I'm available...If I dont answer your IM, I'm simply away from my lap top!

Sex: Male

Marital Status: LOL

Hobbies: Manly Things..Outdoors...

Computers: I am certified..

Occupation: Masseur / Professional body work

Personal Quote: What goes around, comes around! Be true to yourself, and others! Fear destroys power!


For the rest of the story:



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Nick is still in Arizona, but he has retired the AZMan2ManTHPY screenname. He is no using <snicker> LegitMassageAZ


Member Name: Chase I'm 6ft tall 185 pounds I am a vers. guy and prefer dealing with people who are older and mature.

Location: PHOENIX & Surrounding areas. I do outcalls to your location only.

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Never been married

Hobbies: Anything new and exciting, making new friends.

Occupation: Massage Therapist, I am certified and professional with the massage work.

Personal Quote: Serious inquiries only, no aol bs..IM me for additional details.If I'm online i am available now! If I dont answer your IM i will respond back to u once I return to my computer.

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