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Today's my 36th birthday, and I'm sharing myself with you all.


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Okay guys have at me.

I'm still under 40.... lol, gotta say that, not that it matters but I'm holding onto the very last life jacket here... in the ocean of Aging and Eye Bags and Lonely Nights Howling at the Moon...

Although honestly i am so much happier and beautiful today at 36 than I ever was when I was 16 or 20 or 24.... it's true, dudes, that we all age like fine Italian wine.... we are all beautiful-- some of us don't necessarily feel that way when we're young.... gay men in particular of course know this, we blossom much later than the others.... we hit our peaks not at 18 or 23 or 27, but sometimes at 42, or 45, 53, or 59 or 63.  .. or thirty six...

also i've been dying to say this ALOUD so the whole world can fucking hear it:

There can be no shame at all in expressing oneself or one's sexuality... no shame.  Sex work (especially for consenting male adults) should be completely destigmatized.  It should be legal all across the world, because there is nothing wrong with it at all.  Living in fear creates a culture of fear and gay men know all too well what that felt like pre-Stonewall and even today for many of us.... so fuck the system, fuck the establihsment, fuck these moralizers who are nothijng but perverts and hypocrites and charlatans because they preach their vision of purity to everyone else, then go have a drug-fueled orgy on Fire Island after they win the Republican Party nomination for whatever office they're running for.... i hate fakes, phonies, and gay men that put other gay men down.

Gay men have had many enemies through the ages but perhaps none quite so vicious as other gay men themselves.  Internalized homophobia could very well be this community's biggest threat.  It's over.  Gay men must be an example for the gay boys, the future of our very people - and yes, people - gay men are distinctly different from any other group on this Earth.... it's time for gays to support other gays and be there for one another.  This ain't 1970 anymore.  The Boys in the Band was a play set at a certain time, and for those boys it was valid and that represented the reality.  It doesn't have to be like that, guys.  It can be different.

Look at what the gays have achieved in a very short amount of time - from June 28-29, 1969 to today - it's been an incredible transformation up and down and all around, spread throughout the entire American society.... there's not a single place that has not been changed - from the town hall, to the churches, to the school boards - the Congress of the United States, every state legislature except a few, many town councils - high schools, middle schools, elementary schools (and yes there are gay boys in Kindergarten, Pat Robertson.  There are gay boys everywhere we look.  I saw the cutest one the other day... and no, Bill O'Reilly, he is not a deviant.  No, George W. Bush (who is being puppeteered by one of the most despicable slugs in political history, Karl Rove), he is not a threat to moral values in America.  No, Anita Bryant, you fucking ugly ass bitch - he is not trying to "recruit".... you mean old witch lady.

And yes, Anita was a witch. 

She was literally the Wicked Witch of Florida Orange Juice.

2nd runner up - we have to say that very loud because it makes her very angry - SECOND RUNNER UP to the crown of Miss America 1959 (was it?), and Mary Ann Mobley beat Anita and good because then she got to sleep with Gary Collins every night.  I mean, every night.  (I know Gary hosted Miss America for a while and actually was the host when Vanessa Williams won, but that line comes from Sophia on TGG...or do I even really need to stay what those letters stand for?)

 You can already see in the interview competition (which was quite funny for 1959 because it is better than any interview competition we have in 2021 - and actually more culturally relevant to the time in which the contestants lived in) that Anita was destined to be the human incarnation of Cruella de Vil (without the delightful camp quality, inspired by Tallullah).

This commercial, after her SECOND RUNNER UP loss at Miss America, is also a hoot and a half:

 That purity pusher was trying to guzzle down all that cum, don't kid yourselves. 

But those guys were just pretending to like her for the commercial and a chance to become the next Rock Hudson.

Obviously, clearly, all of these nice young California boys were "avowed homosexuals" and this explains the roots of Anita's reign of terror in the late 70s.


alright, enuf.  im manic as hell.  im up at 4:36.  and i need to get laid... don't we all.  don't all of us need just a really good fuck every now and then.





hell at this point i'd even let Grandpa Joe fuck me... maybe I can get an extra $20 in food stamps this month.  #welfarequeen 

Edited by Merboy
I realized I made a grave error in posting personal information such as my phone number and a kind forum memnber strongly advised me to edit this thread, which I have really changed because I didn't like some of the things I said. im sorry.
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On 9/22/2021 at 7:30 PM, sam.fitzpatrick said:

Have the happiest of days!


i had nothing to eat that day b/c i had just run out of food.... but i think i rubbed a whole bottle of Olive Oil on my body to relax me.... it didn't really work because all I could think about was that stuff you get at Italian restaurants like Carrabbas where they have the olive oil and the Italian herbs in the dish with the butter and the soft garlic breadsticks, omg.

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On 9/22/2021 at 7:16 PM, samhexum said:

Where's the line for returns?  😁😎😇🤣

Samhexum, just saw your thing at the bottom about my favorite thing on Earth asides from sweaty muscular cock - The Golden Girls.

Now, honey, I know it’s hard, but we’ve been here over an hour. And you’ve shown us the balcony, you’ve shown us the wind chimes, you’ve shown us the seven places you lost your virginity…

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