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anthony holloway from mass.

Guest loverboy06239
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Guest loverboy06239

last tuesday march 19th had me western union 400.00 to him for two hours on the following night,never showed and says he doesn't know what i am talking about,i have verified he did pick up the money the same day,what to do from here?

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Guest Esc_Tracker

You wired money to Anthony Holloway????


I take it you had not bothered to read his reviews. Sorry, Loverboy, you just gave AH a $400 gift. It hurts, but this is why we write (and read) reviews. Time for you to write up your own tale of woe and add it to the litany. Frankly, I don't get it. He is midling cute, but not *that* cute. How a sociopath like him can manage to sucker guys time after time without even changing his name escapes me.


The lesson here is never to pay more than travel expenses in advance, preferably in non refundable form.



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Guest JustANametoPlay

I have never used Western Union, however I did work at a bank many moons ago. I would think that Western Union would have some verifcation of who picked up the money (if it was picked up) and the person who picked it up would I'm sure have to sign and show id.


I would talk to them and see if they can provide you this info and then sue his ass!

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LAST EDITED ON Mar-30-01 AT 11:34PM (EST)[p]OUCH!!! $400 is a lot of money. Part of me says that you should call the cops. Another part of me so that you may have to chaulk this up to a very unfortunate learning experience. (I.E, READ the reviews and NEVER pay for ANYTHING except for travel expenses in advance.) If you do call the cops (or get Western Union to launch some sort of an investigation) you may be forced to explain WHY you sent a total stranger $400. Unless you choose your words VERY carefully YOU could wind up facing prostitution charges. (Especially if you call the cops!) x( :o :'(

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Guest Consultant_online

That was a pretty expensive lesson, I'm afraid.


The others have given you good advice: never send anything in advance except travel costs or a non-cashable ticket. Even then, I would probably not do that for a first meeting with an out of town escort unless I had carefully checked his reviews on this site and had several phone conversations to get a sense of him as a person.


With regard to Western Union, you forgot to mention that sending the $400 cost you, what, another $40 or $50 dollars? WU is not cheap. They do keep records of what ID was used on the pickup, I'm pretty sure, so you might be able to get something there, assuming he did not use a fake ID of some kind.


One other note for the future: consider using Paypal (http://www.paypal.com) rather than WU in future. Much cheaper to use, but you have to allow about a week to get the account set up properly.



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Guest Traveler

>last tuesday march 19th had me

>western union 400.00 to him

>for two hours on the

>following night,never showed and says

>he doesn't know what i

>am talking about,i have verified

>he did pick up the

>money the same day,what to

>do from here?



Is this for real? So do you log onto this site in order not to read the reviews? Or did you think those people writing the negative reviews were making things up? You can probably get him prosecuted for mail fraud (or is there such a thing as e-mail fraud?), if you think it's worth it. Don't expect to see your money again, though.


This episode reminds me of a scene with Steve Martin in the movie "The Man With Two Brains." He asks the portrait of his deceased wife to give him a "sign" if he shouldn't marry this woman he's been dating. The picture on the mantlepiece rotates 360 degrees ten times, the lights go out, and Steve Martin gets struck by lightning. Steve Martin then says "Just give me a sign, any sign!"

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>You can probably get him


>for mail fraud (or is

>there such a thing as

>e-mail fraud?), if you think

>it's worth it.



Unfortunately, any attempt to follow-up on this is going to require a reason for sending $400 to a total stranger. That's not going to be easy and could have some not so pleasant consequences. :-(

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Guest Kenny

"Unfortunately, any attempt to follow-up on this is going to require a reason for sending $400 to a total stranger. That's not going to be easy and could have some not so pleasant consequences."


The above appears to be VERY TRUE. HOWEVER, it doesn't mean that you just forget about it. Frankly, you SHOULD HAVE read all that has been said about the dear boy before ever sending him a penny. However, it's too late for that now. Perhaps a word to him that indeed you have verification from Western Union that he did pick up the money and that you expect a return of the whole amount immediately. Further state that if it is not returned promptly, you will get TONY SOPRANO to collect it. Then wait a few days and, if no return of the money, get a friend who is a good enough actor to be believable call the little bastard and put the fear of god into him. He could pretend to be Tony Soprano OR the chief of police of your town.

All of this may not get your money back BUT it could give you some sense of satisfaction in knowing that you TRIED something,and perhaps, just perhaps, deter him from doing it to someone else. Furthermore, try to get the publicity out on this Holloway guy.....this site is a good place for this.....write a review and ask HooBoy to post it IMMEDIATELY. This is what this website is all about and I do feel an exception to the rule of waiting days or weeks for reviews to be posted is in order here.

Also, perhaps HooBoy could contact Holloway and make him aware that THE HOLE FUCKIN WORLD is on to him and that it would benefit his HEALTH to return the money.

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Guest Esc_Tracker

Unfortunately, Kenny, it is pretty clear that AH reads (and even participates on) the message board. As such, he is now or probably soon will be aware of this cunning plan.


It might have been better if you had mailed it privately. ;-)


In any case, it is also clear that the world *isn't* on to him, else he wouldn't still be successfully scamming "clients".


If AH put half as much effort into giving clients a good time as he does fleecing them, he would be a rich young man. But then I suppose this is how he gets his kicks. :-(



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>All of this may not get

>your money back BUT it

>could give you some sense

>of satisfaction in knowing that

>you TRIED something,and perhaps, just

>perhaps, deter him from doing

>it to someone else. Furthermore,

>try to get the publicity

>out on this Holloway guy.....this

>site is a good place

>for this.....write a review and

>ask HooBoy to post it

>IMMEDIATELY. This is what

>this website is all about

>and I do feel an

>exception to the rule of

>waiting days or weeks for

>reviews to be posted is

>in order here.

>Also, perhaps HooBoy could contact Holloway

>and make him aware that


>on to him and that

>it would benefit his HEALTH

>to return the money.


Anthony Holloway does not scare easily or he wouldn't be doing this. He's been suspected of writing his own favorable reviews and of posting on this Board, but I suspect that doesn't care what people think of him. The favorable reviews and posts are his attempt to get people to give him the benefit of the doubt. His ploy obviously works or we wouldn't keep having threads like this. I suspect that he's straight and that he gets his jollies by ripping off gay men. It's really a form of gay bashing and it PISSES ME OFF!!! Unfortunately, he's going to continue to get away with it unless and until one of the people that he rips off risks a prostitution arrest by going to the cops. Since very few people are willing to do that, the best that we can hope for is that people wake up and smell the coffee and stop trying to hire him.

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Guest Traveler

>>You can probably get him


>>for mail fraud (or is

>>there such a thing as

>>e-mail fraud?), if you think

>>it's worth it.



>Unfortunately, any attempt to follow-up on

>this is going to require

>a reason for sending $400

>to a total stranger. That's

>not going to be easy

>and could have some not

>so pleasant consequences. :-(



It's not illegal to hire an escort. The operative phrase is that you're hiring for companionship. There's no need to confess to any illegal activity which never happened, i.e. stating "He was going to have sex with me for $400." All the original poster would have to say was "He agreed to escort me for $400, but took my money." If this happened across state lines, the feds would be involved (i.e. postal inspector). It would certainly put him on notice. It might even make him less likely to try it in the future (i.e. having a prior record, even if just of a complaint).

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>It's not illegal to hire an

>escort. The operative phrase

>is that you're hiring for

>companionship. There's no need

>to confess to any illegal

>activity which never happened, i.e.

>stating "He was going to

>have sex with me for

>$400." All the original

>poster would have to say

>was "He agreed to escort

>me for $400, but took

>my money." If this

>happened across state lines, the

>feds would be involved (i.e.

>postal inspector). It would

>certainly put him on notice.

> It might even make

>him less likely to try

>it in the future (i.e.

>having a prior record, even

>if just of a complaint).



Good point! Let's hope that the original poster is out and that there's no incriminating e-mails. (It would be awful if there's an e-mail which describes their plans.) There's bound to be some negative publicity -- the newspapers could have a field day with something like this -- but this is one way of finally putting a stop to Mr. Holloway.

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I suspect

>that he's straight and that

>he gets his jollies by

>ripping off gay men. It's

>really a form of gay

>bashing and it PISSES ME

>OFF!!! Unfortunately, he's going to

>continue to get away with

>it unless and until one

>of the people that he

>rips off risks a prostitution

>arrest by going to the

>cops. Since very few people

>are willing to do that,

>the best that we can

>hope for is that people

>wake up and smell the

>coffee and stop trying to

>hire him.


Glad someone gets why I have kept after Peter/nick for so long!!


Guys, I have Anthony Holloway's real name and address and telephone number if anyone is interested. The address and # may or may not be current, but it's amazing what you can find out about someone :o). I can also tell you how to research further if you are interested.


I won't post it here since that is against the rules, but you can e-mail me at BewareofPeter@hotmail.com

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LAST EDITED ON Apr-01-01 AT 12:39PM (EST)[p]Beware,

You're quite right that "it's amazing what you can find out about someone" especially with all the public record sites online.


Rather that cause this guy physical harm, my thought would be to gather all the information available and create flyers with his pictures on them. The flyers would state that he has stolen $xxx ripping guys off while working as a male hustler. Information would include:

- his alias(es)

- his real name, if available as you mention and you're certan it's his name, would be great to include

- his address (current, if possible, but even an old one would be better than nothing)

- his two AOL screen names: MassStudXXX and AnthonyHolloway1

- any phone or pager numbers

- links to his website

- links to his online pics


Drop a couple hundred of these in New Bedford, the Cape or eastern Mass (or one of this board's Boston readers could do it). He doesn't live in a vacuum. The checkout lady at the supermarket might even recognize him.



Oh, and BTW, I know I'd seen your "friend" Nick's pic (the b&w one, seated, I believe with a towel over his crotch) in the Advocate back around 1989 or so....

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Guest Daddy-In-Training



I've taken the liberty of deleting that last two replies. While I'm sure that they were expressed with the best of intentions and in the spirit of the moment (At least I hope they were).


The problem is that they crossed the line and advocated breaking the law. I can not allow that. If you feel the need to continue in that vein, please take them to a private forum.


My heart goes out to the original poster, I completely understand his feelings, as I've been their before.


<Evil Grin> on the other hand, if you want discuss methods of dealing with the cretin that are legitimate, I'm sure I can come up with a couple of dozies! Do remember that Daddy's a Scorpio!


-- Daddy

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As has already been expressed once, guys, there is a chance that this poster was just jerking our chain. May I suggest that we might not only want to calm down a little and keep it legal, we might also want to wait for another bit of input from the original poster before we bother taking him seriously at all?

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I have heard from the poster. I sent back an e-mail to him asking to tell me what name he sent the $400 to. I know Anthony's real name, so i want to see if he is for real. I also received an e-mail from a Dick Wilton (Dickinct@hotmail.com.



I agree whole heartedly that this needs to be done on the up and up. I have utilized all legal means in obtaining my information about this little con.

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Guest jizzdepapi

not sure i get this one but it is interesting (any lawyers out there?). an unsuspecting john advanced money to an escort and the escort was a no-show. obviously, there was no bill of sale or legal document of any kind with signatures drawn up. i think that, as far as the law is concerned, there is no obligation for the escort to do anything--it hasn't been stipulated in any binding fashion. i think this is the same kind of situation as when wedding plans are drawn up, then broken--who keeps the ring? or if a business plan goes awry, can someone submit bills for luncheons and travel expenses?


am i right?


why is this guy so damn attractive :9? i've thought about setting something up with him and wish there was a way to ensure i wouldn't get ripped off. guess i'll save him for my dreams only.


anyway, thanks to guys who are monitoring creeps like him. if he wasn't participating in this board, i might suggest that guys in the cape area set up bogus appointments with him; if he wants a home phone, give out a cell, he'll never know :7 --maybe he'll tire of targeting gay johns and find a different illegitimate line of work. i know everyone can't do this but if some could ;-)

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Yes, we do not want young Mr. Holloway prettiness damaged in any way. He needs to be as desirable as possible so that in jail, he will be married to a big 400lb guy named Bubba his first day there. (And yes, Anthony will indeed be the bride!)


I heard back from our original poster today and the name he gave me that Anthony used is Anthony's real name. I have provided him with all the info I have on our little con artist stud and the info to pursue it even further if needed.

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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

>Guys, I have Anthony Holloway's real

>name and address and telephone

>number if anyone is interested.

> The address and #

>may or may not be

>current, but it's amazing what

>you can find out about

>someone :o). I can

>also tell you how to

>research further if you are



>I won't post it here since

>that is against the rules,

>but you can e-mail me

>at BewareofPeter@hotmail.com


I do also have some very very good information about Miss AH

If you need info, email me.

Take care

Stephan Lacoste




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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

>Yes, we do not want young

>Mr. Holloway prettiness damaged in

>any way. He needs

>to be as desirable as

>possible so that in jail,

>he will be married to

>a big 400lb guy named

>Bubba his first day there.

> (And yes, Anthony will

>indeed be the bride!)


>I heard back from our original

>poster today and the name

>he gave me that Anthony

>used is Anthony's real name.

> I have provided him

>with all the info I

>have on our little con

>artist stud and the info

>to pursue it even further

>if needed.


I love that little story. I can imagine very well Miss AH being the bride. And I bet he will take care of Daddy Bubba.


Seriously I can't believe it, It will never stop....

There is a way to catch him on action and don't understand why he did not get caught already by a client very angry. If people are that much pissed because he ripped them off, they will do their possible to get a revange isn't ? Or it is not that much important to them. Believe me, If I was the one who got screwed up, I will have got already my revange by having Miss AH on his knew trying to apologize for what he has done. Just imagine the rest :)


Stephan Lacoste




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Guest pickwick

>not sure i get this one

>but it is interesting (any

>lawyers out there?). an unsuspecting

>john advanced money to an

>escort and the escort was

>a no-show. obviously, there was

>no bill of sale or

>legal document of any kind

>with signatures drawn up. i

>think that, as far as

>the law is concerned, there

>is no obligation for the

>escort to do anything--it hasn't

>been stipulated in any binding

>fashion. i think this is

>the same kind of situation

>as when wedding plans are

>drawn up, then broken--who keeps

>the ring? or if a

>business plan goes awry, can

>someone submit bills for luncheons

>and travel expenses?


>am i right?




No, you're not right. The law does provide a method for recovering money paid to someone who does nothing in return even though no written contract exists. The problem is that the person seeking to recover has to explain why the money was paid. That would be hard to do without revealing that AH advertises as an escort. Hiring an escort isn't illegal per se, but the issue would be, what was he paid $400 to do? No one who looks at the ads on Escorts4you.com is going to be stupid enough to believe that he wasn't paid for sex. The only place where judges and juries commonly accept arguments that are absurd and counter-intuitive is on television.


The author might want to think about calling the tip line that IRS maintains to report tax cheats.

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Guest owlman



Tell me if I am wrong.


If You do not mind doing a little bit of work, I think You have to attack his advertising sources.


Send a copy of this site and threads to wherever he advertise...

(Web site, newspaper, magazine)


No one wish to promote a potential problem case or law suit. Especially after You advice them the risk that AH represent to their readers.


Hope this can be a useful approach.



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