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Agency or Independent Escort?

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Okay guys tell me which is better and why? I tend to shy away from agencies in favor of Independent escorts, am I wrong or way off base? I would much rater pay the escort and arrange it all than pay an agency. Don't get me wrong, there are GREAT agencies out there I just am not sure. Wouldn't the escort do better on his own? Any ideas or sugestions?


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I too prefer to deal directly.


But. I've had a horrible time lately making arrangements

in Los Angeles (where I travel to every so often). There

are a ton of flaky escorts there. If there were a good

agency in Los Angeles I would consider it, for the time

and trouble it would save.

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I've had limited dealings with agencies, but in each case, the experience was a good one as far as who I met. I agree entirely about the price, I'd rather that my money go directly to the escort who kept me smiling as opposed to the agency. However, I think that there are some advantages to dealing with agencies, particularly outside your local market. As long as you deal with a reputable agency, (I've dealt with Maximum in NYC and Escorting Pleasure (escortingpleasur@aol.com)in Las Vegas with good results; I'm definitely interested in Campus in NYC and Premier in Philly, I'm sure I'm leaving some out) they will find you what you're looking for and protect you from the ripoffs that are out there (and there are a lot of them out there).


Given a choice, I'd go with a safe independent who had a good reputation, but if I was unsure of the quality of an escort, I think I'd go with a good agency guy before risking a bad experience with an unknown independent.

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The first time I was with an escort, I called an agency. After all, I didn't really know how to go about setting it all up; and of course I hadn't yet discovered this site. I'm glad I did it that way. The man I talked to was very helpful and made several suggestions. The escort he sent over was a graduate student who was moonlighting; I enjoyed being with him because he was, well, not exactly an amateur but not a full-fledged professional, either. He was sweet and well-mannered, as well as extremely sexy. After that, I had enough courage to strike out on my own. But I've been very, very careful. So far, I've had nothing but great experiences (especially with Rick Munroe and Gino Mancuso). I'm glad I called the agency first, though. Mostly, it made me realize that I wasn't "the only one." The agency is in New York, and I think it's called "WOW." Anyhow, they advertise in in Unzipped.

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Guest albinorat

>Okay guys tell me which is

>better and why<


I think you always take a risk either way. I was burned by agencies back in the late 80's and early 90's (this is NY) and then again a couple of times in the late 90's, so I won't use one again, or at least haven't so far.


My experience back when for what it is worth was they never really told the truth, exaggerated what escorts were into and how they looked and tended to be pricey. I noticed the escorts too, though sometimes very good looking, were *doing a job* and apt to be clock-watchers. I've found when I've made my own arrangements with escorts they seem to have more invested in the experience being a good one and are less mechanical.


However I have had less than wonderful experiences with independent escorts too, so it may just depend. I agree with Will (happy new yr!) that a first timer, or someone in a strange city or a client who was shy might be better off with a reputable agency. But I'm not always sure how you decide who is reputable in this area.



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I generally prefer an independent if I have a choice, since the more experienced and professional escorts usually work that way (sometimes they also work for an agency, but it is usually cheaper to engage them directly). Many agencies only send escorts as out calls, which is a problem if you don't want them to come to your home or hotel, or you're staying in out of town at a friend's place. I have had bad experiences with both agencies and independents, and good experiences with both (though the worst of all was an escort sent to me by an agency, and I'm talking serious violence, not just dissatisfaction). In some places there are few available independents,or they are hard to locate, so an agency may be the only reasonable route. In general I would say that in a city with lots of reputable independents, like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc., that's the best way to go. In Europe, on the other hand, the agencies and "Houses of Boys" are probably best, especially for a visitor who doesn't speak the language.

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My experience is very similar to several others on this topic.

Agencies like WOW, Campus and Premier are difficult to go wrong with. If you have a legitimate complaint, they will almost always side with you. On the other hand, there are some bad agencies like Boys Next Door in Denver. Once you have tried an agency, you can start out on your own. This site is great. If

as escort has 5 or 6 positive reviews, the chances are very good you will like him (if he's your type to begin with). Just watch out for escorts that write their own reviews. You can tell a lot from the email responses and how you are treated on the phone.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-23-01 AT 07:06PM (EST)[p] I think it all depends on what you're looking for. If you're into a specific body type or scene or if your doing it on the spur of the moment than a reputable agency is probably the best way to go.

My first experience with an escort was through Maximum Escorts in New York. I started with a bang, so to speak, because I used their fantasy service to act out a very specific, very detailed fantasy scene. (My fantasy was so detailed that I specified the kind of clothing -- right down to his socks and underwear -- that I wanted him to wear.) It worked out great, but their were a few awkward moments. I didn't get to talk to him until we met. He (tactfully) asked for his money right away and he mentioned that he had read my e-mail, but that he need to hear "in your own words" what I wanted to do during our encounter. (I almost bolted when we got to that point, I was convinced that I was being set up in an undercover sting opeation.) In spite of my fears, it worked out great and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They went out of their way to find the right person for me.

My second experience was with Rick Munroe. (We recently did a spanking scene together. I've already sent in my review.) It was so different than dealing with an agency. I liked the idea of dealing with him directly. When we finally got together, we both knew what was expected from one another so there were no awkward moments.

If you do decide to go with an independent, check to see if the escort has any reviews. Check the message board to see if there are any posts about or from the escort. Don't be afraid to ask questions and more importantly trust your insticts. (I found a post from Rick that stated both he and his partner Derek Ross were into role playing. On a hunch, I sent him an e-mail about spanking. It turned out that two of them are into the scene.)

Do the same thing if you decide to go with an agency. I did a search for Maximum -- in both the reviews and the message board -- and I discovered some positive and negative feedback about them. I asked lots of questions and in the end decided to trust their judgement.

Both experiences turned out to be positive. I'm glad that I took the time to do my homework before taking the plunge.

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Guest DaddyWayne

I've had outstanding service and escorts at the Blue Boy/

Why Not Clubs in Amsterdam. I found using the "House of Boys" there to be a wonderful and very enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone going there.


In the US, however, I'm less inclined to use an agency. I prefer making arrangements directly with the escort -- and

making sure he gets all the money for his work. It really bugs

me that the escort with some agencies only gets a fraction of

the fee -- I'd love to hear what some escorts think about using



Too bad the US is so puritan (especially now with Bush in the White House) that we can't have legitimate Houses of Boys.

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Guest Kevin 2

I myself have only hired independent escorts. Living in an area nowhere near a large city like New York or LA, I don't have any experience using an agency. Having said that I have only had positive experiences hiring escorts on my own with one exception and that guy was so so. Bottom line I prefer to talk to the guy on the phone and I trust my gut feeling and its been right 95% of the time.

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Guest vorspiel

I've used Premier in Philly and ZoneOne in LA. Both did a good job of locating a compatible companion. It is nice to just make one phone call and have someone make sure you're setup, especially when you're traveling. The only problem I've found is that you really don't get to speak to the escort beforehand to make sure that you are on the same wavelength. It takes a little exploration and conversation to discover what you both really like. The agency isn't always real clear on particulars and will present the escort in ways that may not always be exactly right.


I prefer dealing direct with the escort, especially knowing that the individual will get all the fee. It also helps to know that when dealing with the escort direct, a tip is not always expected- the fee is negotiated up front with no hidden costs. With agency guys, you never know exactly how much they're getting, so it's nice to add some on.

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Guest Traveler

The obvious advantage of dealing directly with the escort is that you don't pay a middleman. Depending on the agency, you are also more likely to get a picture of an independent escort than from an agency, which will often only describe their escorts (and a picture is worth more than a thousand wods, quite often). Finally, independent escorts are more likely than agency escorts to do in-calls, if that's your thing.

There are also quite a few advantages of using an agency, however. First, you can spend hours waiting for call backs from escorts--and then some. It can be very frustrating waiting an hour for an escort to call, then trying another and waiting another hour, and possibly never connecting at all. An escort who doesn't answer pages from his agency won't work for them long, however. Setting up appointments can be much more convenient.

Also, it's rather scary to set up an appointment at your place unless you use an agency or a well-known/reviewed escort. Even then, it's a little chancy, but with an agency you have recourse. If you hire an escort who's been working for the agency for a while, you can feel fairly secure.

Finally, a good agency (assuming you know the agency is good) will be more likely to steer you towards your personal preferences ("Roger is a great kisser"), whereas an independent escort may just tell you what you want to hear ("Sure, I like to kiss"...not).

One advantage of the independent, is that you're more likely to get personalized service, especially over the long run. For example, agency escorts are seldom allowed to go any time over the hour, since they would then have to pay the agency another cut. Independent escorts can be more lax time-wise. Also, you may be able to bargain more with independent escorts, especially for long-term hires.

In summary I would go with an agency if convenience and security are important issues, or if you don't feel confident about the escort's qualities from this site, from another person who's hired him, or from your own intuition. If you know the escort, and/or are doing in-calls, I would go with the independent. In any case, however, I wouldn't hire an independent without knowing what he looks like before hand.

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>No agencies have put their two

>cents worth in yet, I

>wonder if this is good

>or bad?


The guys who run Maximum Escorts in New York sometimes post here, but usually in response to specific comments about Maximum. As far as I know, they're the only service that even takes the time to post. I'm sure that all of the agencies monitor this site and are aware of your post. I'm equally sure that their response would be "an agency is the only way to go." There's nothing wrong with them taking that position, after all they are in the business of making money.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-01 AT 09:06AM (EST)[p]>Finally, independent escorts

>are more likely than agency

>escorts to do in-calls, if

>that's your thing.


With very few exceptions, that's very true. Most services do outcalls only.


>are also quite a few

>advantages of using an agency,

>however. First, you can

>spend hours waiting for call

>backs from escorts--and then some.

> It can be very

>frustrating waiting an hour for

>an escort to call, then

>trying another and waiting another

>hour, and possibly never connecting

>at all.


Truer words were never written. I usually make my initial contact via e-mail. Some escorts are very good about responding. Others either don't get back to you or take forever to respond. That can be very, very frustrating.


>Setting up appointments can be much more convenient.


In my experience, setting up appointments with a service is very convenient. They immediately respond to e-mails and they answer the phone.


>Also, it's rather scary to

>set up an appointment at

>your place unless you use

>an agency or a well-known/reviewed

>escort. Even then, it's

>a little chancy, but with

>an agency you have recourse.

> If you hire an

>escort who's been working for

>the agency for a while,

>you can feel fairly secure.


True, very true.


Finally, a good agency (assuming

>you know the agency is

>good) will be more likely

>to steer you towards your

>personal preferences ("Roger is a

>great kisser"), whereas an independent

>escort may just tell you

>what you want to hear


That's why its important to ask lots of questions.


>One advantage of the independent,

>is that you're more likely

>to get personalized service, especially

>over the long run.


True, very true.


>wouldn't hire an independent without

>knowing what he looks like

>before hand.


While its very nice to know what he looks like, (I make sure that I describe myself to the escort just so that he has some idea of who's going to show up at his front door), I rely on reviews and posts either by or about the escort. A pictures worth 1,000 words, but the reviews and the posts can sometimes tell you even more!

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I've used both agencies and independents and I've had good and positive experiences from both.


Doing a little homework is always good.

To me, a picture says a thousands words. When I am going to a city, I search the internet for pictures. I also search this site for reviews.


However, I believe that you're taking a chance whenever you choose an escort without a pic. Sometimes it works out good, and sometimes it works out not so good.

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>The agencies are very

>very quiet!? Why??



The agencies keep a very low profile on this Board.


Steven from Maximum Escorts sometimes responds to negative posts about Maximum. Since he's responding to specific complaints, his posts are few and far between.


Mike from Campus Escorts recently responded -- with his very first post -- to a specific complaint/comment about Campus.


I don't recall seeing posts from any other agency representative. It would be very nice if we could get their perspective to the discussions that take place on this Board. So if you guys are listening, please stop by from time to time -- not just to respond to a complaint, but to give us your point of view on the issues that are addressed here. Thanks!

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I would only concur with others that there are advantages to both. A definite agency to avoid, however, is Boys Next Door in Denver. A total rip off and scam artist outfit, which is a real shame since they represent many of the top porn stars. How so many of the top notch stars get hooked up with that outfit is a mystery.

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Guest steveNY

Maximum responds...


LAST EDITED ON Feb-06-01 AT 04:12AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Feb-06-01 AT 02:28 AM (EST)


Since several people, including the original poster have expressed an interest in an opinion from an agency, I will offer my view on the subject. A good agency will basically guarantee that your experience with an escort is satisfying. If there is no chemistry between the two of you, there shouldn't be a charge if you decide within the first few minutes that it won't work out. If something goes very wrong while you're together, a good agency will offer you a refund (or if you call while the escort is still there, you won't have to pay anything), or will offer you a "replacement" if you prefer, that evening or another time. You don't have to worry about rip-off artists like the types that work the Gaiety. That simply doesn't happen through Maximum, and the one or two times that it has, the escorts were immediately removed from our site, and reparations were made to the client. I don't know about other agencies, but when it comes to clock watching, even though we do charge by the half hour after the first hour, our guys are told to be generous with their time, and that just because the hour is over, it doesn't mean its time to get out the door. This is one point of good business that I really believe in, because that extra 5-10 minutes can mean alot


A major benefit of using an agency is being able to discuss what it is you are looking for with someone that can objectively guide you to make the right choice. At Maximum, we know just about everything about our escorts, so clients can ask specific questions and get accurate answers. We offer clients a complete description of what each escort looks like (as many of you know, most of our escorts do not have their faces appear on our site), and do our best to describe their personalities, and make sure we are making a good match between escort and client. We simply NEVER push a client to take just anyone so that we can make a buck. That type of philosophy goes completely against the way we like to operate. I know that alot of people are not comfortable discussing these things with a third party, but when someone calls us, we always try to make them feel at ease and let them know we are only there to make sure they get what they want. There is no judgement or condescension, regardless of what a client is into. If we can't accomodate someone's request, we simply let them know that.


We have priced ourselves fairly in today's market, but let's face it, at $250 per hour this is still alot of money!! Many guys that work for us are not available anywhere else, and most of them do this for extra money outside their normal jobs. This allows us to maintain a very fair commission split with them, so that everyone profits and is happy. Anyone that has actually called our agency and dealt with us should be able to confirm that we are friendly, professional, and fair.


I know there are alot of people that don't like to use agencies because they don't like the idea of a "commission" being built into the escorts fee. We are a legitimate corporation, and operate as one. We have expenses for advertising, phones, office assistance, etc. As I mentioned above, we try to be as friendly and professional as we can, and we work a lot of hours every week. These things justify how we make our commission, but thankfully for those that don't agree, there are plenty of independent escorts out there.


Next week Maximum will celebrate our first anniversary. We started out as an AOL screen name with three guys, and knew nothing about web design, photography, or how to run a business. Today, we have almost 30 guys (sometimes over 40!), and have a full web site of services and galleries with over 220,000 visitors since last May. Many thanks are due to all the clients that we have served for making Maximum such a success and so much bigger than we could have imagined one year ago. Thanks also to our "critics", because we have learned from our mistakes, and anyone that takes the time to write to us or about us, be it negative or positive, has contributed to the what we are today.




Maximum Escorts

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RE: Maximum responds...


> At Maximum, we know

>just about everything about our

>escorts...and do our

>best to describe their personalities


I think part of the reason for my success and that of other independents, is that the clients can, through instant messages, emails & especially phone conversations, get a true feeling for our individual personalities. I'm not sure how someone would describe my personality ("flirtacious smartass"?) because any words I try to use just don't really capture it. I think that unless a client is only looking for a certain size dick (or if stats and top/bottom role are the most important hiring criteria), then an agency is a very easy way to go about it. If it's more important to get a feeling for the guy's attitude & demeanor (after seeing pics of his body), and to develop a bit of a rapport in advance, go with an indie-esc (my new term).


If the agency escorts act like they're just doing a job, or watch the clock (as albinorat mentioned), it probably comes in part from the fact that they're often less experienced, never had any direct contact with the client beforehand, and, well, it IS a more impersonal way to get together!


If I were hiring, I might go with an agency if I were just in the mood for a cute young thing with a huge cock or a sweet butt...but that's just me.

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Guest kenny69

RE: Maximum responds...


I would choose the agency. I have had better experience through an agency. Because Escorting is all about trust and being satisfied. I assume an agency would make you feel more comfortable. Plus choosing independant escorts isn't always reliable. You have to watch out for the scam artists and the theives.....

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RE: Maximum responds...


Replying to a variety of posts like these, kenny69, adds more to your credibility.


Try checking out some of the posts in the Deli.

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