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411 HOTT Mattidude


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Gotcha.  Mattidude is Matthew Cooper, porn star who is very hott and does indeed bottom for Cade Mattox and others while also a dominant top for Ryan Rose and others.  Great stamina, awesome abs, and he french kisses constantly (at least in the porn, where he has super-hot partners). 

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7 hours ago, azdr0710 said:

his bottoming skills are available for view upthread.....thanks to @Andy2 's hint, here he is as a very capable top with a scruffy and very eager Ryan Rose bottoming......probably a year or so ago??


That's intense! Ryan rose looked insatiable!

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Update:  He now advertises as DeMilo, with the following RM profile:


So I tried to set up an appointment, without success.  He initially said yes but then warned me that he does not kiss!  I had explicitly said I was especially interested in French kissing, and he was good with that.  As Matthew Cooper, he French kisses with wild abandon in his videos.  He also does not seem as versatile as his ad suggests.  

So I took a hard pass.  I bet his pix are real, but we are decidedly not a match. 

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Gonna try and take him for a spin on Friday. He’s in DC Friday to Monday usually he said. 

Price is steep… $600. But he’s one of my favorite porn stars and I really needed his… services. He can’t do incalls so I rented a really inexpensive room because I’m not comfortable doing outcalls at my home. He did send me a selfie holding up four fingers (I feel like three fingers is played out) pretty quickly after I asked and it’s definitely him and he looks fucking great. Never realized how pretty his eyes are. 

Will of course report back if it happens and if it was worth the money. 

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