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Sex or Erudition

Guest DickHo
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Guest DickHo

On the Travis Wade thread there's talk about his education or lack of. Let's do a quick poll: how many of us hire an escort based on their sexual abilities and how many us hire an escort based on their education and scholarhsip?


Me? Sexual abilities only.

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Guest JustANametoPlay

Again, this is one of those issues that comes down to a personal preference. I agree that the physical aspect is the biggest factor, but for me personality and brains play a part.


There is a guy that works out at my gym that is just incredible. I love going to work out and seeing this eye candy (hey if I have to work out might as well enjoy some aspect of it). But I have to tell you, that after seeing him for a few months, and having many a fantasy, I recently heard him speak. He is the most high pitched annoying voice I have ever heard. Now would this stop me from having sex with him, doubtful. but it does temper the fantasy to a degree.


There is a big differnce between intelligence and education. There are many intelligent folks that for whatever reason have no education and may not have what some call "smarts" Doesn't mean they aren't intelligent just that they may not have been able to go to college or whatever.

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Guest DickHo

>There is a big differnce between

>intelligence and education. There

>are many intelligent folks that

>for whatever reason have no

>education and may not have

>what some call "smarts"

>Doesn't mean they aren't intelligent

>just that they may not

>have been able to go

>to college or whatever.


To clarify, I'm not talking about intelligence. I'm talking about education. I do prefer them intelligent but it's not a prerequisite.

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Guest EvilSwine

I think they should be able to use calculus to figure the delta v of their ejaculate as it heads for the upholstery on my couch.heh heh...

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Guest Fin Fang Foom


>on an eight year old's

>cock with a bald eagle

>is such a great turn-on.

>And talk about tight.



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LAST EDITED ON Apr-19-01 AT 10:39PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Apr-19-01 AT 10:37 PM (EST)


Looks, education and what he's into are some of the things that float my boat, but personality is actually my number one reason for hiring someone. (I can tell an awful lot about someone that I have my eye on from the way that he responds to my e-mails. ;-))

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I don't specifically look for formal education, but the

overall alertness of a person makes a difference to me.


If a rentboy is on the dim side, hiring him leaves

me feeling "why did I pay money to be with _him_ ???"

--unless, of course, he was a reeeeeeally good fuck.

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Guest bottomboykk

I am unlikely to hire an escort who comes across as uneducated. Even if he's extremely hot looking, I tend to get turned off if he can't seem to put a sentence together or spell correctly. I won't completely write off such a person, but the other factors (e.g., sex appeal and personality) must be even stronger to overcome the (seeming) lack of education and/or intelligence.

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Guest Merlin

His body and physical attributes are all important. Face less than body. Education irrelevant. Intelligence as well. There is something appealing about a big dumb jock. I usually feel that if he has a great body I can find some way to have fun with him.

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Sex is what I am hiring escorts primarily for. Now I am not

saying that other factor enter into my hiring choices. Body is

nice, a great conversationalist is great, someone with a

creative mind can be a plus, but sex is sex. The best sex I

had with an escort not at all my physical type.


As for Charlie comment, few people still learn Greek or Latin,

but give me a formerly repressed, Catholic boy who was forced to

take Latin, dressed up like Russell Crowe in gladiator yelling,

"Fella mentulam meam, catamite." I may forgive his lack of


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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Apr-22-01 AT 10:36AM (EST)[p]Evil,


For your trajectory problem an impulse model will suffice only requiring algebra and a little analytical geometry.


An alternative -- someone with a good Home-EC background who knows how to spread those sheets and make those corners tight.


So your pool (or is it pools) of prospects just became larger... the union of these two sets should keep you in tall clover.



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