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411 on Mark Dalton

Guest rashamon
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Guest steveyboy

I have no personal experience but he is available for private shows and escort work. He lives in Denver but will be in San Francisco Sept 6-11. His phone number is 940-206-0169. His email address is: pumpjam@aol.com and he does respond.

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Mark has been posting on the Muscle Service Board. Here's the links to the threads that he's participated in. (I think that I found all of them.) The Muscle Service Board is password protected, so the links may not work. (I'll keep my fingers crossed that they do.)







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Guest ibimusbtms

Having traded emails with him ( I live in Dallas) he is a nice young staight guy with an incredible body; nice personality. He is more of the "stand and model" type escort who doesn't mind if you want to beat off in the room while he models. I like my escorts to be more ( a lot more) interactive, so I didn't hire him. I look for muscle escorts who will bottom; Mark is not one of them.

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Guest Friendlyguy

>Having traded emails with him (

>I live in Dallas) he

>is a nice young staight

>guy with an incredible body;

>nice personality. He is

>more of the "stand and

>model" type escort who doesn't

>mind if you want to

>beat off in the room

>while he models. I

>like my escorts to be

>more ( a lot more)

>interactive, so I didn't hire

>him. I look for

>muscle escorts who will bottom;

>Mark is not one of



Well, if you know anybody who looks this good but is more interactive, as you say, I'd love to hear your recommendation.

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SAN FRAN---NOV.12---20TH

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

OK, would someone PLEASE post a nude picture of this guy? There has to be one floating around out there.


Beseechingly yours,



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Guest poppedrice

Hmm, can't get in - requires login and password....





By the time they had diminished from

50 to 8, the other dwarves began to

suspect Hungry.


- Gary Larson, "The Far Side"

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By all accounts, he's a tremendously likeable guy.


He has become a huge star in gay porn but has yet to have gay sex on film. I don't get his popularity in that venue, but he is gorgeous. You just generally expect the "big name" gay porn stars to actually have sex. ;-)


The title of his last movie pretty much says it: PRICK TEASE.

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Guest jstlooknthx

I've found this guy amazingly hot for a while now, and blondes usually don't do it for me. This guy is exceptional. SO, after reading this link yesterday I went out and rented PRICK TEASE. I had to finally see in him in video. First porno I've rented in years believe it or not. I don't enjoy porno. That's how big a fan I am.


Yes, he is even more gorgeous on video. I'm betting he is a nice guy and a lot of fun to be with. Now as far as the STRAIGHT thing goes. No straight guy dances like that. Gives you expressions like that. I was kind of hoping for sensually flexing and that cocky "you want it bad don't you?" kind of talk while he teased you with all that perfectly proportioned muscle. Instead we got a pole dance that looks like it was choreographed by Gypsy Rose Lee. Way too girl. Perhaps his girlfriend is a stripper and she taught him her pole routine?


I'm betting he is wisely riding this wave of adoration so when he does finally have sex on video he will be sure to get the biggest bucks ever. I will tell you, that was one of the most beautiful asses I've ever seen. He's a gorgeous man.:9

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Guest niceguy

I had the fortune of spending an afternoon with Mark Dalton while in New York. Firstly he is one of the nicest most down-to-earth guys around. When he opened his hotel room door I did the weak-in-the-knees thing. He is ablsolutely beatiful. You can't decide where to look first - shoulders, pecs, arms, abs, that ass - damm. But what kept getting me was that smile. We laughed about stuff. He would smile and I would melt. As far as what happened physically - I will say that I got a close up look and feel of everything on this great guy, and that both of us got off. We laid in bed and talked. Went to lunch (you had to see the looks of everyone on the street eyeing this blond superhunk). Imagine muscle workship, with probably the hottest hunk around, who is nice and kind and friendly all with an incredible climax and you have Mark Dalton. He is a superstar and deserves to be treated that way.

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