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Hotels in Vancouver


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I hope by your question that means you might be coming our way??


There are only a few hotels located in Davie Village(gay area) of town.


The are:


1. Sandman Suites on Davie: http://www.sandmanhotels.com

2. Sunset Inn & Suites: http://www.sunsetinn.com

3. Coast Plaza Hotel at Stanley Park: www. coasthotels.com


There are several large hotels in the edge of the gay area.


They are:


1. Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel: http://www.sheraton.com

2. Sutton Place Hotel: http://www.suttonplace.com


There are lots of other hotels close by and within a few blocks walk(Robson Street) of the gay area.


If you have any other questions, let me know I would be happy to assist.

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I think i would like to come april 1-5th i think it would be great to spend a few days i am assuming the weather is pretty chilly and rainy which makes for some nice inside warm fun so i want to be in the gay area I will proably do the coast hotel and post the dates in a day or 2 thanks for the advice

i have never been to Canada and will enjoy heading north


cheers David

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Guest zipperzone

>I think i would like to come april 1-5th i think it would be

>great to spend a few days i am assuming the weather is pretty

>chilly and rainy


Don't assume anything about Vancouver weather. Early April can be glorious. And as the locals say, if you don't like the weather, wait an hour, or drive one mile.

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Hey handsome!


Just thought I would recommend to stick to either the Sandman, the Sheraton or the Holiday Inn. The Coast Plaza hotel, even if right in the downtown is down the hill and going out at night you may find it to be quite a hike. Of course Vancouver is tiny and you can walk it in no time and cabs are very cheap... I am just being lazy here.


As for the weather you are visiting during the most beautiful month, in my opinion; the cherry blossoms make the city incredibly beautiful and the weather could be gorgeous and sunny. (Keyword here is "could", so make sure you pack warm clothes.)


I hope you enjoy Canada and one of its prettiest cities. I don't live in Vancouver anymore but if you have any question at all about it make sure to send me an email and I would be more than glad to answer if I can.


You are going to meet really nice people there! Don't be discouraged if your schedule doesn't book in advance as if you were visiting New York. Vancouverites tend to be more relaxed about plans and rarely book in advance. They will love having such a hunk visiting, though, so I am sure you are going to be s busy boy.


A tight hug and enjoy!

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It was at the Sandman Suites that Juan Vancouver entered my room, fully hard, so I do remember it. Our first suite left a little to be desired, so we asked to be switched, and we did get a better room. The views are fantastic. There is nothing fancy about the furniture, but the views are, oh I said that. Hey, the location is nice too. So hard escorts, good views, good choice.

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Thanks Guys All of you

I am convinced that my time will be great there

i will book it soon

I almost did it yesterday I am glad i waited to get more info

Juan your very sweet to always offer so much sage advice and to be so charming and informitive on here its very much appreciated.

maybe I will see you in London soon

There is a remote chance I will be invited to go in the very near future. And you would be a most welcome addition to the event.

xo David



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