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Kiss N Tell

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There's really no way that anyone will ever be able to explain BillBoy's behavior. He seemed to be everything that anyone would want in an escort. Either he is a very good actor, or there's something very wrong with him. He clearly needs help. I'm been out of school for a very long time, but it suddenly occurred to me that at least one STD causes mental problems. I just did a quick search for "sexually transmitted diseases" and here's what I found:


Syphilis has three stages ... Although extremely rare, tertiary syphilis can appear 3 to 10 years or more after the first and second stages. Symptoms of this stage may include skin lesions, mental deterioration, loss of balance and vision, loss of sensation, shooting pains in the legs, and heart disease.


I'm not saying that BillyBoy has syphilis (or any other STD) but it may explain his very, very strange behavior. I hope that he gets the help that he so obviously needs.

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Guest Bboyagain

MMMM Stephan. Let me shed some real truth on your accusations.


I won't mess with the physical slams you made against me or even talk about your FACE!...I'm not that low like you. I will point out that we did shower, and with a hair thing like I have, it's permanent, does not come off, and I can shower, swim and everything, amazing you didn't know until our second meeting. Hat's off to HCM!!


However, you did offer to give me business for FREE and then backed out. You forgot to tell that one. So obviously you were attracted to me. But your boyfriend didn't like the idea.


And as long as we're being honest, allow me some time to dig through my archives on my computers and come up with the posts I saved from the Private escort forum, and post your REAL views on clients. You see, I saved everything that was in the private forum, up until the last days of my access. You remember your very cutting and cruel words in the Escorts only forum?? On the thread about kissing and clients wanting to be friends? They seem quite contrary to what your website and advertising say.


Give me some time this fine day, I'll find it in my archived files and post it here.


Then We will see who is vindictive.




By the way, for others, saying I used false names at the start of this, NO, Hooboy blocked my real screen names, my domain, and my IP address. I gladly answered to my identity immediately however.

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I really don't even know what this post is about but I suggest that you drop the matter, walk away, and have a cooling off period. Whatever happened is not likely to be rectified with the kind of behavior you are describing...it's just going to prolong the situation.

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Guest Bboyagain

If people are going to slam me, I have a right to tell my side. If you don't want to read it, don't but don't attempt to silence me. Let's see...where was I? OH YES.....




The thread is too long, to post. If anyone wishes a copy, email me at Bboyagain@aol.com. I'll send you the original format.


But by the way, Stephan is one of those escorts that hooboy WILL NOT post a negative review on. Have favors been exchanged? Yes, admittedly by hooboy

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Guest bottomboykk

What did Stephan say in your posted threads that was so bad? As an escort client (tho not yet of Stephan's), I don't see anything at all offensive in what he wrote. He was just reacting to some weird clients out there and his reactions were perfectly normal.


BTW, Billyboy: you've never responded as to why your site is inaccessible anymore without a password, yet there's no way listed as to how to obtain a password.

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Guest jizzdepapi

Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


sharing this private thread on this board is really a load of crap.


to be honest, i get the billyboy pecadillo all mixed up with anthony holloway, kirk/voltaire and a seemingly endless parade of disreputable escorts that i just dismiss in my mind. if they get pissed at that, so be it. i'm glad there are clients that share negative experiences and i always consider them when makeing a date with an escort. i'm also aware that anyone can post a review or a message damaging (or attempting to damage) escorts and i keep that in mind.


however, how an escort interacts with other escorts is another matter. and using a priveleged (sp.?) (from a PRIVATE thread) conversation to further your own end at the expense of your friends/colleagues is a pretty despicable thing to do. luckily, "shop talk" among the escorts, in this instance, revealed maturity and candor in dealing with clients, many of whom, undoubtedly, are fruticakes.


in no instance, did i read a post from an escort which even implied a total disregard for ALL clients, as might have been expected. i thought the banter among escorts about clients was very revealing. in fact, i have much respect for them because of their willingness to judge their clients on the appropriateness of their behavior, ending relationships that have left the realm of business but enjoying others which sometimes combined business and social elements.


sounds mature to me and i'm glad these guys are as sophisticated as they are.


billyboy, sounds like you have way too much time on your hands. get a clue, if not a life!



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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell




Once more I find myself totally agreeing with one of your posts.


Any client who's offended by anything that was said in the "private" thread should wake up and stop hiring escorts. He isn't worthy of them!


And to Mat, Stephan and the others who were quoted behind their backs, please know that there are a lot of us here who genuinely admire your wisdom and maturity. I, for one, wish you guys would feel free to discuss issues like this in the public forums. Perhaps some of the flakes would get the message and take their baggage elsewhere.

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Guest jizzdepapi

RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


Losgatan: :* :*.


by the way, your name, loosely translated, could be interpreted as "the cats". what's up with that?



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Guest Bboyagain

In my haste to post the below, I obviously forgot the more damning of the threads, the one on kissing. Oh, well, I'll keep it to myself.


most of you are all bent. Sean was right, a bunch of desperate queens who need to keep their fantasies in reality. I'm laughing all the way into retirement at those of you who are the losers. And you know who you are. For those who get it, bravo, glad you know the real score.


If I'm mean, vindictive, or just deranged, it's piss off lying and backstabbing queens like Stephan and their attitude and the rest of those who are idiots who make me SEEM that way. But at least I have a life. I try to enlighten clients, because YES, so many of them enlightened me in my days as an escort. Thought I'd return the favor and let them know what is really going on behind their backs. The smart ones who know me, took it and have emailed their support and thanks for the heads up. The rest of you who think I have an axe to grind, won't open up until it's all over. Be dumb, live in your fantasy world.


I don't have to deal with this site or the idiots who believe in its merit. But for me to go away, NO, I like to have my fun too, and If I can be irritating, that's fun. I'll be back in many many forms, as many names, as many IP addresses, with lots of good and fake reviews. With lots of bullshit. After all, being retired does leave me a lot of time on my hands, and the laptop is fun to play with while laying in the sun relaxing. Look for my writing style? NO, I've got a ton of friends helping me laugh.


To those of you I love, Good day and kisses


The rest of you...Ha ha ha......you believe what you need. Dumbasses

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>loosely translated: i'm an asshole and now i'll prove it?


LOL! That was just about exactly my thought. Reminds me of the old toast:


"Here's to you and here's to me, and may we never disagree.

But if by chance we ever do, then here's to me and to hell with you!"

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Guest bottomboykk

And to think I used to believe you were one of the good guys. You fooled a lot of people before, but the real Billy has come to the foreground.


All I can say is: You need help!

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


>And to Mat, Stephan and the

>others who were quoted behind

>their backs, please know that

>there are a lot of

>us here who genuinely admire

>your wisdom and maturity.

>I, for one, wish you

>guys would feel free to

>discuss issues like this in

>the public forums. Perhaps

>some of the flakes would

>get the message and take

>their baggage elsewhere.


Thanks for the feedback! It's funny...although that was a very un-cool (I'm being kind) thing to do, I enjoyed reading my reprinted posts. I'd forgotten all about them. That was over a year ago, and since then, I don't really post in the private section anymore. I don't think Matt does, either. We feel pretty comfortable being ourselves and posting honest & frank messages here (such as the one I recently wrote about people snooping...it was along the lines of my reprinted posts of this morning). I truly feel that one of the best aspects of this website is the ongoing open dialogue between clients and escorts. I continually learn from it, and I am thankful that Hooboy created it while I am in the industry!

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>most of you are all bent.

> Sean was right, a

>bunch of desperate queens who

>need to keep their fantasies

>in reality. I'm laughing

>all the way into retirement

>at those of you who

>are the losers. And

>you know who you are.

> For those who get

>it, bravo, glad you know

>the real score.


>If I'm mean, vindictive, or just

>deranged, it's piss off lying

>and backstabbing queens like Stephan

>and their attitude and the

>rest of those who are

>idiots who make me SEEM

>that way. But at

>least I have a life.

> I try to enlighten

>clients, because YES, so many

>of them enlightened me in

>my days as an escort.

> Thought I'd return the

>favor and let them know

>what is really going on

>behind their backs. The

>smart ones who know me,

>took it and have emailed

>their support and thanks for

>the heads up. The

>rest of you who think

>I have an axe to

>grind, won't open up until

>it's all over. Be

>dumb, live in your fantasy



>I don't have to deal with

>this site or the idiots

>who believe in its merit.

> But for me to

>go away, NO, I like

>to have my fun too,

>and If I can be

>irritating, that's fun. I'll

>be back in many many

>forms, as many names, as

>many IP addresses, with lots

>of good and fake reviews.

> With lots of bullshit.

> After all, being retired

>does leave me a lot

>of time on my hands,

>and the laptop is fun

>to play with while laying

>in the sun relaxing. Look

>for my writing style?

>NO, I've got a ton

>of friends helping me laugh.



>To those of you I love,

>Good day and kisses


>The rest of you...Ha ha ha......you

>believe what you need. Dumbasses



If I was a former client of BillBoy's I would be very, very worried. He's obviously delusional. If he's revealing "truths" about HooBoy and other escorts -- who knows what he's revealing about his clients?

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Guest LG320126

Although I once made an effort to meet you, I now must say that I am very glad I didn't. Get some professional help - I think the escort business has caused you permanent mental anguish.

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell




Speaking as a client, I can also say that I've learned a great deal from this site. Aside from Matt Adam's book (and our own flawed intuitions), there's very little out there that gives us guidance about where the boundaries should be set in escort/client relationships.


So, I echo your thanks to Hooboy for this site -- especially the message center. And I thank you for being so open with us.


(I also apologize for spelling Matt's name with a single 't' in my earlier post.)

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell



To save some grief and complaints, this post is a casual flirtation that had nothing to do with the above posts, nor does it reflect on anything of importance, nor does it change the way the universe operates.

If that is what you are looking for, do not read any further, though I suspect that if you've read this far, you will read it anyways. Just a disclaimer to protect myself from flames and barbs for not being over starched in the underwear dept.


Now ..... the post


Rick I've never heard you sound so..... serious??

stop it you're ruining my impression of you being a big dumb hairy bottom boy: )


*end of post*

Matt (please send your hate mail to the producers of Queer as folk.....now there is something to complain about... oh shit off topic again, and of no socially impacting importance... damn.... will I ever learn? )




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Guest 7Zach

I thought he said he had had a brain tumor last year; if so, anything off in what he is doing/saying is explained. Period.

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


LAST EDITED ON May-13-01 AT 10:16AM (EST)[p]>Rick I've never heard you sound

>so..... serious??


Sadly Matt, BillyBoy's post required a very serious response from Rick. His privacy was violated in a very public manner. BTW, your privacy was violated too. You were one of the escorts whose posts appeared in the thread from Private Escort Forum that BillyBoy copied here. (Fortunately, it was pulled.) I didn't read the thread. I glanced at it and then realized that the thoughts expressed there were none of my business. It was like driving past the scene of an accident. Something made me look and then I very quickly came to my senses. I saw that Rick's name appeared in the thread. Since he's in my address book, I immediately sent him an e-mail. He was therefore able to read the thread before it was pulled. Obviously, he (justifiably) isn't the happiest of campers about the whole thing.

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I don't know you, either, Stephan, but your continuation of insults isn't particularly appealing. Unless you want to further damage your image, I suggest you think before posting. I personally would be leery of hiring either you or Billy after reading these prolonged back-and-forth snipes.

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


I didn't see the posting either. However, my general impression from reading about it is that we all have Mondays no matter what kind of job we do. Nor would the manager at any shop or restaurant want the customers to be able to read what he or his staff say to each other on Monday mornings. You, whoever is reading this, and I are undoubtedly the same way. Big whoopee!

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RE: Stab (or make a weak attempt) and Tell


>stop it you're ruining my impression

>of you being a big

>dumb hairy bottom boy: )


That was last year! I'm now an intelligent top.

(OK, would you believe "a versatile guy of average intelligence"?)

(sorry, just trying to continue the alliterative mode)

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