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False advertising by escorts

Guest graymit
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Guest graymit

Some escort in NYC advertised in Next Magazine (8/31/01 issue) as Beach Boy Brazilian, using a picture of another escort. The picture was of one of my favorite escorts in the whole world and I am absolutely livid that this ass hole would stoop so low as to steal a picture off the internet from another escort to promote himself. With an industry like this, I guess there is no retribution, but to advise all potential clients not to use this deceiving prick as an escort. The ad appears on the 4th page of Next Magazine, top row in the middle, next to the ad for Maximum Escort agency.

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>Some escort in NYC advertised in

>Next Magazine (8/31/01 issue) as

>Beach Boy Brazilian, using a

>picture of another escort.

>The picture was of one

>of my favorite escorts in

>the whole world and I

>am absolutely livid that this

>ass hole would stoop so

>low as to steal a

>picture off the internet from

>another escort to promote himself.



This makes me totally sick. Just a few weeks ago I had a person try to use my pictures on his site saying he was looking for people to fuck him ect. He lived in Canada and was using my pictures for his benifit.


I would hope that anyone who might have seen this person did know right away that it was not me.


There are many people out there believe it or not that use pictures to promote themselves and they are not the ones in the pictures. Or there are people who use pictures that are them...but they are 10 or more years old.


I just don't understand it.





Talvin DeMachio


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Guest Tampa Yankee



Consider informing your escort friend of this circumstance and suggest that he report it to the classifeds office for NEXT. This constitues a potential copyright violation in which NEXT most likely will not want to participate.


I hope it is not UK_Matt

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I try and warn others when I see false ads in Next or HX. They're ususally not of well known escorts. Next seems to hold the most phonies. I doubt reporting it to the mag will do anything, as last I heard they weren't a charitable organization.




PS. I'll wager that Talvin will bottom before I see an escort sue someone for unauthorized use of their pic.

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Last time I was in Las Vegas, one of the local agencies was running ads featuring shirtless photos of soap opera stars!


I had a good laugh over it, but then the chilling thought hit that some schmuck actually thinks he's booking time with Steve Burton.


Stupidity in advertising knows no bounds, but as P.T. Barnum said: there's a sucker born every minute. <sigh> That's one of the reasons I get so defensive when this site or well-known escorts come under attack. This site is one of the very few resources for those suckers to get informed.


Guys using false photos give legitimate, honest escorts (like you or Talvin) a bad name and are good candidates for post-natal abortion.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>I doubt reporting it to

>the mag will do anything,

>as last I heard they

>weren't a charitable organization.


Maybe not, but sometimes just the possibility of bringing unwanted notoriety to an enterprise has a chilling effect. Then again, we are talking about New Yorkers here, aren't we -- silly me!



>PS. I'll wager that Talvin will

>bottom before I see an

>escort sue someone for unauthorized

>use of their pic.


We can always hope. :-) (but not betting the ranch)

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Guest graymit

Talvin, deej, tampayankee, et al.


Thanks so much for your response and support of this issue. It has been reported to NEXT magazine, but I was unconvinced that they would stop the ad.


I have grown defensive of the escorts that I have become friends with over the years (there are a number of them). We tend to support each other in different facets of life. This thread was a little way for me to help a friend who has made me feel extra special over the years.


I hope this crap doesn't happen to any other truthworthy escort.

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>>PS. I'll wager that Talvin will

>>bottom before I see an

>>escort sue someone for unauthorized

>>use of their pic.


>We can always hope. :-)

>(but not betting the ranch)


As I said to you earlier this week, keep the fantasy but don't hold your breath. :-)


If only I had the money ... well ... I wouldn't have it for very long.

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