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411 Michael Phelps

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I think most of those elite Olympic athletes are so busy with themselves and training that they don't have too much time for dealing with those sorts of things.


Phelps used to be cuter. His body is amazing but there's something about the squareness of his face that doesn't really do it for me.

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Guest zipperzone

aIRE: 411 Michael Phelps


>IMO, Michael Phelps is down right homely!


If he showed up at your door, you mean you wouldn't do him? Put a bag over his head.

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>And in my opinion, he's a knockout!


>I'm completely head over heels in lust with Michael. Oh,




This morning I saw shots of him on "The Today Show." His squared jaw and that moustache (its type I have forgotten) was a great turn on for me. I'd really wanted the camera to get full body shots of him as I was briefly, briefly salivating just from what I viewed.


I do hope that he'll get the gold that he seeks! :9 :9

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In Play magazine, which came with yesterday's NY Times, there is a pic of Phelps where his basket is quite prominently displayed. There is also a pic of Louganis, who, like all of us over time, has aged considerably.




And from days gone by:




To see Greg updated, there is a video display at nytimes.com/play

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I've always appreciated his "swimmer's build" (as the boys in the trade say), but I was never really thoroughly taken by his looks until I saw a picture of him with that mustache that Axiom mentioned. It just adds a little extra 'oomph' to the down-home goofiness of his face and makes it quite charming.


La Trix

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