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Escorts in NYC

Guest Pig
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I will be in NYC soon and am looking for the BIGGEST HOTTEST BIG DICKED TOP ESCORT in the city.


I was born and raised in NYC but have been away for 5 years and am not really in touch with the newest local talent.


Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Guest lavendar

Sorry dude, unfortunately it's not for real. The pic is an altered photo of Torii Cassidy who apparently passed away recently. We know Torii was packin' but the photo is doctored, I've seen the original.

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Guest Fin Fang Foom

>Check out Scott Matthews. Huge dick,

>and hot, hot hot!


If you're going to meet him, you need to remember one thing.


And class, for the benefit of the Scott Matthews newbie, what is that one thing?




All together now...........





Educationally yours,



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Guest scottmatthews

You really need to move on about the hair bit. The problem was not even about the hair. It was about grabbing my head not my hair. I am not going to lower myself to even argue with you about this. My clients know me and that's all that matters.


Again, please save your energy for far more better things, then to take worseless shots at escorts of whom you wish you could be with.





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Guest frequentflyer

Haven't we been over this before? Matt-Excellent Top; Scott Matthews; Frederick; Enzo; Chad Hunt. As for dick size, I don't think Scott can be beat--it was scarily huge, even after he came. Plus, he seems very nice. As for masculinity, Matt is very aggressive and knows how to push all the buttons (or mine at least). Enzo is also very masculine and passionate. Frederick is sweet, handsome, also hung, and seemed to genuinely enjpy topping. Finally, Chad is also huge--not as thick as Scott but perhaps longer. Not as built as the other guys, but knows how to top. Oh, and if he's in town, I've found Max Grand also to be a great top.

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