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Risky ATL escort

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Was doing some research on ATL escorts and Chris Ryder's (Atlboy4hire) reviews looked good. Went onto AOL and looked around in the chat rooms and came across ATLBBbottomscort. Same stats and same phone number. What really scared me was in his profile he says "Status isnt known, per my choice...please dont ask" I'm not interested in either profile now.

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Guest FirstPlace

Many escorts that use AOL are working under different screen names. Also, some can be found in BB chat rooms on AOL as well using their "other" name. So, always use common sense when having sex with an escort or anyone for that matter.

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Guest gregg15555

I, too, recently noticed Chris was advertising himself in Atlanta as a bareback bottom escort under the new screen name. I chatted with him about my concerns of selling escort services, particularly under his usual screen name, when you didn't know or seem to care of your HIV status. He openly stated he simply wasn't concerned about it or the potentially life-threatening impact it could have upon his paying clients. I would echo the sentiment that this escort is certainly one to be avoided. It also reemphasizes the need for all clients to be careful in their selection of escorts and in the services they receive.

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Guest Atlboy4hyr

I don't frequent these message boards very much, but a friend alerted me today to the fact that I was being flamed. I was just as surprised as anyone else to learn that I was Atlbbbottomscort.


Let me be perfectly clear about two things:

1. I am not Atlbbbottomscot

2. I do not offer my services without the use of a condom


This does explain the recent rash of calls from clients inquiring about bareback services. I was alerted to the fact that someone was online using my name, stats and phone number. I contacted this person and told them to remove my personal information or I would have a TOS violation placed on him with AOL. He has removed my information, but the profile continues to be active and he still haunts the chatrooms. I'm not quite sure what his game is, but I have my suspicions as to who it is.


I recently had a client who came over and was very pushy about wanting bareback services. He had been told no several times and got very pissy with me. (I should also point out that upon closer inspection, he had some strange looking bumps in his genital area). He did not get what he wanted and left here upset. I suspect that this is the some person who posted the warning about me. It wouldn't surprise me as well if he created the second name just so he could post a corroboration. I have never told anyone that I don't care about catching disease or passing along something to a client. As an escort, it is always foremost on my mind.


As the one poster said, assume that everyone is infected and play accordingly. I am just sorry that someone with sour grapes couldn't handle it in a mature manner, but that's his choice. I'll let the satisfaction of my other clients speak for itself.



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RE: Achtung!!


Well his profile has changed a few times these last few days, but he has yet to provide any evidence that his AOL imposter is anyone one other than himself. I guess like all, it is buyer beware and be weary. And Atlanta, let's welcome back Nick!

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Guest gregg15555

I've chatted with "Chris" under both screen names -- the usual "for hire" name as well as the "bareback bottom escort" name. Both persons use the same unusual font and color when chatting. Coincidence? Probably not.

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Guest Atlboy4hyr

Coincidence? If I were trying to impersonate someone, I would do everything I could to make it seems as though I were them. I also noticed this while looking through the rest of this site:


From John, Nashville 7/23/2001




This weekend I was online in Atlanta & I was alerted by a client that someone

else within the SAME chatroom had attached my pic(white tank/yellow trunks)

to his homepage. He called himself a bareback bottom scort in the Midtown

area. Everyone who has spoken to me KNOWS I'm not a bottom nor do I bareback.

I think I've strong armed the goon into deleting his profile. But a WARNING

to AOL chatters in the Atlanta area...there's a con artist in our midst. I

dont want current and potential clients to be ripped off. Thanks y'all.




First this happens to John and then to me? Coincidence? probably not.

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OK all here is the low down. Last weekend I chatted online with "Atlboy4hyr" on AOL. It was on a screen name that exisited long enough for the purpose of this exercise. Mind you I once hired Chris in the past and had a good time. But there was something that set off an alarm. Under this temporary SN we chatted about setting up a date. When I inquired about BB, his reply was to ask about my status. I gave a neg response and then he said BB was okay.


Before posting my original message, I privately e-mailed HooBooy with the exact same info. His advice was this was something best handled in the message center if I was clear of my facts.


There is no doubt in my mind that "Atlboy4hyr" and "atlBBbottomscort" are one and the same. Today there is a new screen name for the same BB escort with a link to the same site.


Guys, this Chris Ryder ain't so smart. His threat to report a violation to AOL is pathetic. We all know how AOL loves to delete escorts! Let him make a report. And we can hope all of his personalities and screen names will be deleted.


Personally, what Chris Ryder wants to do with his life is his business. My encounter was ultra safe. But please, enough of the smoke screens and lies.


Best recommendation. . . avoid all and any. And play safe unless you're out for a dangerous ride.


I'm done!!

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>OK all here is the low

>down. Last weekend I

>chatted online with "Atlboy4hyr" on

>AOL. It was on

>a screen name that exisited

>long enough for the purpose

>of this exercise. Mind

>you I once hired Chris

>in the past and had

>a good time. But

>there was something that set

>off an alarm. Under

>this temporary SN we chatted

>about setting up a date.

> When I inquired about

>BB, his reply was to

>ask about my status.

>I gave a neg response

>and then he said BB

>was okay.


>Before posting my original message, I

>privately e-mailed HooBooy with the

>exact same info. His

>advice was this was something

>best handled in the message

>center if I was clear

>of my facts.


>There is no doubt in my

>mind that "Atlboy4hyr" and "atlBBbottomscort"

>are one and the same.

> Today there is a

>new screen name for the

>same BB escort with a

>link to the same site.



>Guys, this Chris Ryder ain't so

>smart. His threat to

>report a violation to AOL

>is pathetic. We all

>know how AOL loves to

>delete escorts! Let him make

>a report. And

>we can hope all of

>his personalities and screen names

>will be deleted.


>Personally, what Chris Ryder wants to

>do with his life is

>his business. My encounter

>was ultra safe. But

>please, enough of the smoke

>screens and lies.


>Best recommendation. . . avoid all

>and any. And play

>safe unless you're out for

>a dangerous ride.


>I'm done!!



Well, time for the official Beware of Nick report (come on admit it, you guys KNEW I was on the case :)


I wrote to AtlBoy4hyr and inquired about BB sex. I received a very nice response, but the issue of BB was not addressed either way. However, he also sent me some pictures of him, and one is the very same one that the bb escort uses. Diggin into his AOL hometown site (both of them), I discovered that the name Chris is part of the picture used on the bb escort site.


The phone number for both is the same.


And finally, this is posted on the bb profile which I think speaks for itself: [/font]


For those that simply want to create Problems, I offer you the following:

Due to there being so many evil aol members out there, who dont "agree with" Raw or Bareback sex, I can not simply provide a link for you to my website. You will need to ask for it, but please understand that I am cautious and I don't always give it out. Several people on here are creating trouble for me, when in my opinion its none of their Business in the first place. If you don't agree with it, or if you don't like it, THEN DON'T DO IT, but creating problems for others isnt the answer, cause we will always find a way to get back online. GROW UP! and MOVE ON! I don't judge your lifestyle DON'T JUDGE mine! DON'T try to enforce YOUR point of view on ME or any other CONSENTING ADULT! This is the United States of America, We have the RIGHT to CHOOSE. You DON'T have the RIGHT to take that away! Now, GO and do something a little more PRODUCTIVE!


Conclusion? I think there's little doubt that they are one and the same. Either that, or this other person has a hell of a vendetta against Chris. Yeah, that's the ticket! And monkeys might fly out of my ass too! (NO Richard Gere jokes, please)

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Guest gregg15555

I have absolutely no doubt that the two are one and the same. It's scary ... he's scary .... and he should be avoided totally. There are many more healthier choices (i.e., both physically and eomtionally) out there.

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Just an update. . . AtlBBBottomscort no longer exists. It has now been replaced by Atlrawscort. Chris darling (Atlboy4hyr), you continue to blow your cover. Just "buddy list" these names and watch him bounce back and forth. Has anyone ever seen these two in the same place at the same time??? LOL. Guys be aware with this one and everyone you play with.

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Brandon Keadin of Chicago has also advertized in his website as a bareback bottom. The fact that the escort indicates he "doesn't want to know" only means he's not being treated and therefore more likely to have a high viral titer, i.e. be more contagious. Obviously, he must know he's positive unless he's the stupidest person imagineable.

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I am sure glad I don't live in Atlanta. Guilty first, guilty second. Attack the guy first, let him defend later.

Whatever happened to going straight, or forthwith, to the escort first before posting negatively on this board?

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Guest Tampa Yankee

All the caveats about bb practices in mind, which I take to heart... I perfer that those who do bareback be upfront about it like Brandon Keadin. At least one knows what they are getting into and can make an informed, if unwise decision.

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I agree with you completely. It may be an unwise practice, but it is their right. And, like you, I'd rather they be honest about it.


I think it actually takes a bit of courage to say right up front "yes I bareback". Look at all the bashing that happens here over the subject. :-(

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>I agree with you completely. It

>may be an unwise practice,

>but it is their right.

>And, like you, I'd rather

>they be honest about it.



>I think it actually takes a

>bit of courage to say

>right up front "yes I

>bareback". Look at all the

>bashing that happens here over

>the subject. :-(


I really don't think that escorts are advertizing bareback services in order to show how courageous they are. They advertize the service because there's a market for it, and they want to get those $$. They also probably advertize barebacking because they enjoy it. Unfortunately, there are people who may avail themselves of these escorts and be unaware the escort barebacks. An example would be someone who contacts the escort directly from the reviews on this site rather than through the escort's website. I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with the barebacking escort as being a "courageous hero."

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