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Another sugar-daddy opportunity in LA


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In addition to my chiseled vegan friend, I know another man who's looking for a sugar-daddy in LA. It's none other than "Lindoro," the hotel manager I went gaga for when I was house-hunting a couple of years ago. He lost his job when they found it he was giving out his Friends & Family discount too freely. Well, I hadn't used his code in months, so it couldn't have been me who broke the camel's back. He asked me if I "knew other men" like myself. We'll have to give him a big hug when we get back from Fire Island. His figure isn't as chiseled as my vegan friend, but at least there are no dietary issues to consider....

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Albanian: give birth. Sugardaddying. Same difference. No thanks. I’m good for a year max then it’s off to foster care for ‘Lindoro’. That’s my reveal. At least with kids there’s a chance of launching. 

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