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I recognize some of the pics, too, but can't remember under what screen name he was previously discussed.  Reviews indicate he's used the names Adrian and Eric, but still can't find anything more about him here.

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Found some of his pictures used under names such as VICTOR_RAMIREZ, MuscleRussian, PussayDestroyer and VikingNordicxxl, none of which seem to have been discussed on the forum.

He has an active Twitter page where he's listed being in NYC/London/Dubai, and a link to his OnlyFans. So it checks out!

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On 9/15/2021 at 11:06 AM, Danny-Darko said:

He's Russian and has a series of very bad reviews mixed in with the good on RM so buyer beware! 

He was under another nickname that I don't remember right now, but the general consensus about the mixed reviews was that he could request payment on arrival and if the client was not to his liking (probably good looking and fit) he would show very poor customer service and people skills.

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5 hours ago, builder boy said:

I believe.  The moment I couldn’t meet his schedule he through a fit 

That's one of the many signs of a narcist! I don't care how hot he may be, he has several bad reviews that all seem very credible, except the "pay up front one" which is very common in the business. 

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