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News Overload


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Jon Stewart says that newspaper are black and white and over, but I am still a newspaper junkie. I subscribe to the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, and weekends of the LA Times, along with a magazine or three. Not only does it take a lot of time to read these papers, but I get pretty depressed with reading bad news all morning.


Latley I have found that there is a sensory overload as my brain tires out and I cannot assimilate all that I am reading. As the anxiety builds up, I have to put the papers aside and visit Hooville for some R & R.


Just as I thought that my aging brain just couldn't keep up, the WSJ offerred some hope. They have a review of a book called The Overflowing Brain, and how we evolve working memory. The author details ways that he and other researchers are trying to increae mental capacity. The comfort for me in that is that it isn't necessarily my aging brain causing me anxiety, it's the informattion overload of today's society preventing all of us from keeping up with what is happening.


No doubt it isn't helped by the fact tht most of us cannot understand what happened to the economy, what with derivatives and other fancy plans conceived by computers. So, I plan to keep up with my subscriptions, but I may find myself cherry-picking articles that not only appeal to me, but that offer information that I can understand. Maybe that's part of the appeal of Hooville, it's pretty simple.

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