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Last Tuesday I join the porn crowd and spent sometime in the location where they would be staying for a couple of days. A modern four floors building with 8 private rooms, several balconies, a few swimming pools, and countless corners perfect to film adult material. The place was rented for two days, Rhyheim left everyone free the first one to do whatever they want. He stayed back filming in Copacabana. I did not take much pictures, the few clips and videos I took are softcore and I am saving them for my blog. The boys stayed overnight, I returned home to start my Wednesday in my base.

The place is called Casa das Tartarugas, built on the side of the cliff by the beach. The images are abundant in Rhyheim's & friends social media, if you wanna take a pick. The whole are is protected and nature booms everywhere. Huge see turtles are everywhere, that is where the name of the house comes from.

I wanted to be early in my base because I was planning to spend some time with two of my favorite findings this year. 


They came over at noon and hang out at my place for more than 5 hours. We took some pictures and play together. One of them is G4P, the other one is who shared two turns in the sauna cabin on Monday. We had hours of fore playing, culminating in a duo session with the gay one. He delivered the best sex I have had in 6 months, which is unusual because my best sex always comes from my for free hook ups. 

We did have a misunderstanding that illustrates the characters of these relationships. I had offered them an amount of money for the pictures, and told them that if Wanted to do anything else I would pay more. At the beginning, my plan was to have sex only with the gay guy. I took him apart, and told him that I would pay him 200 rials for a full sex session. He accepted, so I assumed he understood.

But throughout our interactions the G4P boy was so sweet and hot that I changed my plans, and made him a different offer after checking that everything was fine with both of them. After s couple of hours of threesome fore playing, G4P fell asleep. In this moment, Mr. Gay takes me to the balcony and tells me that he needs to talk to me. The scene was one that I am sure you will live if you visit Brazil and have good chemistry with the boys. He started to share his plans to build his own house for him and his mother, showing me photos of the construction in progress. 

As he was talking, I could not help but think: "damn, it could not be so good. This one did not even waited for me to return to the states to ask me for extra money". I patiently waited for him to finish his story, and then asked him how much he needed. He responded 150. I was confused, and asked "150 dollars?". No, he responded, 150 Rials. So I expressed my confusion and told him that I was going to pay him 200 Rials, as I had told him. He had not understood me earlier on. My portuñol definitely sucks. When he realized his misunderstanding, his face shone in happiness and gratitude.

He wanted to be my enamoradinho, and started to offer me to stay overnight and go with me to the sauna. I explained to him that I do not have a heart, that I am not interested in having an enamoradinho when I am visiting for a few days, and that I was willing to go with him to the sauna but without commitment. Cabina liberada, piroca liberada I told him. He was disappointed. 

He fell asleep, G4P woke up, played a little bit and then left with the promise to see me in the sauna. Our relationship is longer, we met last week, so he knew my expectations better than the other boy. He left about 5.

Close to 6pm, I woke up super lover, and invited him for dinner before going to 202. He asked me whether he could leave his bag in my place and pick it up after the sauna. I had to explain him that if we did that, I would be forced to leave the sauna with him and return to my place with him, and I did not want that. He understood, and soon we were sharing dinner in that restaurant where everyone goes after the sauna, in the metro station corner. After eating, he decided that he did not want to come to the sauna and headed to his place. Later on, he would send me a lot of WhatsApp messages to say good night.

I know many of you like this enamoradinho thing, but I definitively do not. I am too much of a slut to get into this cock blocking relationships.

I arrived to the sauna close to 7. The place was amazing again. Packed with a huge number of very diverse GPs, and clients, everyone in a festive and friendly mood. I was not confident I would have sex. I was exhausted after hours of playing, and drained after the best fuck in the last months. As soon as someone left me a free sit, I took it to get ready for a long stalking, waiting for the right boy to resuscitate my dick. I drunk one water and my first caipirinha was almost dried when I saw him.

I had seen him around since my first day, but he never looked at me. He is not one of those Instagram boys most of you are looking for. I would say he looks like a typical favela boy, not the dangerous ones, but the playful, smiley and friendly ones that sell you things in the beach. Black, between athletic and slim, with a huge nose and big lips, and a perfect rounded but shaped by the towel, slightly bigger than you would expect, 21 y.o. We locked eyes, smiled, and he came to me. To me, he is 10 times more attractive that IG models.

When the cabins are free, the waiting can be long, so we did not waste time and I gave him my wrist with the number to get a room. He must have used his influences (I saw him every single day in the sauna, and always with many friends) because in 5 minutes returned to take me to our room.

Once there, I realized we did not discuss the programa, we had only talked about the things we liked to do. When I asked him, he smiled, French kissed me passionately (I am getting a boner as I remember), and told me that I could pay him whatever I wanted. An excellent fuck followed, which surprised me. I was expecting him to be one of these straight boys who need to watch porn to get horny. Hell, I was wrong. 

I think he thought I was American. In the middle of our fuck, he was moaning and yelled Oh, my God!, and I could not avoid the laugh, as it sounded so artificial. The boy was overacting, but he was just irresistibly attractive to me and I enjoyed the fuck immensely. When we finished, I asked him whether 200 was ok. His smile illuminated the room. Obviously, I was overpaying, but I was happy to do it.

I returned to the bar. Gladly, the boy did not stay with me, but kept sending me text messages and pictures saying that he wanted another session with me before leaving. I would not take his offer. After our session, when I joined the bar area I noticed it even more packed than when we left. I waited for another sit to be free, ordered my second and last caipirinha, and continued checking the boys. They were easily 40, probably more, out of them there were 3 enough inspiring for me. Many more than 3 were hot, but hot does not make it for me. I never know when my dick is going to tickle, and in that moment it was only tickling for those 3.

Alan, the hot Black guy that had waited for me at the exit one day, was a little insistent. He is hot, but too much of a man. I could marry him, but not hire him. He is probably above 30, and I am looking for closer to 20. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch any of the three guys. Davi (the G4P that was in my place for the pics) made me company sometimes, but he was not all over me like the enamoradinho crazies, so he was not cock blocking. It was just my fucking shyness. I should have gone to the boys and introduce myself, instead I stay waiting for them lo lock eyes with me. Stupid me.

I was back home at 11, exhausted, and responding to all the messages from Davi, Favela Boy, and Super Lover. Soon I was sleeping.

It is my last day here. I woke up to a rainy day. Today is Brazil's first game in the World Cup. 202 have a special night, with free drinks every time the national team scores.


I am unsure yet, but I think this is a unique occasion I cannot let go. After all, the World Cup takes place every 4 years, and watching a game in a GP sauna is something I never did before.

Let's see. My next report will probably be my last.




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Today I was really thrilled to be at the saunas during Brazil's debut in the World Cup. I had pictured 202 full of people, celebrating each time their team scored. Management was offering a free caipirinha with the entry, and a round of free beer every time the team scored.

Initially, it was a total disappointment. When I arrived, they were still cleaning up and I was the only visible client, plus one GP I was not interested in hiring. The turned the A/C for me, and I had the wait well after the match started for them to be ready to deliver a caipirinha. 

As I was watching the game, I noticed that there was probably more people upstairs. A few clients and GPs would pass by. A couple of the GPs came to introduce themselves but I was not interested in a programa with any of them. When the second half was close to finish and the national team's victory was clear, my Favela Boy texted me to let me know that he was coming, and that today it was his birthday. So I ordered a second caipirinha and some fries to munch while waiting.

Once the game was over, the movement started. One of the guys I had been cruising the whole week came to introduce himself. Mineiro, I think every time I come to Rio I meet more Mineiros than Cariocas. The guy is beautiful, IG model quality but with some imperfections in his face that make him masculine and very sexy to me. We chat for a while. He is versatile and, when I told him that I was waiting for a friend, he asked me who he was. I told him the name of my Favela Boy, and he suggested that we could make a threesome.

When we were having that conversation, I had the pleasure to meet @Xclay. We had been missing each other the whole week, and here we finally had the chance to shake hands and chat for 5 minutes. Literally five minutes, because shortly after he sat and I introduced him to my new Mineiro friend, my Favela beauty arrived. I asked him if he knew Mineiro, and I perceived something weird between them, so I dropped the plan to have a threesome.

It was about 7, and I wanted to check out of my Airbnb at 8, so I did not waste time. I abandoned the Mineiro and Xclay and ran to get a suite. By the way, I got #7 for the first time, I think it is the best cabin in 202. Favela Boy's performance was even better than yesterday. He is not as skillful in bed as my Super Lover is. But Super Lover is 28 and Favela Boy was in his 21st birthday day. His lack of experience was generously compensated by his beauty. He was so passionate! When we finished, he asked me not to tell anyone that he was bottoming, because he did it only for me. Of course, it is bull shit, but adorable bull shit. In retrospective, this disclaimer was probably related to the Mineiro.

We showered and I ran downstairs to catch the Mineiro and have a quick with him. But he was not visible at the bar and, when I watched the time, it was already 7:50. I just ran out, I do not even remember how much was the bill.

I am right now in the airport, waiting to board my flight back to the States. As usual, when I feel I finished warming up and I am actually having fun, I have to leave Rio. I must find the way to stay here for at least a month.

This is my last report in this thread. Thank you for reading. 

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