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Escorts in Philadelphia

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Guest alanm

The escort scene in Philly is dominated by Premier, there really are no hustler bars. Premier has a well deserved very, very good rep. Their price is low and their escorts are good, often look better than the picture. There is yet another rave review of Leo posted today (Friday). It is unusual for a relatively new escort to get 10 reviews so quickly. HAS ANUONE OUT THERE HIRED HIM?


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Premier may be Hertz in Phila., but don't overlook Paramount, which is Avis. Paramount has fewer choices and has a slightly more downmarket in-locale, but the owner Louis cares about his customers, and I would certainly recommend Bobby there (see his reviews). The gay paper PGN carries ads for independent escorts, but I can't honestly recommend any of them (and I'd be careful about "Joey" and "Eddie").

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Hi there,


Guys, I don't mean to toot my own horn, and I hope I am not perceived as being conceited, but I have been living 20 minutes from Philadelphia (just a regular Philly suburb) for years and I am an independent escort with great reviews - check this site out for me in the New Jersey section). Just wanted to say that escort agencies are not everything!






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When in Philly I always use Premier. Michael and Tony are great guys and have always been very good to me and made sure that I was happy. I can recomend highly Tyler, Brandon and Brent. I found Leo less than satisfying but maybe it was just a bad day.

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Guest michael116

I realize I am a few weeks getting in on this conversation, but when I saw someone recommend Paramount I had to be heard. There is abslolutley no comparison between Premiere and Paramount. They are as different as Cartiers and some guy selling stolen gold chains on the street.


The looks and quality of the escorts at Premiere are far superior to anything Paramount could hope to come close to. You are one step up from a street hustler with the guys at Paramount. I used Paramont once. This overweight under talented guy arrives and Louis from paramount is continually ringing my phone as if the visit was in a cab and he was the taxi meter. Finally the escort told me the money he earned with me was their dinner money. Talk about a fly by night operation. Louis has none of the finese, vocabulary or even just plaine phone skills of anyone at Premier.


Michael, Tony, Tin, Nathan will work with you to make sure the escort who arrives best matches your desires. My one experince with Paramount produced the blue light schedule. or should I say blue plate!!


As far a Premiere escorts go by way of recommnedation, it all depends on what you are looking for. They have a wide variety of escorts ble to cater to a good many interests. Best to work with them.


Some of my favorites are Justin, Jimmy, and Rick. Marco has attitude you could cut with a knife and Toby, while a beautiful boy, needs an attitude adjustment. Leo is great looking and has a very fine mind. BUT HE HAS SO MANY LIMITATIONS THEY SHOULD LIST HIM A "BUBBLEBOY" He doesn't kiss, he sucks while you wear a condom. I am not a bottom was not interested in him topping me. Nice guy if you like the safest sex you have ever had.

Brent smells of cigarettes and is always trying to get the client to call him directly, thus bypassing Premeire and their cut of the action. If that doesn't work he talks about this soft S&M video he made with Jason. This kid should pursue a Marketing and Sales career.


Good luck!!

Its like the old saying tells us, You get what you pay for. I'd rather go without than use Paramount. Move on up doll!!

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