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Tipping Escorts

Guest conway
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Guest conway

What are your general practices when tipping escorts. I'm curious as to whether I overtip @ $100 per session if its a good one.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

As Justice mentioned tipping has been discussed before. He and I have differing views on this issue (but I love him anyways<g>).


As I posted when this came up in the past, since escorting is a serivce idustry, you genrally don't tip the owner if he serves you. The analogy I used was a hair salon. If you are served by an employee who is making min wage, then of course tip as you see fit. However if you are being served by the owner, then no.


Essentially, if you use an agency, then you mightwant to tip the gentleman for good service. If you set something up directly, while you of course tip if you want, I don't think it is needed. Especially when this is a cash business.

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>Tipping is so vulgar. Why not

>just do as your mother

>taught you and send him

>a nice thank you note?



I agree. The best way to show an escort how much you appreciated his efforts is to rehire him. I've only tipped once, and that was because I felt the guy was seriously undercharging because he was new and needed the business. Letting him know how much you appreciated his skills via an e-mail and/or a nice review on this site will also be greatly appreciated. In the case of repeat hires, the escort would probably be flattered by a thoughtful gift (maybe even flowers?). Any escorts have any experience receiving gifts?


Most escorts make at least adequate money from the fee. They are not minimum wage workers whose income depends on tips (i.e. waiters). I remember dating a waiter once, who told me that busboys expect a donation from waiter (i.e. a share of the tips), so if one didn't tip the waiter, he actually lost money serving the customer. So I concur that if the escort did a good job, there are more thoughtful and less vulgar ways to show appreciation...

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Guest Rastignac

This is clearly a question of individual preference, but I think Justice has it right. I tip when I have had a particularly good time, and the escorts have been very appreciative. If an escort considers tipping vulgar, he can always decline it, or ask the client to save the gratuity for the next session.

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Guest albinorat


>remember dating a waiter once,

>who told me that busboys

>expect a donation from waiter

>(i.e. a share of the

>tips), so if one didn't

>tip the waiter, he actually

>lost money serving the customer.


In many restaurants waiters also bribe the host or hostess to make sure he/she keeps their sections full. (Or if the host/ess keeps a section full s/he expects a slice of the tips.) Even so in a higher end place a waiter can earn a fair amount -- but running around with plates and dealing with customer 'tude for 8 hours 6 days a week -- is a lot more work than an escort does and a lot less pleasure.


This topic is a hearty perennial here. I don't know why. Most escorts in NY over-charge. Period. If they do a very good job they've earned their high fee. Not all do very good jobs (some are good, some adequate, some only so-so despite rave reviews -- that old black magic called chemistry). "Not quite" is no reason to not pay or pan them in a review but it certainly is no reason to tip.


Sure, if an escort goes beyond the call of duty, you tip (you've got a "weird scene" and he obliges with panache). If he's from an agency and gives you a great time (particularly if he's improvising since too often they haven't described you or what you're into) you tip -- he won't keep the entire fee. Otherwise, cash, respecting the hour limit, kiss goodbye and maybe re-hire or referral to interested friends is enough 90% of the time, in my opinion.




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Guest fedssocr

I have never felt the need to tip an escort until the last boy I saw. I always felt like the fee was more than enough for our hour together. This last escort though was an agency boy whom the agency arranged for me at a substantial discount ($50 off their normal $200 fee) because of a little snafu on their part, which I frankly thought was much more than generous considering the circumstances. So, in any event I'm sure the escort was collecting his normal fee while the agency was taking the $50 out of their portion. In the end I had such an incredibly fun time with this guy that I decided to tip him most of the difference between the regular fee and the discount. I am certain that I will see him again, but don't know that I will necessarily tip him on that occasion since I will be paying the regular fare at that point.

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>This is clearly a question of

>individual preference, but I think

>Justice has it right.

>I tip when I have

>had a particularly good time,

>and the escorts have been

>very appreciative. If an

>escort considers tipping vulgar, he

>can always decline it, or

>ask the client to save

>the gratuity for the next



Well, obviously an escort is not going to refuse a tip just because it's vulgar. Refusing the tip would only compound the vulgarity of the action by highlighting it. I remember one of my first travels abroad, when I was 21. There's a family tradition that any child who holds off on smoking until he's 21 gets a trip to wherever he choses. Well, I went to Japan on a home exchange program, although I did spend a few nights at a nice hotel in Tokyo.


The bellboy carried my suitcase from registration to the room, and I tipped him the equivalent of a dollar at the time, which I believe was 100 Yen. The guy couldn't refuse, but I'll never forget the look of horror on his face. I quickly read up, belatedly, on local customs, and I've never traveled to foreign countries again without first reading up on local customs.


I honestly believe that, in general, most escorts (deep down) would think that a client who tips him is a bit of a dumb shmuck, especially if the tip amount were large. This doesn't mean they wouldn't enjoy receiving the tip, or that they would refuse it. However, I think that most would be more flattered by a heartfelt compliment ("That was so incredible. You were really fantastic!"), a nice review, and some repeat business. You don't thank your plumber, who also makes big $$ per job, with a tip, would you? You thank him with your referrals and your repeat hires.

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Guest EvilSwine

Umm...when I go to the barber(NO...I don't have a stylist, I have a BARBER), if the owner of the shop cuts my hair, I feel no obligation to tip, since he is the one who owns the business and is making all the money. I was always taught you don't tip the owner, only the minions. It would be like going to a restaurant and tipping the owner. How many people do that? I can see tipping an escort if he's just an employee, but most of the escorts are self-employed and keep all of their fees. There's a difference when someone is just an employee of a service.


But...then...if you really feel a non-service escort did a good job, I suppose there's nothing wrong with giving them some sort of non-cash gift.

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Guest conway

Thanks for all the input. Generally I only tip when working through an agency (Premier comes to mind where the incall accomodations are nice and the price is inexpensive). It's good to hear all of your opinions.

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Guest loverboy

>their portion. In the end

>I had such an incredibly

>fun time with this guy

>that I decided to tip

>him most of the difference

>between the regular fee and

>the discount. I am certain

>that I will see him

>again, but don't know that

>I will necessarily tip him

>on that occasion since I

>will be paying the regular

>fare at that point.


The problem with that is that, having tipped him the first time, you have created an expectation. If you see him again and don't tip him he may be miffed and may think that you didn't like his service that time, which is what withholding a tip usually means. I would think that, whichever practice one follows on tipping, it is better to be consistent. Except maybe in a case where it is clear that the escort has gone well out of his way, for example, staying a significant amount of extra time, doing something beyond the normal arrangement, and the like.

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Guest fedssocr

I guess I'll find out in a couple of days. Actually with this guy I don't expect he will be "miffed". Especially when I make it clear that I intend to see him on a regular basis. We seemed to really hit it off chemistry wise which doesn't happen all the time. So I expect to see him relatively often.

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Guest Topmaul

I worry about this too, but, Guys! Is this really so hard?


My rules are:


1) Tip what you can, or as much as you feel comfortable with;

2) Tip when someone has done something special or extra-ordinary for you, and you really want to see him again;

3) Never feel pressured to tip anything when someone has given you substandard service.


On the other hand, I just hope escorts realize that not everyone is Bill Gates (who, I understand, used to hire very expensive female escorts before he got hitched a few years ago...).


I went home with a bar dancer who was very sweet & new to the business. I too gave him a $100 tip. He looked at the tip and at me at said, "Are you sure you really want to do that?" I knew right then that I did.

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Guest andreas



I have just one request. If you decide to change your policy on giving $100 tips, please do so after you hire me:-)

Unless you plan on giving higher tips. Then by all means, tip away.


-Andreas Mikeals



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Guest fedssocr

I actually already did write a review... Dean in DC.


I just saw him again tonight and it was just as much fun as the first time. He either really enjoys himself too or he's a hell of an actor. :-)


I did not tip him this time, but we did discuss "the next time" already and he said he'd "clear his schedule" for me.


He's a real sweetheart. If you like affectionate, slim boys he's one of the best I've ever found.

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Guest cp8036

As for independants, I would not tip. Agency guy, maybe, but never tried one from an agency.


I am sure they know the going rates. Good escorts command higher prices, thus should give better service. One begets the other. The escort should have factored in a tip. If you charge $150, and hope to get lots of $50 tips, then prove you are good over time, and raise rates to $200. I am sure $300+ escorts dont expect tips. If a client tips someone at that level, then he has lots of extra cash.



If he asks for money up front, for sure no tip.


In most cases these guys make more per hour then clients. Not an entirely valid comparison, but we are not talking about waiters that work soley for tips, or the pizza delivery boy. I find it odd that a tip is expected after you give someone $200 for hour or so of his time/service. While the time for escort may not have his hottest erotic moment, most times are probably bearable or even enjoyable. If a trick is really that bad and gross, and you cannot pull off the job professionally, surely you wont get a tip. Just be glad he leaves in 60 mins.


Only once in handfull of times hiring did I tip... But was one week following the date, with gift certificate via mail. He messed on the time of date/bad cell phone, but then offered later that night for reduced rate. He was very good (so reviewed on this site).. the hour went much longer with no mentioned of extra money for extra time, offered a shower afterwards, and contacted me next day via IM to say was nice time/nice guy.

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Guest Rastignac

I've followed this thread with interest. I never really considered the difference between working for an agency and conducting business as an independant contractor, and I understand the position of those who will not tip the independent contractors.


I've only "contracted" with three guys, all of whom were great. (Lucky me.) I tipped each one at least $50 and will continue to do so as long as their respective performances merit. (I plan to be a regular with each of them.)


However, all three only travel to NYC on occasion. I may decide to retain a local fellow as an auxiliary, and if I do, I think I'll restrain myself with the tip, at least until it's clear that I want it to be a regular arrangement.

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I think tipping escorts is a good thing if you plan on continuing to see the escort and you want the best times and sometimes the best service.


I am a bit out of shape but I work out everyday now and I am very clean and prepared for the escorts I hire.


If your escort is extremely expensive you may want to evaluate tipping. I once had an escort who billed at $350.00 an hour! His service was awesome so was his look. I tipped him because our 1 hour meeting went over into 2 1/2 hours without any expectation of additional money. Granted I didn't go overboard and tip equal to the 2 1/2 hour fee that would have been charged but I did let the escort know that when I was looking for a great time and had extra money I would call him.


Needless to say I e-mailed him 1 time and said thank you and told him I would of hired him again but he was a little pricey for my upcoming trip he immediately reduced his rate by $100.00 since I was cordial with him. I had a great time again!


So sometimes a little tipping and civility goes a long way! Being an escort has to be hard. In most cases the client lacks something that is causing him to hire an escort whether it be looks or social graces. An escort has to deal with both of these. I have guys who are out of shape and would never get with someone their size but expect an escort to without showing any rejection.


One last thing we didn't even talk about the associated risk with being an escort like diseases and dangerous encounters with fanatical clients. Not to mention some of the raunchy men out their. I am not saying the audience here is like that just know that there are people like that who I hate to say it are just plane nasty!


Tip away when you have something good! A tip doesn't always have to be cash it could be a service or something like gift certificates somewhere. Maybe even a favorite article of clothing you would like to help them shed on your next encounter.


Have fun and Happy Hiring!

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Guest cp8036

Sounds like a good find. And he was very generous too... he sure deserved a tip for the extras.


Perhaps many guys hire because they lack something...looks..or social grace.


But, sure are some guys that are nice looking; decent mind; and fun, but hire escorts for a fling outside their normal life. No strings sex can be good.


There was an article in OUT Magazine month ago or so about hot good looking men hire escorts. They do for convenience and added thrill.

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Guest Italotraveler

I've tipped escorts, but only when they have done one of the following: a) met or exceeded all expectations as discussed prior to the meeting b) been so hot, I wanted them to know how much I appreciated them and wanted to see them again c) did something special for me, ie, one escort once bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate my birthday d) don't charge more than $200 even if they only see one client a day...I could live pretty comfortably on $5600/mo. tax free!


One time, an escort who charged $220 and was rushed, not into it, cold and didn't even meet the expectations we talked about actually said, "What, no tip?" I looked at him and said, "Yeah, here's your tip: next time you deal with a client, be honest and upfront, smile and at least act like your happy to be with him...that's the least you could do for $220 an hour."


I guess you can say I tip with discretion and only when completely satisfied.

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