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Shamus retired?? Say it ain't so!

Guest Raffy
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Shamus is now listed as "no longer escorting" on this site.

Having exchanged some pleasant emails with him before the holidays, I've been eagerly awaiting his return to NYC in mid January so we could set up a date. But, alas, it appears my waiting is in vain.

Anyone have more info on this? Maybe it's only temporary. I emailed him about it but have not received a reply.

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LAST EDITED ON Jan-06-01 AT 10:44AM (EST)[p]I'm afraid it's definite, Raffy....Shamus is one of the very best escorts I ever met. He "retired" for personal (boyfriend) reasons, and might be moving out of NY for a while. He had been thinking about it for some time, and finally decided to "desert" us. A big big loss, but for the best reasons. :-( Good luck, Shamus, we all love you!


P.S. Read the NEWS section on this site.

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Guest Jerinca

Yes, it is definitely true. He really was a jewel. His boyfriend is a lucky guy. I look forward to seeing him again sometime on a strictly social level. Shamus I will be in touch.

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Guest buttanovice

I met Shamus 3 times; in fact he was the first guy I met based on HooBoy's site. He was a very special young man. Warm, affectionate, witty, intellegent and sexy as hell! On our second meeting as we shared that special off the clock after-glow, I expressed concern that he would let his side profession keep him from pursuing his talents as an artist and sell-out for this very lucrative, but short lived profession. I later apologized via e-mail for my out of line remarks, and his reply was his usual, senstitve and genuine and caring self. I am happy for him and his new life and know this young man will bring much to his richly deserved personal relation - and will brighten the world with his artistic talents�. I will always remember our evening as we shared our time together along with his discovery of Mahler's 6th on the CD player.

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Guest Shamus

Gosh, I'm blushing.


It's true; I'm a "civilian" now. (Ahhh... the freedom of being able to post without regard to marketing an image or any kind of retribution. So this is what you guys feel like when you visit here. Nice.)


I have met so many incredible personalities since I started escorting --- jeez, the spread of humanity I’ve witnessed; I don’t know how else it would ever be possible to expose yourself to all that in such a short period of time, and it has been such an invaluable education. Maybe everyone should escort (and probably hire an escort) at least once.

I would really like to thank everyone who has been so kind to me, while I was escorting and even "posthumously" --- being suggested as a top ten escort of 2000 is a nice going-away gift. And thanks also to the many people who have sent me personal email messages in the last month wishing me well --- you haven’t gone unnoticed, but my life has been, um… somewhat disheveled these last couple of weeks. (Note to Self: don’t EVER try to move to a new city and do the Holidays at the same time.)


For those who care (the rest of you, just skip this thread and quit yer incessant bitching):


I retired (gotta love that word --- gives such dignity to whoring) basically, for love. I do remember well being introduced to Mahler --- thank you, buttanovice! And another client (thank you, R.) introduced me to what is probably my current favorite, Tosca:


"I have lived for art and for love.

I have never harmed a living soul.

In secret I have helped any unfortunate people I have known."


Wow --- could anything be more apropos?


Well, I'm an artist and a writer --- at least that's what I went to school for, what I'm supposed to be --- and when I began escorting, I saw it as a way to support myself without having to be so goddamned poor all the time (which was getting to be a real drag), while I “lived for my art”. I had a plan: escort for enough years to pay off my school loans, get out of debt, and later, when I saw how lucrative escorting could really be, to invest in my future. And it was easy at first, because I was single and adventurous and I saw meeting each new client as a way of rapidly downloading information and experience about life, Matrix-style, directly into my brain.


You know: best laid plans, and all that. Somewhere in there I fell in love with someone I came to believe was worth changing everything for --- including my own assumptions about how my life should be led. I know that there are several high-profile escorts out there who have maintained successful marriages for years, and my man was willing to go along with all that for awhile, too. But things changed for him, and things were changing for me, as well: escorting was not nearly as fun as it had been at first; the longer I went on the more cynical I became and the more businesslike --- this was no longer an adventure, it was a profession, dammnit, and just like most people regard their jobs, the number of days I wished I was anywhere but at work were starting to add up. There have been other posts recently on other message board topics here about how victimized escorts can be, and what should be done about it, or about the emptiness of escorting vs. the excitement of it. Always, these are not clear-cut issues. I would venture that every escort, no matter how he markets himself otherwise, has straddled both sides of all those fences. I was one of those escorts who chose to escort: I could have done something else, but this was where I could make the most money and live my life the closest to the way I wanted to ultimately live it, and apparently, I had a bit of talent for it. So at it’s best, when everything that needed to be was all in alignment and I was at my most open, it was a great experience for everyone concerned. I met some terrific people and went to some fabulous places and learned a lot and it was total win-win. But at it’s worst, even I felt like a cheap hooker, and the reasons why I was doing this in the first place were starting to seem really fuzzy. Unfortunately, for myself (… and again, I say this in contradiction of the marketing otherwise: and for many other escorts as well) there was a mounting pile of those worst-times. Being in love, and the desires of my boyfriend, made my choice clearer, but in truth, I was going down that path anyway.


Everyone says you should never change your life for someone else; everyone says you should never be with a man who can’t accept your escorting. Everyone says this is a road to disaster. But I say: if you won’t change your life for love, than what for? If love isn’t worth risking everything, than what is? Money? Job security? Fame? How many times in life will you get a chance to go for something significant, something which might impact your life and really be meaningful to you ten, twenty, forty years from now?


So, I guess I didn’t pay off my student loans. And now I’m starting all over (again!), in a new city even, but I am taking the memories and the lessons I learned during this last year-and-a-half with me. That, to me, is the ultimate value of escorting: you can’t engage in this kind of interaction without coming away from it a little different, a little wiser, a little more insightful. I learned alot more than 50 different ways to give a blowjob, or even why 50 different ways are needed. And, gosh, I hope my clients did, too.


It’s a bit weird to feel this mixture of cynicism and idealism, fondness for and disgust of the world of escorting, all at once. But, I’d guess you probably know what that feels like.


So, uh… thanks, guys.



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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Jan-09-01 AT 08:45AM (EST)[p]So Mr. Civilian :-)...


>But I say:

>if you won’t change your

>life for love, than what

>for? If love isn’t worth

>risking everything, than what is?

>Money? Job security? Fame?

>How many times in life

>will you get a chance

>to go for something significant,

>something which might impact your

>life and really be meaningful

>to you ten, twenty, forty

>years from now?



It seems to me that you have your priorites right... you asked the right questions and came to the right solution for yourself, as I see it. We all know that there are no guarantees in the game of life and you have to play to win. Put differently, more often than not only those things come to you that you seek.


For the other signs telling you that the time had come, a sign of wisdom, maturity, and confidence that you were ready to change your path in life...


So don't look back (as I'm sure you are not)... Best wishes and good luck

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Guest DickHo

Do everything for love, do everything with passion.


It's gonna take a lotta love

To get us thru the night.

It's gonna take a lotta love

To make things work out right.


It's gonna take a lotta love

To change the way things are.

It's gonna take a lotta love

Or we won't get too far


Best of luck!

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Theme from Donny and Marie


I'm a little bit country

and I'm a little bit rock-n-roll

I'm a little bit o' Memphis & Nashville

with a little bit o' Motown in my soul


I don't know if it's good or bad

But I know I love it so

I'm a little bit country

and I'm a little bit rock-n-roll


He's a little bit gentle

He's a little bit runnin' wild

She's a little bit o' full-grown woman

She's a little bit o' child


I don't know if I'm happy or sad

But my music makes me whole

I'm a little bit country

and I'm a little bit rock-n-roll


I like that peaceful easy feelin'

Of a laid-back country song

And when I sing my rock-n-roll

I like to sing it all night long


I love my country

With all my heart & soul

I go out on a Saturday night

For a little bit o' rock-n-roll


I know I'm gonna feel all right

No matter where I go

With a little bit o' country

And a little bit o' rock-n-roll

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