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Only In America

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The development where I live has finaly dumped the developer from control of the HOA board, and we're taking over in the midst of a huge financial crisis caused by foreclosures and the fall of the market.


There is, naturally, some discussion on how to proceed now that we are in charge. So I thought I would share with you one published opinion:


"We should not try to redefine our community based upon the opinions of individual homeowners...."


Now how do I answer that? Whose opinions would then be the ones to rely on?

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Whose opinions would then be the ones to rely on?



:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Lucky! I am sure at the back of your mind you have an idea on how to proceed. But just to nudge you a bit...the plurality of divergent opinions can always be centered on opposing poles... for each topic, just go ahead and plot the line where the mean, median or average falls Of course you have to determine, which method to use).


Translating it in english; wherever the opinions of the majority are -- could be a starting point the rest is your feel on what is fair to everyone concerned! (And there lies the paradox, sometime the majority do not think of fairness or equity! and thats where a learned gay man comes in from the outside :)


Good luck! :)

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Guest alanm

Based on my own experience in working on housing programs for the city of Philadelphia, my guess is that the person is suggesting an honest

and experienced outsider come in and take a look at the situation.


Believe or not, people like that do exist. A retired executive whose bank kept its loans in the bank's own portfolio would be an excellent

resource -- no bull shit and a few hours of reviewing the situation followed by specific advice may be just what you need. With all the buyouts, I would imagine that there are more people around who can provide this kind of help than you realize.

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Lucky, I suspect that what the writer of that particular sentence is trying to say is that changes should not be made based on the opinions of ONE particular individual homeowner (and the writer probably has one influential person whom he is thinking of, with whose opinion about something he disagrees).

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