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Masseurs who mask in LA


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Definitely not looking for an argument about masking here. I am vaccinated and know many vaxxed people who caught the Delta variant this summer. Some had minor symptoms, others got sick for two weeks and a cough that lingered for a month - not something I can afford at this point. 

So I’m curious if people know of masseurs in Los Angeles who are masking or willing to do so for a sensual massage (I will mask, too). Someone posted today that Carlos is masking: https://www.masseurfinder.com/massage-therapists/41469/ I appreciate that  


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I think is a Touch n Go subject here....

As for myself... I am Fully Vac / Booster...

Prior to clients showing my massage room is UV Lignts cleaned 30 to 60 mins / Disinfectant spray gun

I still have clients ask me to wear a mask etc.. I have no issues with it etc..





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