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BigHungBro in LA 411?


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@DwebsterSB  thanks for your positive comments above....can you comment about the link just above that leads to a twitter account of what appears to be borrowed pictures that bighungbro is using?.....or do you think it's the same guy?.....or did the guy you met with just look a lot like the twitter guy?......appreciate your thoughts

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Hey, @azdr0710 - I can't really speak to whether the pics are borrowed or not - all I know is that the pics on rentmen look just like him. There was no... "I guess maybe at one time he looked like that."  But it's been nine months plus since I last saw him so... If they are borrowed, he did an excellent job of matching them.

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not sure about the old thread. met up with him recently. very muscular and very hung, one of the biggest I've had. I'd say he looks pretty close to the pics on RM. he has more face pics on IG and are accurate. Found the porn he did w/ TIM before.. under another name. he wasn't as muscular then. 

DM me if you need more info 



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