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  1. You should take advantage of the Escort Reviews feature of this site. Cutler and many other guys you're interested in have been reviewed here, and you can find out what other M4Mers experiences have been with them. Happy hunting! :9
  2. Let us not forget "Sofonda Peters," "Magnolia Thunderpussy," "Myrtle Motormouth," "Anita Iceberg," and that belle of the bayous, "Bessa Mae Moucheaux."
  3. RE: Health Emergency Information - Buenos Aires See the previous posting on Rio for some discussion of insurance issues. If you get sick in Buenos Aires, you can ask your hotel if it has a doctor available on call. Usually they do; be sure to ask for an English-speaking physician. If it's a bigger emergency, your best bet is probably to take a taxi to the emergency department of the German Hospital (Hospital Aleman) on Av. Pueyrredón. The emergency entrance is on the side of the hospital complex, and you'll need to follow signs for "Guardia." There is also a British Hospital (Hospital Británico) but it's a bit farther, in a less convenient part of town. I recently had to use the emergency department of the Hospital Aleman and generally was pleased with the care I got. A list of resources compiled by the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires can be found at http://usembassy.state.gov/posts/ar1/wwwhdoctors.html
  4. RE: Health Emergency Information - Rio Before you travel, check with your health insurance carrier to find out if you're covered abroad. Some U.S. insurers, like Blue Cross or Kaiser, do cover you when you're traveling. Others don't, so you may want to take out a travel health insurance policy before leaving the country. The same applies to non-U.S. travelers. You also may want to consider signing up for emergency medical evacuation insurance. Yours truly is covered by Medjet, at http://www.medjetassistance.com They offer a variety of plans, depending on how much you travel and how long you stay abroad. It's reasonable and provides a lot of peace of mind! In Rio, many people think the best bet for any non-emergency problems is the Rio Health Collective, Banco Nacional building (room 303), Av. das Américas 4430, Barra de Tijuca; a non-profit-making organization, its phone-in service (tel 021/3325-9300 ext. 44) is free, and provides names of qualified professionals who speak foreign languages. Of course, Barra is pretty far out for those staying in Copacabana, but the Health Collective should have names of physicians in Copacabana or Ipanema/Leblon that will be closer to where you're staying. Alternatively, your consulate should have a list of professionals who speak an appropriate language. The U.S. consulate in Rio has such a list available online, although it's a bit difficult to find. Go to http://www.embaixada-americana.org.br, then select the consulate in Rio (or wherever you're located), then "U.S. Citizen Services", then "other services" and finally "list of hospitals/doctors." In case of an emergency, probably your best bet is to take a taxi directly to the Copa d'Or Hospital on r. Figueiredo Magalhães. It's considered one of the best private hospitals in Rio, it has emergency services, and it's closer than other hospitals you'll see listed. Hope you'll never need this information, but better safe than sorry!
  5. This is the place to post information about health emergency resources South of the U.S.A. If you have any information or recommendations, please post here.
  6. trilingual

    Carlo Cox

    As far as I know, he's just visiting London.
  7. RE: Cruising in Rio >Utopia, you obviously haven't been reading the Rio threads where this is frequently >discussed. (Someone even commented that you need to talk to the boy as if he was >your servant because Rio is a class-oriented society!) I guess I missed that posting because I certainly would have had something to say about it! Brazil may not be a racist society, but it is definitely classist (and unfortunately, because of the legacy of slavery, Afro-Brazilians tend to be at the bottom of the economic class list). However, I would NEVER talk to one of the boys in Rio as a servant. (For that matter, I never talk to actual servants that way, either!) The fact that someone comes from a lower economic class, has little formal education, and finds himself earning a living from his looks/endowment doesn't make that person either stupid or undeserving of respect. Sadly, it's true that some Brazilians and foreign visitors treat sauna boys and other sex workers as if they're servants. Needless to say, the quality of the experience they will have is likely to be significantly poorer and more mechanical than if they treat the guys with dignity and respect. Fortunately, most visiting M4Mers have done exactly that, and as their countless threads on the "Escorts South" board illustrate, they've had great experiences and have been treated royally by the Brazilian guys they've met. Whether it's Brazil or anywhere else, you get what you give, and if you treat people badly or condescendingly, you'll get unpleasant treatment in return. Treat people (even those working for you in any capacity) with dignity and respect and you'll get the same, and more, in return.
  8. RE: Mexico - Other Cities If there's a way to split this, I haven't figured it out yet! However, there are only two choices for Mexico: Beach Resorts and Other Cities. Since Mexico City isn't a beach resort it must be an "Other City." If this thread gets very long, I'll check with the more technically proficient moderators to see how to move this into a new topic. OK?
  9. RE: Mexico - Other Cities Wow! Thanks for the excellent information!
  10. Please post info about escorts, hotels, transportation, etc. in other Mexican cities (Mexico, D.F.; Guadalajara, Monterrey, etc.) here.
  11. Woof, indeed. The correct site address is http://www.SamuelHouse.net Check out his Galleries. . .
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