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The Reagans on Showtime

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I thought it was very enlightening. I wasn't born and too young to notice what was happening as Reagan came to power. Some of the stuff I knew but episode 2 really showed how much the current outgoing President copied the same tactics as Reagan. I mean even right down to messaging.


My mom used to tell me how much Nancy seemed to dictate the presidency, especially toward the end of his tenure.

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I cringe whenever someone refers to Ronnie as one of our best presidents. This docu-series did a great job of explaining how treacherous Reagan was. Trickle down economics, the silence on AIDS.... ?

Its good to finally have an honest evaluation of the Reagan years. While he was in office the media utterly failed to cover what was actually going on, as documented by Mark Hertsgaard in his book, 'ON BENDED KNEE, The Press and the Reagan Presidency':


"Hertsgaard presents a history and an indictment of the relations between the major news media and the Reagan Administration. He shows how the press, both through government manipulation and through voluntary self-censorship, abdicated its responsibility to report what was really going on in the Reagan Administration."



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