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Blue Cut, Silverwood Lake, Cajon Pass in Cal on old route 66


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while doing research on old route 66, one person mentioned the historic Blue Cut area along the old highway in the Cajon Pass area, now bypassed by nearby I-15....this person did circumspectly warn, however, to be careful of a certain demographic that likes to anonymously hook up in the area.......gee, had to check that out, of course!......it appears this was a popular area for many years, but may be less so now because of a death and complaints.....a guardrail of sorts was put up a couple or three years ago to discourage cars from driving off into the brush and a wildfire may have burned down vegetation cover.....did or does anybody here have stories to share??.....




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That's fantastic.  As recently as April 2022 people were fucking there.  Good for them. 

This spot, hardly anyone else goes anymore, but you should have seen that place before the 2009 Station Fire, like a prettier version of the 1978 Meatrack it was.


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