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New Clients or Regulars? Traveling Providers?


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Hi Providers,

When you are traveling, say, one to two weeks stay for each destination on your itinerary, would you prioritize expanding your client base at each stop and meeting new people over spending the majority of your time there with former clients?

For example, if a former client wanted to spend a day with you (he'd pay the day rate perhaps less) after you'd already met the night before but you know that you can manage to have 3 new clients lined up on the same day, would you strategically maneuver so that you could have greater exposure to the potential local client base?


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I say see more new clients to establish a larger availability of earnings when you return to that city - if the client wants to see you again so soon, he'll probably feel the same when you return.

But don't tell him why you can't see him - and especially don't mention multiple clients in one day. Some clients really don't want to know or think that they aren't the 1st person you've had fun with that day.

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I think a mix of both. The regular clients are the ones who’ve you’ve made connection with and are guaranteed. I’d also meet new clients along the way as well. I have no problem making time for anyone in my schedule, that’s why I prefer to plan meetings. The experience with each client should be the same, performance wise and not half ass. 

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